Still on eMusic & Worth a Look

The sad decline of eMusic since the mid-2010s peak of selection is well documented (on Reddit & emusers) and especially acute after 2018.

DJ Poseur is committed to sticking with the troubled online purveyor of tunes until such time that these remaining labels give up the ghost. Here's hoping it never comes to that, and a restoration of what's been lost is still possible (though dubious as of May 2019). It has become worthwhile, unfortunately, to compile a list of labels remaining as a practical measure to save time rather than dwell on the long, sad roster of the departed. Commentary here focuses solely on what's available on eMusic.

The underlying justification for this list is fundamentally practical: It's much preferable to search eMusic by labels that have at least several releases rather than by individual artist, which these days is almost certain to come up blank. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of "record labels" with only a single artist's releases on them has become increasingly common on eMusic, and they're excluded here, even if I like the artist (i.e. Anachron, Enterplanetary Koncepts, MBM, Synchronic, twentythree, etc.). Notably missing from this list are labels that appear to specialize in metal, as I don't listen to it, but from the looks of things there's enough of it still on eMusic that the thrashers alone should be able to sustain eMusic, if they stay subscribed (and to those who do, I salute you!).

People complain a lot about having lost almost all reputable rock, electronic, and jazz labels, and I think that's baloney. A lot has definitely gone, but there's waay more left of those than there appears to be of hip-hop, for example. Were I a big fan of hip-hop, I don't know if I could stay subscribed. Folk and blues are probably doing better than listed here, since I don't know anything from shinola for them.

World music on eMusic, in the newfound absense of the most reputable labels, is very hard to sort for presumable quality. There's a fair bit of old stuff out there that might be fine but has been excluded. A couple of Vietnamese lables beginning with "Th" have hundreds of releases each but are fairly obviously of the Asian genre of attractive people over cheesy keyboards and have been excluded. At least one Russian rock label was unearthed, and otherwise this errs on the side of inclusion.

Lists of record labels aren't for everyone. If you prefer actual examples of approved albums, see my favorites list of what's still on eMusic, 2015-2019. A link-heavy list of all my posts on eMusers and Reddit is here. Text-only label list of extreme length on eMusers is here.

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Top Tier (New additions signify the label should be a high priority for exploration...At least one favorite was found, and it'd be a shame if the label disappeared without looking into them further)


Innovative electronica by means of hip-hop and jazz (gone Sept.'19)

Alter KElectronic & pop, from Europe?, with some 2019 releases.

Amselcom Downloading MP3s from this German electronic label means you miss out on the tactile if not visual experience of their "bespoke" packaging, but since they're uniformly four-track, 99-cent EPs, I'm not about to fly to Berlin for them. Not as varied as I'd prefer, but it's nice to hear house music that's hardly danceable. The album art on these 31 titles from 2015-19 really is among the best anywhere.

Ancient Language Ambient drones, apparently (though it can be hard to judge from a one-minute sample), with some bargains

Armatoste Brazo Discográfico Not sure about rock en español but willing to try some for 99 cents? All 22 LPs and EPs here, with one in 2019, are available at that flat, bargain rate.

Artesa de Arte One gets the feeling the musicians here consider themselves rather artistic. Sometimes it's justified. Some unlabeled singles and one 2019 EP.

Asoka Miau Experimental that's far more than droning and noise, and an extra bonus: tons of 99-cent albums. High priority for exploration. Unfortunately almost all a single, prolific artist, but not bad.

Astigmatic Smaller companion to Kalejdoskop below.

Astral Industries Ten electronic ablums with thematic album art up to 2020, specializing in four-part albums of songs spanning twenty minutes per track

Astro:Dynamics Altogether different electronica that's not so inaccessible as to be tagged with an experimental categorization, at least for the most part. OK, fine, most of it's experimental. (gone Jan.'20)

Atomnation (too late...gone as of June '19')

Bastard Boogie Tunes/Союз МьюзикHigh calibre Russian electronica in various, unpredictable styles. Only 11 titles up to 2019, but some really pack a wallop. A couple more on Human Music Limited.

Black Athena Much needed electronic jazz from Loop Vertigo leads a modest selection of 17 titles in various but mostly electronic styles from 2016-19 all worth sampling

Burning Witches Deadly Avenger and some highly rated electronica.

Byrd Out Limited The limited part is the eight choices here, ranging from dub to free jazz to African-flavored electronica. Add five enticing though more worldly titles on Ostinato to get above the significance threshold

Catapulte Small stable of unusual but still accessible stuff, much of it well rated. Wish it weren't pricey. (gone Feb.'20 before I bought any, sadly) Add Freya Roy.

Chrom German avant-garde or new classical, whichever Helium Vola is, it's definitely an unusual listen, sometimes something like operatic techno. Ernst Horn is no lightweight either. Nine albums from 1991-2013. Add Melo for two examples of that Latin bassoon sound we can't live without.

Civil Music iTAL tEK leads what I hope can take the burn off losing Planet μ so long ago.

Concepto Cero Very small selection of tasteful pop and a nice soundtrack from Argentina, all 13 titles are from 2019

CVRA LVDORVM A motherlode of alternative Latin music up to 2019 but also dating back to the 1980s. Name a style of music, whether Latin or not, and you can find a unique take on it here. Replace the Vs with Us in the name to bring the catalog up to 200 titles, all worth sampling.

Dan Dada Portuguese rap, Korean dub, electronica with EPs nicely priced

Death Waltz Elevated by Deadly Avenger and some highly rated electronica. See also Death Waltz Originals for several more of this ilk, lots from 2019.

Desert Mine This one managed to elude brute force searching and was suggested by the site of all things unimaginable. UK based rock with highly rated albums up to 2019 by the Sorry Kisses and many others in 30+ titles on the pricier side

dingn\dentsExperimental Korean electronica shows promise. They've clearly listened to their Autechre.

Driftless A very mixed catalog of 38 titles with a lot for 99 cents in synth-pop, dronescap, and general electronica. Worth clicking on each individually to sample and scout the price, as many are cheap, long EPs not labeled as singles

Dugnad Rec Just 14 titles from Norway in the narrow range of 2018-19, with some nice jazz and electronic expermenation, all nicely priced. For those who miss Smalltown Supersound or Rune Grammofon, a few tokens.

El Templo ReKords Progressive rock en español mixed (as it must be) with jazz and world fusion. Normally I'm anti-fusion, but all of these are interesting and not overly fuzzy. Add two interesting LPs on ROMPE

Escápula Eighteen titles from Brazil, I assume, all 99-cents. Beginning to think there may be an endless supply of these kinds of labels.

