...it was only a matter of time before this page existed. I have yet to see any Rifftrax, kinda wish I'd shelled out to see it live in NYC, but $15 was a lot at the time. I look forward to watching the reboot on Netflix when my internet connection is faster and more reliable.

Favorite MST3K Quotations:

"Aaah! I'm falling diagonally and breaking all the laws of physics!" -Riff from The Pumaman

Film (can't remember name), main character leads love interest to pond for a make-out session: "This is where the fish lives." Riff: "This is where my TONGUE lives."

Riff, in reference to a bad guy in Soultaker: "His face looks like a catcher's mitt." Riffs, to be spoken by same bad guy in reference to other characters in Soultaker: "But where does he store his nuts?!" "Man, that guy's got a small face!"


Favorite MST3K Sketches

The one where Crow is singing in the rain.

Driving w/ Manos scenery in the background.

Brainstorming freakish alternatives to Torgo's big knees.


Favorite MST3K Episodes Pool (To be ranked someday)

Manos: The Hands of Fate, Hobgoblins, Mitchell, Prince of Space, Puma Man, Riding with Death, Soultaker, The Sword and the Dragon, This Island Earth (MST3K movie). SHORTS: Money Talks!, Venezuela,

Forgettable Watched Episodes So I Don't Rewatch

The Clonus Horror, Mighty Jack, San Francisco International, The She-Creature

And in case you missed it on my Other Portal, here's my html Ode to Torgo.

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