ESP Disk (ESP-DISK) Among a shrinking group of well regarded jazz holdouts. EPs from 1960s luminaries for 99 cents could get addictive.

Evolución Discos On sampling, the first two claim to be blues, not something that usually interests me, but both went on the wishlist. The rest are pretty varied, including rock and folk en español in 27 titles total up to 2019.

Feeding TubeRock/Alternative, mostly at bargain basement prices (though it is a concern that I haven't heard of anything)

FERAL MEDIA About 20 varied albums of pop, rock, and electronica with nice album art and at least one track from a favorite, Aphir. Newish and inexpensive.

Fonal European and other stuff with more ratings than usual. Must explore. (gone July'19)

Forwind Lots of experimental-looking stuff. Tempting. 25 titles up to 2019

Front and Follow Largish and mostly electronic catalog from 2008-19 with an "odd bit of folk snicked away here and there" headquartered in Manchester, UK

Gare du Nord Fifty or so albums of pop rock and power pop that's hard to find on eMusic these days. Lots of ratings and singles to help sampling, but some of the prices are wacky. (gone Sept. '19)

Gondwana Jazz from the likes of Mammal Hands and GoGo Penguin keep me subscribed. (sorely missed, gone Sept.'19)

Greater FoolsOnly eight Korean titles, but all interesting electronica

Groove Butta Many serve as examples of what happens when electronica and acid jazz veer too far into easy listening, but there's enough bargains and other stuff here to keep one busy for a while. Add the five titles from the late 2000s on Dark River Media

Groovie Contemporaries of Os Mutatnes reissued will be of great interest to some. Vintage Tropicalia pop one would be thrilled to find on vinyl. New and poppier by Julio Secchin also

Ground Control From Spain, I gather, though only occasionally en español. Lots of synth pop, 5-star garage pop from The Parrots, and generally a lot of quality singles and EPs to make exploration easy and pleasurable. 30+ titles, some from 2019

hfn A fair amount of rated synth-pop.

Hundred Acre Three interesting ambient LPs whose inclusion here breaks all the rules. Add the three from It's a Pleasure to get closer to proper significance. The seven on Stillpoint round the numbers up, too without diverging from the quiet sound.

HumoNo idea if any of it's any good, but you gotta love a bargain. Looks at least interesting, judging by cover art and prevalence of Spanish, and all the albums are 99 cents.

Ici d'ailleurs Massive tove of 103 French titles from the likes of Yann Tiersen and so much more, with plenty from 2019. Rock, folk, electronica, hip-hop, experimental. Chapelier Fou is my favorite electronic artist I hadn't heard of to find in a long while. This alone could sustain me for the better part of a year. Strange to have come across this only in Jan.'20.

Ideologic Organ Pricey, but apparently for a reason. Survivor of a previous eMusers list and connected to Editions Mego. (gone Sept.'19)

Igloo Pop Lackluster "leads" a small group of top notch IDM and light electronica.(gone Aug.'19, just after finding it and downloading a third of it. Hope there's not a connection there.) Four more for significance can be found by llimna

Into the Light Greek instrumental stuff, some droney ambient, other just unclassifiable and cool. Wish there were more than just ten albums!

Itinera Someone who confined their shopping to eMusic might think that most jazz, or at least most new jazz, is being made in Italy. 14 titles from 2020 and reasonably priced.

Jabalina Large selection of understated Latin pop, apparently going strong for 25 years and updating in 2019.

Jellyfish Potatohead People lead just under 20 smooth and slightly funky electronic albums released between 2011-13. (gone Oct. '19)

Kalejdoskop Wild Polish stuff. All but indescribable.

Karrot Kommando Polish pop, rock, jazz, reggae, and you name it.

Kindred Spirits Jazz, world, and some intersectional bargains in the margins

King Deluxe Electronic, with interesting album covers and numerous 99-cent EPs.

Knekelhuis Titles veering away from techno are most interesting, with several bargains. Up to 2019 with strong European presence.

KWAIOTO Other labels are pretenders. These dubstep EPs coming out of Kyoto are the real deal. Up to 2019. See also Spanking Dog for singles.

La souterraine French synth-pop in 33 titles from 2017-19, only found it at the end of 2019.

Laboratório Fantasma Still finding fine Latin labels full of 99-cent full length albums in Jan.'20. This one's from Brazil, I think, 80 titles, not many artists. Metá Metá and Mão de Oito do nice rock and reggae; Rael and Emicida do hip-hop.

Ladies & GentlemenAnd I thought Dessous had a lot of Phonique.

LANTERN Just 13 titles of very chill electronica bordering on ambient at times. Kita Kouhei's chopped up, part acoustic sound is one I particularly enjoy.

Ledokol Pure keyboard bliss, possibly Russian downtempo electronica occasionally looking Japanese, with lots for 99 cents, all from 2017-19.

Light Organ Large catalog of rock, folk, synth pop, etc. and on sampling the quality seems high. A few are rated, several 2019 titles.

Leng Electrofunk is an ugly, nondescriptive term I endeavor to avoid, but the records here all seem to be on the funkier side of electronica, with those less electronic generally more interesting to me. In addition to several LPs, there's a wealth of 99 cent EPs to sample. (gone Sept.'19)

LOaF Definitely going to look into this one. Looks electronic and interesting.

Magic StrawBerry Sound Korean pop and rock, in 102 titles, not overproduced or excessively cheesy. I'm excited to explore this one. There are 12 more when MagicStrawBerry is one word.

Mind of a Genius Grammy-nominated (how often do remaining label intros start w/ that?) Gallant headlines R&B and pop light years ahead of other remaining in production value, not exclusively a good thing. 17 titles up to 2019

Mixpak Lots of highly rated dancehall and urban electronica here of the kind one's surprised to find still on the site. Catalog of 70 titles ends in 2017. Add five by Renegade Brass Band on Nah'm Sayin' Records

Mbwana Normally when the album art looks like this I'm pretty dismissive, but this may be the best African music, or at least the best selection of it, left on eMusic. Recording quality is hit & miss. It's interesting to see what not worrying about getting on commercial radio will to for track lengths. All 87 are listed in 2018, but if you believe that, I've got a blockchain scheme for you to invest millions of dollars in.

Meanbucket Mostly labeled as hip-hop and rap, these 99 cent EPs have got to be British, as they sound nothing like American hip-hop. Grime, as some are labeled, is more accurate. Very intricate electronic backing tracks by comparison, at very least.

Memphis Industries The folks responsible for Self have a real knack for production without letting anything sound overproduced. I believe some past releases were also called "Spongebath" Records and were less reliably nifty.

minority records s.r.o. Apparently more experimental than what's on eMusic, and I wish the newest stuff by gastr del sol and whatever Orbital's raving about on the label's website were available. The Floex soundtracks are actually here along with Orbital remix, so hooray for these 18 titles from 2002-19 out of Prague!

Moller With umlauts elsewhere, this is an Icelandic electronic label more precious than frozen gold. Many on the ambient side, several in IDM, and not a few in cool, slow synth-pop or trip-hop. Finding labels like this so late in the game is what makes the search worthwhile. 65 titles with one in 2019.

Monkey Dub Innovative and unpredictable dubstep that's a lot more dub than most without sacrificing any electronic edge. Large catalog of mostly EP singles up to 2019.

Multi Culti Lots of EPs labeled as singles proving that one can sound experimental and groovy at the same time. Most unusual. After sampling several, I'm pretty much ready to download the whole catalog.

Off Me Nut I thought I spoke English before sampling this label, with UK electronics galore.

Ojo Música Just happened upon these 25 Latin titles in late Nov. '19 when I found it had the Zoobazar album. A couple from the 1990s and the newest is 2018.

OLDshqip I'm going to guess this small label is Turkish, and all its dozen or so releases are from 2019, with interesting takes on rock, hip-hop, and pop.

Orion Interesting in the first place for being a Latin-sourced electronica label that's not in the house business. Second for having several 99-cent EPs. Third for Prototipo, a clear standout among what's already above average and distinctive.

Not Applicable Badun leads about 20 interesting looking electronic LPs

Petrol Chips French synth-pop, electronica, hip-hop, and lounge music, though most all of that is categorized as rock or indie/alt. 36 titles from 2003-2019. Add eight more on La Couveuse, with plenty for 99 cents.

Plexus of Infinity With a name like that, they could put out nothing but metronome tones and still be considered pretty far out. As it turns out, their ten or so titles are Polish and run the gamut from free jazz to metal, with world music and experimental droning in between. Mostly from 2019. Add two more on Jazz Series

Potoco Discos What makes this rap en español so impressive, aside from slick production and the MCs' delivery which could be said for any number of labels, is that their backing tracks range from blues to jazz to electronica that could stand on its own as interesting music. 44 titles ending in 2018 all deserve a sampling. Not sure if Nimodo's four titles on Fractualismo are quite good enough to be grouped here, but there they are.

Press Pass Cachorro Grande leads a tiny stable of rock in Portuguese in twelve titles from 2014-18

Raftonar Ten different Icelandic takes on electronica from 2014-17, each worthwhile.

ROHS! Were all unavailable for a time, but apparently a site hiccup that gives one the came back and now has 70+ experimental electronic/ambient titles. Tape loops mostly, strong Japanese and international presence, lots of 99-cent full length albums from 2019.

Romeda Many subtly different, unique takes on techno. Subtle in that a prejudiced person might still say it all sounds the same, even though it takes different directions in many styles. Titles and album art are almost as clever.

Rotters Golf Club Limited selection, but promising electronica.

Sagitta Very well produced pop and rock from Brazil, up to 2018.

Sahko Try it with and without umlauts over the vowels. Apparently from Finland, this one's a survivor of a label list on eMusers, containing Jimi Tenor and much else. (gone Sept.'19)

Sans Commentaire Just 19 titles in African world music by a small number of artists, but they're all bargain priced and nice quality. At least one from 2020.

Sensefloor Eighteen electronic titles ranging from synth-pop to techno, just found it in Nov. '19, but the date range is 2013-15.

Serafin Audio Imprint Enticing electronica from 2016-19, from a single track to a full-length album, all 99 cents or less.

serpent Almost 200 titles ranging from classical, jazz, folk, and Krautrock. Might be worth spending a long time exploring, as many are inexpensive.

Shango Do an African theme and artwork manage to gussy up these house EPs? Somewhat, yes. Plenty from 2019.

Shifting Paradigm Fun, diverse, new jazz, often for only $3/album. Not a lemon in the whole catalog so far, so I really hope it stays. I'm going to go ahead and call it the best jazz coming out of Minneapolis.

Slow Walk 17 world titles with a lot from Africa, including Afrobeat, from 2010-18

Space Dog! About a dozen Japanese random albums.

Stereo Love Productions Haven't yet confirmed the quality. but these 12 Latin-sourced titles are clearly into something different.

Stolen Body Very promising rock label with some jazz and electronica mixed in

StreetVoice Not until Aug. 2019 did I try searching for anything in Chinese, and this is one of the best, biggest surprises. Not only a label from Taiwan which puts all the Mainland pop labels to shame, there are over 700 quality titles in almost every genre. I hope it sticks around long enough to sample in depth. Wang Wen does some nice post-rock, and Cicada could be called new classical, for starters, but really there's too much to list.

Tape Club Split between rock and electronic, and not a lot to judge other than album covers and one 3-star rating. It's from London, and I like the electronic stuff quite a bit, as it turns out. Generally pricey but not without 99-cent bargains. These 50 titles from 2010-18 are nothing to sneeze at! (gone Sept.'19)

Terrícolas Imbéciles Some big names in Latin alternative and others well worth exploring.

Thin Man Rock music, yes, but synths are usually integral to the sound. There's enough releases of decent quality to play everyone's favorite game of "Find the Polish equivalent of your favorite indie/alt. rock band." I've found some here that approximate Modest Mouse, David Bowie, and Belle & Sebastian. Who knows what you might find in 58 titles up to 2019. A lot of fun to sample

3rd and Debut Dark ambient that isn't all droning, with bargains aplenty.

Tranquil Society 275+ quality-looking LPs in everywhich genre. Much potential. Almost all 99 cents but also somehow suspiciously repetitive and samey on sampling and having purchased a couple. Beats mostly.

Trikont Wild German folk punk with brass, organs, and accordions galore. I was literally jumping for joy when I saw it's the home of Attwenger, the original bad boys of the accordion, that I hadn't heard since high school. The 70 titles are kinda pricey but truly unique. I wish the party didn't stop in 2017.

Uncharted Audio Some electronic crosslisted with experimental, so maybe worth prioritizing.

The Valiant Just four EPs, but this is Korean rock we'd never find without eMusic.

vietnam Smooth French pop, up to 2019

Visage Music Sas I think these are mostly Italian. A dozen worldly jazz LPs from 2018-19 that are what fusion aspires to and usually misses by miles. Accordion warnings abound

VRSSolid rock from alternative to progressive up to 2019, the kind of label that'll keep eMusic vital.

wiaiwya Intriguing and good-sized catalog with several 99-cent single tracks spanning exactly an hour and seventeen minutes, and in multiple genres. An assortment of actual singles complement LPs that look to be at least equally varied.

WW Records Urban electronica of Guy Wampa & Justin Percival, Old Man Diode & Rick Holland is quite interesting. Lots for 99 cents in general electronica also nice in 29 titles from 2010-17.

Youngbloods The Tom Terrien album is top notch, and other stuff in the small stable is quite worthwhile.


Reliable Suppliers of Favorites (It's more unusual NOT to like something than to find it enthralling.)

Accidental UK electronic, rock and folk rock with 30 titles from the late 1990s to 2014. Not a lemon among them. Add City Zen for many albums from Mia Doi Todd.

Acony Highly rated alt-country from Gillian Welch lives here with a couple of other guys in nine titles ending in 2017.

Adx It's rare to find a label with 180+ quality titles these days, rarer still for all of them to be basically the same genre, in this case actual ambient music (i.e. no beats). Some is darker than others, and some could be considered noise or droning, but I wouldn't go farther than the little-used term "illbient" to describe the majority of it. Tons for 99 cents. These will help me get my reading done forever. Apparently related to Ancient Language, so this makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately there's nothing past 2016. Also found some hard trance, so sample first

Ash Co.Perhaps a sister label to Vinzomusic, these are 31 traditional Middle Eastern albums from 2019 of consistent quality.

Big Jo-Ke 83 classical titles, just going on appearance they seem very serious and well rated.

Circus Produçōes Culturais & Fonográficas Precisely the kind of world music an older person might call "tasteful" in being very pleasant and taking minimal risks. Inoffensive (other than the long, hard-to-type name) but flavorful vocals over acoustic guitars, for the most part over 40+ generally appealing but not pandering titles up to 2019. Labels like this are vital to the sustainability of eMusic, as its releases might appeal to a more casual, non-obsessive listener.

ClocktowerClassic or vintage dub from the big names. Add Rootfire Cooperative to boost the seven titles here into significance and 2019 with less reputable reggae from The Movement.

Devi Foundation Another Ustad...Khan and one other vocalist pair in 16 titles whose dates can't be trusted, often spanning over two hours per album. Go subcontinental!

Disintegration State They resolutely will not belittle their dronescapes by offering anything but stuff shorter than an EP for 99 cents, and that takes guts. I'd take most anything on here if it were cheaper

Dutty Artz Atropolis leads a stable of world and electronic stuff, mostly singles.

Eglo Home to several singles by Floating Points, there's never been a better time to get to know the other artists on this UK label, with many leaning towards R&B in 39 titles (the majority of which are rated...and highly) from 2010-18. Gotta snap up the 99 cent singles at least. Also, treat the seven titles on Lima Limo as a bridge between Eglo and Accidental Records.

Excelsior Melodies 12 titles split between Mercury Rev and Harmony Rockets with the last from 2016

Exceptional Butti 49 and Submotion Orchestra lead what looks to be full of other interesting electronica.

Fang Bomb Sample these first and know that they alternate between dronescapes and other experimentation in a mere nine titles from 2009-19. Pretty interesting, often not pretty at all, and pretty expensive. Add several more experimental titles on incunabulum up to 2020

Focused Silence I will say that there is good and bad droning out there, and this is quite good. You will pay dearly for it compared to other labels, though. Some ambience and some experimentation too. 59 titles with many from 2019.

Ghost Box Early tests of this well regarded electronic label show promise, but it's too soon for me to get on the bandwagon. Several users have expressed concerns about it leaving. I'd be sad but definitely survive.

Good News Boppers Serious jungle and drum & bass I missed for my April 2020 list, unfortunately. 50+ titles from 2012-2015, uniformly two-track EPs with few exceptions. Add Mauoq for six more

Humble Soul The Miserable Rich, Vena Portae, and Aidan Smith are quite British. Ever so, at least until 2015.

Imim Vision The cool alphabet looks like something from an Ethiopian restaurant menu, so I'll guess that's where this cool-sounding stuff is from. Just seven titles from 2014-16. Add three from Chichung Vision for a female vocalist, Kajal Craft & Vision for a nice moustache.

Inspired Studios 262 highly rated classical music titles.

I S L A They've deliberately given themselves lots of space in their name to reflect the wide open sound of their 24 titles, not entirely ambient but leaning that way with plenty of experimentation to keep things interesting. Dating from 2014-19.

Jazz EngineJust found some excellent, new jazz here.

Just Music Jon Hopkins and Marconi Union are two big names here, and much else is highly rated.

Karlrecords Electronic and pretty distorted pop, fair-sized catalog. Downloaded Tellavision and Laurent de Schepper Trio and have been pleased (gone Sept'19)

!K7 Scrolling through page after page in eMusic, one finally appreciates the percentage of interesting albums put out by such a large conglomerate. European electronic stuff remains my favorite from them, but getting to know their world music has been a pleasure as well. (gone as of June '19)'

lofi GVNGCombine this with the related and clearly Polish label Wojciech Ignatowski for some interesting singles from 2019 in electronic and instrumental hip-hop that dance around trash comps. Add seven hip-hop albums on Jazz Plastik as well.

Merge They'd be top tier if not for several albums I don't like much after high expectations (for being on Merge). Been burned but also wildly impressed! (gone without a whimper Sept.'19)

NIBIUS Serious classical music from 2017-19 in ten titles.

Olive Noire Experimental electronic music that varies in the extent it resembles music in 17 titles from 2019-20, inexpensive, w/ most for just $3

Opposite Number Decent rock but a mere nine titles from 2016-19. Add six by Nonbeliever on Nonrefundable

panai Alejandro Franov is joined here by world and experimental titles that have all been intriguing so far. A random Estonian folk album from 1969 thrown in among 15 titles up to 2019. Otherwise mostly Latin.

Personal Escape About half are labeled as industrial, but all seven of these titles from 2016-17 are basically ambient with mild experimentation. For actual industrial and crossing the threshold of significance, add the eight on Jnana led by Nurse With Wound titles

Planet e Detroit techno's home is always worth a listen. Dunno how much Carl Craig is still at the helm. The electronic music might not be as varied as on other labels, but its jazz rounds them out well. (gone as of June '19)'

Polyvinyl This was one of the first indie rock labels I knew (vaguely) before starting out as a college radio DJ. Luckily they've got a strong selection of albums, and they rarely disappoint.

Second Circle The excellence of the Yu Su EP demands that the others in this dozen be sampled. Can't judge the sound just yet. All 2017-19. Add some interesting titles on Quente

Shinkansen Recordings Home of Trembling Blue Stars and a Field Mice compilation.

Shimmering Moods Far less woo woo than its name suggests but definitely on the ambient side with ample droning. Many claim to be avant garde/experimental, and I will sustain it. 11 titles from 2015-17. Add Mikael Sapin to double the total with similar ambience leaning toward new age. Totally different sound but similar spirituality going on with Fay Brotherhood. Add the fairly interesting new age piano and overwrought electronica of Dirgni

Shinkoyo Some rock and other fairly conventional stuff mixed in with what mostly sounds experimental. Unfortunately, their pricing scheme does not entice. Three albums I didn't recognize by Skeletons / must be snapped up ASAP

sjrecords A mere five titles in jazz, but all from 2019 and mostly very interesting. Add four diverse, pricey titles in post-rock and hip-hop on Remember You Are Dreaming

Sonar Kollektiv (gone as of June '19)'

Sounddict Often sparse Polish synth-pop and folk pop is pretty well produced on a mere 11 titles from 2015-17. Add three diversely interesting ones on Subsuburban even if they're not Polish. Majlo may have studied Bon Iver a little too carefully. Bazeev can add 28 more.

Strut (!K7) Very recently have been grooving to world music on this label. (gone as of June '19)

Sześcian Experimental free jazz and new classical all from 2014. 11 titles only show up if you add the right diacritical marks, unfortunately. Add six more quite nice albums up to 2020 on Bright Shiny Things

Tagua Tagua Some pairings of individual artists trying to be their own label are awkward, but I think the synth rock from them fits well with that of País Violento to make a significant pair.

Tak För Igår Swedish synth-pop and rock are always welcome. Just one EP among ten titles ending in 2016, though. Add the five by Modern Family Unit on Gas Records.

T2N Organisation I just like that Klaas Stapert's solo piano is paired w/ French hip-hop on these 17 titles up to 2020.

Tummy Touch They've got a number of above average electronic albums, though I haven't dived deeply into the tummy's navel.

Unknown Capability Five albums celebrating the East German Olympic team? Kosmischer Laufer is in touch with the cosmos all right, but throw in the four from MOG in 2019 on Strange But True Crew to be significant in number and at least two artists.

We Jazz Yet another jazz label with artistic enough album covers to draw one in. Their 99 cent EPs are well worth it. I liked Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri. (gone Sept. '19)

WordSound Recordings Electronica from the 1990s to mostly the early 21st century. Urban experimentation with much rated. Leon Lamont is my favorite.

WPM Co. Where does one go these days when one feels that need for very serious traditional Iranian music? Fancy you should ask! Try these ten titles, all claiming to be from 2019.

030303 It puzzles me why one would want to name a whole record label something nondescript and difficult to remember, but the small selection of IDM here is top notch. The Global Goon album is mighty fine.


Honorable Mention with More than Occasional Duds (I'll probably not pay more than $1 for something I've never heard of on these. Been burned.)

a simple lunch New classical, jazz, and experimental from 2018-19. Inexpensive and quite interesting, but unfortunately only six titles. Add Zen Factory for three more not far off.

Aesop Well produced pop over electronica, would be top tier for the abundance of 99-cent EPs among just 20 titles from 2012-18, but they're all pretty short or actual singles.

All City Dublin Hip-hop beats in very short "electronic" tracks only occasionally coming with their own MCs. 62 titles ending in 2017.

All the Madmen Very British when they sing over rock, but Blue Midnight is something else entirely. Twelve titles from 2013-2018.

Akuphone Fifteen world releases of unknown origin and pedigree, with some bargains. I claim that the Ko Shin Moon album is the best electronic album remaining on eMusic. Add the LP by John Falsetto & Mohamed Sarrar

AmpliCriativa Pop and rock in Portuguese, pretty well produced with several worthwhile 99-cent EPs. 2016-2020

Armando Teixeira 11 unusually funky titles in Latin electronic, pop, metal, tango, lounge from the 1990s to 2018. In Portuguese.

Arrhythmia Stunted catalog of twelve mostly Latin-sourced electronica singles up to 2018, would be higher ranked if there were more. Worthwhile to explore quickly.

ART:ERY Still finding new labels in Oct.'19, this one actually came up on the site as a suggestion. Mostly singles. Interesting pop music toes the waters of world and hip-hop in 40+ titles from 2014-18. Jel seems nice but annoyingly mostly singles. Add /Shir for 59 more mostly unlabeled singles

Ash International Avant Garde, anyone? (gone Sept.'19)

Bahadirhan Koçer Turkish composer of new classical, world, and electronic music with 24 interesting titles up to 2019. To follow the rules, I'll saddle him with the seven tech house singles on Qongo Records, which pale in comparison. Also see the 49 electronic titles by Yuni Wa on DIVINITY SOUND LLC, most interesting when he incorporates jazz elements.

Bakery Allstars Swedish pop and rock in eight titles from 2015-2017. Add the four from Sväva for more pop bliss and significance.

BAKK Hard to imagine more interesting experimental electronica for 99 cents than what's on the Plafond series here, but some of these 18 titles up to 2020 don't distinguish themselves much, IMO.

Balkanbeats Turning Balkan orkestars into electronica is a dubious improvement, but these ten titles from 2016-18 are interesting and varied, though possibly anti-Semitic on Marina Frenk's "Jewish Question."

Beach Hut Lively rock in a mere ten titles from 2010-12. Add seven on Happy Prince from 2005-19, where I should like the Japanese general toeing of dream pop and shoegaze waters more than I do on sampling.

Because Music Decidedly not where I got my Beta Band cds, but if I didn't have them, nice to know there here with Charlotte Gainsbourg and others.

Blancmange Lounge British, self-described "music collective" has 19 very listenable singles, EPs and at least one lp from 2017-19. Not quite as soft as lounge music, but it's a stretch to call them rock either. A simple formula works for most of them.

BluesMind Two Japanese artists by the name of Ito make different styles of electronica. One has many food-titled 10-minute dronescapes and the other a pair of LPs.

Carpark They're pretty consistent about putting out heavily hyped stuff I like well enough, but I don't recall anything mindblowingly awesome other than Dan Deacon. (gone as of June '19 and back in July!)

Свет и Тени I'm generally against these kinds of comparisons, but I'll go ahead and try calling this the Sub Pop of Russia. Mostly a Russian punk label, thus not a high priority to explore, but there's a lot of other synth-pop with attitude (Crossparty), goth, alt. rock, and hip-hop (Tonny) that's more interesting to me. Women seem to feature more prominently here than the average Russian label also. I don't think Putin's a fan, and that itself is worth supporting. Great selection among 132 titles, mostly from 2019. Apparently the label doesn't come up unless you type in Russian, so here's the link:

Chimera The 2014 Cibo Matto album is still up, more than one Ono, and an Uni suggest a strong but not total Japanese presence.

Collective Resonance 30 quite diverse titles in IDM and other experimentation (jazz?) from 2013-19. A good place to go looking for 2-track singles for 49 cents when you're down to your last dimes.

Deaf Ambitions Alt. rock from Australia is nice if not spectacular in 20 titles from 2013-2017, but don't go looking for bargain EPs.

Dement3d 20 experimental electronic titles not always droning, though it is an option if you like. 2012-19. The duds are just techno. Add five on Killer's Car

Detelefunk Not nearly enough to make one not miss Carl Craig's Planet e, but Detroit Grand Pubahs and one other artist in Detroit techno are just barely significant in 11 titles from the first decade of this century.

Dischetti Pair the harder instrumental rock of Into My Plastic Bones and others labeled as industrial with the interesting pop rock on Technicolor Dischi for significant numbers from 2016-18. Román Musica has two instrumental jazz/funk/blues albums worth adding too. Jouska apparently makes instrumental rock, and it's fairly interesting

Discos de Kirlian Latin synth rock and generally atmospheric softer rock. On sampling, nothing offends, and it's a notch more interesting than average rock en español. Kinda pricey, though. Up to 2019.

Dvarim e crew Israeli hip-hop definitely has its own aesthetic here on 25 titles up to 2019.

Emotion Swedish label providing quality synthpop, often with female vocalists, much rated. 40 titles ending in 2017 and little if anything actually in Swedish

Eureka Pleasant folk pop and blues possibly from Argentina either en español or with a strong accent that may just be affectation. Ten titles from 2008-16. Add three, with one sounding like a Spanish version of The Residents, on Llea llea

Eves A small group of OK IDM

Factory Flaws Apparently Italian in origin, but no one seems to be singing their "alternative pop" in anything but English. Almost all the 19 titles from 2016-19 are singles and interesting.

Falth Production 14 2019 EP singles from somewhere Nordic by electricfield with an interesting, distorted take on synth-pop, as well as one metal LP randomly thrown in.

Faro Discos Above average rock, pop rock, and punk en español in 41 titles up to 2020, though only a handful of artists and usually not cheap. Include five more by Mundaka on Anti-Rudo.

Filibusta Records Srls Well produced Italian pop with attitude and experimentation.

Firecracker Someone was pretty generous with the 5-star ratings, but this electronica, techno and house music is at least distinctive. 20 titles from 2010-19

FireScope One of the labels that shows up when browsing for IDM, I'll have to give this one's twelve titles from 2016-19 a thorough inspection, including whether B12 is the old hand from 1990s Warp.

Four Flies Srls 29 titles all listed as 2019 except for one from 1971, which is the vintage that all of these shoot for and largely achieve. Moog it up! For all I know, they might all actually be from 1960-70s Italy. Add the two by Sergio Rivero

Glacial Movements abstract soundscapes aplenty. Picked up Oophoi for 99 cents and am moderately satisfied, plenty of other droning to be had for that price. (gone Sept.'19)

Gimac Music Prod Fairly well produced and harmless African music. Only 13 titles, all from 2018. Buy one or it's the prod for you!

Good Eye Carriers makes long songs that remind me of The War on Drugs. 47 titles of alt. rock up to 2020 and only discovered May 2020 is unusual.

Gorgon Reputable, classic dub. Add the seven on Hudson VanDam.

Gwymon If you trust the ratings, this is the best source of folk music in English and Welsh. I prefer when it skews toward pop for once. 19 titles from 2007-16. Add 11 by Mike Vass

Headcount Mostly pretty varied electronica with some urban elements but the first album is iffy rock. 40 titles up to 2019

Hero Rhymes with Zero18 titles with LPs and singles from about four alt. rock bands who are catchy in their own ways far more clever than their label name. Up to 2019.

Highspeedart Some brief electronica and the rest is experimental and prog rock. Pretty interesting 12 titles with the last in 2018.

Illicit Recordings Deadly Avenger shows up here and on other labels, so the others allure by association.

Inbetweens A couple of vintage proto-punk and garage rock acts open it up and is followed by a lot of classic rock kinda stuff that's pretty rare on the site these days. I've never heard of any of it and probably wouldn't like it, but someone went on a 4- and 5-star rating spree. 59 titles ending ostensibly in 2018 but possibly much earlier.

Jah Life39 titles in dub and reggae from the likes of Scientist, ending in 2017 but possibly much earlier.

Jealous Butcher Found Califone & Sin Ropas records I didn't have. Other stuff has potential.

The John Colby Set Pretty unlikely name for this collection of organ-heavy rock en español and Portuguese in 31 titles up to 2020.

Kompakt Home of The Orb, and there seems to be plenty of other stuff to explore slowly. See also Kompakt Extra and Kompakt Digital, though I don't know why they separated them. (gone as of July'19)

Kuai Not sure if it's Latin jazz or regular jazz by people with Latin names. 45 titles up to 2019, and it seems to be just fine but without much variation in the bands' instrumentation. Relatively pricey.

Lo Recordings Lots of good electronic stuff, especially when artists whose releases overlap mean labels that have disappeared are still available for a few albums.

Log Lady Coming out of the SF Bay area, there's a different aesthetic here for sure, with a darker dramatic edge to electronic and rock titles up to 2019 with Psychotic Beats and others a bargain at 99 cents.

Look Studio Srl Another mind-bogglingly diverse Italian conglomeration of jazz, folk, world, electronic, and classical, all listed as 2019 (though surely not) in 169 titles of decent quality.

Luup These 61 titles could occupy an entire list of unpopular, obscure pop music. Tastefully produced and relatively restrained, tending toward electronic R&B. Those labeled singles appear to be one track each, but those not labeled as such are either 99-cent EPs or LPs often under $4. Female vocalists feature prominently, some en español. Worth exploring.

M Records These 30 titles from the early 1990s to about 2013 appear to be mostly dub, and of high quality, with many rated.

Maeg Music UK electropop, techno, some IDM EPs. 30 titles up to 2019.

MARS RecordsNo other Russian label I've found can claim as much diversity and consistent quality, and it doesn't hurt that the catalog is a more manageable 20+ rather than 200+ (and still up to 2019). If you want to hear music that's distinctly Russian in familiar genres like instrumental rock, folk rock, jazz, or electronica, I'd strongly suggest starting here. Others may sound Russian only b/c they sing in Russian to generic or bland accompaniment; here it's deep in the music.

Melody As Truth 17 totally harmless electronic albums by Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash up to 2020

Milky Bomb Bassist for UK's Thirteen has quite a collection of genres here, with attitude. Even the two-star rated quasi-jazz sounds interesting, among rock, synth-pop, and full on electronica in 18 titles from 2010-18. (Gone Oct. '19)

Modern Obscure 17 electronic albums w/ a limited number of artists. Without sampling I'll give the label the benefit of the doubt b/c its titles are very expensive.

Moodgadget The name and lengths of tracks suggest ambient, new age, or otherwise droning. Some bargains, but do you want them? 88 titles ending in 2016.

MOR Records It's a rarity to find a general, downtempo electronica label updating in 2019 and not overdone with vocalists these days. I'm hesitant to describe the sound of these 50+ titles without sampling more, but it's well worth exploring. 99-cent EPs are frequent. They're based in Hungary, of all places, and maybe that explains why it's still on the site.

Morning Ritual Four nice albums of not-so-poppy synth-pop and one rock LP can be paired with the nice but pricey organic electronica EPs on Galapagos Records to sound nicer than they are significant as labels. Go ahead and add the four EPs on Flower of Life, too, though some are a little dancier.

Moshi Moshi Haven't thoroughly explored this one, but their lineup looks like a lot of big name electropop and synthy stuff I generally enjoy.

Nasjon Properties Among 25 titles, several famous old blues guys but trash comps will lower the value of their real estate.

NATURE BLISS The electronica of Alejandro Franov together at last with Japanese jazz

Nice Music 30 titles from 2017-19 wearing cassette pride on their liners. Not all of this is recognizable as music. Mostly electronic, at least one has vocals, but definitely on the experimental side of things makes sampling all the more necessary. Australian.

No Shame Felix Da Housecat leads 31 titles up to 2019 with a surprising amount of pop rock mixed among electronica. The singles are actually singles and make up a majority.

NOTON I find Alva Noto to be a poor man's Byetone, but not bad at all.

NPRS Pleasant synth-pop from Africans who successfully avoid getting cheesy. Almost 200 titles up to 2019. Much is Christian but rarely overtly unless you understand the lyrics, I presume.

Otodayo Tha Trickaz & CloZee dominate these 16 titles from 2009-19

Painted Word Eleven releases including a Roger Eno single, all from 2018-19.

Pinecone Moonshine Picked up some fine drum & bass here.

Plop Home to one of my favorite ambient albums by The World on Higher Downs, I expect more from the well rated 14 titles from 2005-18.

Power Vacuum 20 titles in IDM and downtempo electronica from 2012-19, including a nice Cylob EP and Duran Duran Duran.

Pressure Sounds Fine dub & reggae reissues and possibly even some new stuff.

PRIME Expecting nothing more than another label full of house EP singles, these knocked my socks off. Unsettling, off-kilter, jarring electronica combining elements of dubstep, glitch, noise, and yes also house music in 33 titles ending in 2018. Innovative use of vocals also noteworthy.

Provenance Some of it claims to be pop; I believe the electronic/experimental ones. Interesting, at least. Aphir is awesome. 21 titles up to 2019, possibly Australian.

Pseudonym Rock from the 1960s-1970s is getting harder to find, but there's 28 titles here I'd never heard of to explore, if that's your bag. Some psych/prog, world, and folk mixed in, too.

Pussyfoot Howie B and a lot of other smaller names making plenty of electronic and world music to like in 28 titles from 2018-19.

Rasal Until further notice, I consider this to be the most interesting of the Welsh labels, certainly the most varied among reggae, folk, rock, and pop from 2005-2018 in 66 titles. Adding the old cheesy folk of Lliwen Foster will provide the duds.

Rellman Enterprises They sound like they should be in real estate rather than music, but no matter. NYC label seeming to specialize in very short tracks, both electronic and post-rock droning. Difficult to categorize. 39 titles from the turn of the century to 2017.

RidingEasy Carrying the tradition of Black Sabbath into the 21st century with borderline metal hard rock reminiscent of the time before the hair outshone the music. Some progressive rock also on the harder side, too. 55 titles ending in 2017.

Rivoalto Serious classical and new classical

Rivorecords It's very unusual to find a serious jazz label in late Sept. 2019. From Argentina. These 15 titles from 2011-14 are having a lot of loud sax.

RKJ Being a pop label, many of these 23 singles up to 2019 probably cross the line into being obnoxious. Australian. All that's missing is an EP or anything longer.

Round in Motion Not your average house label, in that there are only eight titles, not all of which are house, and those involving Kay Suzuki have quite a bit more going on in them, including non-cliched vocals. Excellent value.

Rufftone A mere seven titles in jazz, with some vocal funk, lounge, or soul from 2017-18. Two titles from 2020 are very nice.

Quango/Pork Britain's answer to G-Stoned in some cases, while also seeping into jazz and more worldly stuff. All pretty inoffensive. (Pork is gone some time in 2019)

Romtid Musikk Ambient electronic dronescapes from Norway, part of a region that is most conducive to pleasant droning that might come from nature itself or from the northern lights. Inexpensive in 15 titles up to 2019

Sarajevo Disk May eMusic always remain our source for vintage Yugoslavian pop and new wave. If you believe these nearly 30 titles are from 2018-19, I've got a used Yugo to sell you.

ScubaThe Deep Dive Corp. has made quality techno for a while, and I had no idea they had so many albums. They share this label with just a few others among 30+ titles up to 2019.

Scubidu Worldly jazz and jazzy world music from Brazil in 14 titles from 2003-18. Some shaggier and scrappier than others. Add the eight on Uns Produções

Shadow I was overjoyed to find another electronic label in the early 2000s until after several releases I got the impression that this was like the minor leagues for Ninja Tune. A lot of it is mediocre, and electronic music, like rock, is a very dangerous style not to be distinguishable in because there's just so much of it to hear. Similar to Hydrogen Dukebox, though with jazzier, Japanese, and less British albums. Fine for fleshing out a collection of electronic music, but nothing I'd use to convince a skeptic. eMusic's selection of 32 goes from the late 1990s to 2003 and has the very best highlights, fortunately.

Shelflife A seasoned pop/rock listener will be able to name a band that sounds like each album on this label but achieved far more fame and perhaps aesthetic achievement, ranging from Duran Duran, My Bloody Valentine, The Magnetic Fields, Belle & Sebastian, and Slowdive. Lots is rated (by multiple reviewers even), it's kinda pricey (especially for EPs), but these 101 titles are mostly safe bets, ending by 2016.

Skam Electronic and somewhat frustratingly alternating between melodic and noisier stuff. When their stuff was streaming in the early 2000s I couldn't get enough of it. Considerably less groundbreaking nowadays, but still a cut above generic IDM. It does beg the question of how much the appreciation of electronic music depends on its futuristic aura.

Sello Recolector Pleasant rock en español, but only 11 titles split across 3 bands from 2017-2018. Add the three titles from Mariano Travella to give this label more heft. Six more on Laptra are fairly interesting.

Sempre Musica 36 titles from 2015-19 in quite smooth and well produced downtempo electronica with flourishes of funk and pop occasionally. A bewildering variety of languages appear to be involved, and I don't know where the label's located. Well worth exploring

Slowfoot Perplexing. Electronic pop? Jazz? UK label claims to "explore the boundaries between popular and experimental music". I'll go ahead and file these 37 interesting titles from 2004-18 under experimental. Add the six interesting titles in unclassifiable fusion on Svart Lava to reach 2019.

Song, by Toad The first five in the list are all in different genres, but rated ones seem to be in rock/alternative. Looks possibly interesting, but the name makes it seem like they courted obscurity intentionally. Adam Stafford albums are excellent!

Sotones Seems to be perfectly fine, inoffensive if occasionally dour or morose folk music. Most seems to be labeled as rock, but I don't hear it. 51 titles from 2001-2018.

Soul Has No Tempo Tiny catalog of ten titles, some 99-cent EPs, in funk, soul, and vocal jazzy electronic R&B.

Sound Digital Srl From another blues explosion covering the Chemical Brothers to actual electronica and Italian rock, these seven titles from 2009-16 are a cut above average.

Spiritech 38 electronic titles somewhere between ambient and IDM. 2013-15

Split Records Merely 17 titles spanning 2010-18, from the UK probably, spanning rock and electronic, with some rated and even reviewed by former staff (Flash Fiktion). I find the quirkier numbers by the Voluntary Butler Scheme pretty endearing. Add three by Ochre on Aura Materia for fairly interesting electronica.

Static Caravan Tunng leads a wide selection of electronic, folk, and chamber pop.

SuperEgo Hip-hop en español notable for being generally well produced and having at least a couple of interesting female MCs among 23 titles from around the turn of the century. Odd pricing scheme.

Trimu Gitana hip-hop from Gata Cattana is interesting, and the titles labeled as singles tend to be 99-cent EPs. Classical guitar, an entire albums of pop covers in the pole position, rock en español sounds to be de España in 31 titles from 2015-19. Beware cheese and other crap.

Tsuku Boshi A very eclectic and unusual catalog whose releases need to be sampled before purchase.

Turquoise Coconut Jazz and new classical experimentation isn't for everyone and isn't the best I've heard. Still lightyears beyond most in a dozen titles from 2016 to 2020.

Uganda Performing Right (Kandogo Kamu) Society Less commercial, more authentic or at least traditional, but the recording quality is inconsistent, unfortunately. 67 titles, mostly singles, all from 2018.

Vedette While I suspect one could find many of these for under $1 on vinyl in an Italian thrift shop, the classical, samba, and percussion going on here is rare for eMu these days. No idea if the comps are trashy. 53 old, old titles.

Verlag System Intriguing noise by Funeral Souvenir, synth-rock of Espiricom, and generally different takes on familiar forms of techno and dronescapes make all twelve of these from 2014-19 worth sampling.

WeAreWolves 27 titles in synth-pop from 2017-19 are a bit insubstantial but not bad.

What Now Becomes Veeeery loooong electronic tracks make for lots of good value EPs, and some of this sounds like what would happen if you stretched an IDM track out beyond ten minutes. Not house and barely techno. In 57 titles up to 2019, it's surprising there doesn't seem to be a single LP.

Wiz Music Srl Pretty interesting Italian rock from the late 1970s and 1980s. 24 titles ending in 2014

Wu Pægne Swedish pop and hip-hop. Only a couple aren't singles in 13 titles ending in 2017. For numbers, add the very serious hip-hop on Kingz Umbrella llc.

Xtraplex31 titles of what seem to be mostly nice IDM, from 2014-16. Really artful album covers, too. Must explore.

Yam & Banana Some elder statesmen of reggae aren't interested in pop. They're hard and real, and their sound puts many international wannabes to shame in these 24 titles up to 2019. Add two titles on Alambic Conspiracy for funsies.

Hit & Miss (A crapshoot still worth shooting if the budget allows. Keeping expectations low for these makes for happy surprises. Occasionally have to question how much my $ is really worth compared to the experience of listening to a dud of a record.)

Africha Entertainment (Afriug) Limited African world music with tracks on the longer side on its LPs. Still mostly singles among 21 titles, all from 2018.

Agatone Small electronic catalog of various styles in eleven titles up to 2019. Add the five on Monkery Collective for more quality selections.

AGORA S.A. A few albums here let you listen to the whole track, so risk-free downloading. I like Pustki and Dagadana. I think this is Polish. 25 titles ending in 2014, and there's plenty of pop vocal nonsense and live albums to filter out

Áureo Rex Mostly hard rock and mostly in Spanish, but Gallo Lobo and La Perra are different

Abduction Where the Sun City Girls hang out, one assumes with other far outsiders.

ACTA wide selection of mostly jazz from Europe, it seems? (Gone as of July'19)

Activia Benz Founded by and containing lots of Slugabed.

Afriug 28 African pop singles from 2018-19. I like the three by A.I.M on Golden Touch Entertainment & F D, so add them here. Yussef Ahmed has the message right on Hilal on Wax, so add him, too.

Agogo (Records) (gone as of June '19)

América Media Latin jazz, rock, world, and pop up to 2019 in 19 titles. Rey Choclo is pretty eclectic, and Los Chipitos de Chapultepec have a neat take on techno with sabor Latino. Odd that what I consider the best stuff on this one is backloaded.

Arab Nights One of surprisingly very few labels offering pop music in Arabic on the site. All 58 are singles, unfortunately, but there's several in 2019.

Are You Serious No question, some of the most interesting rap I've found on the new eMusic, not least because the MCs step back from the mic and let the songs breathe. Not sure how many MCs there actually are, since many seem to be a variation on Oscify. Better beats can and sometimes stand alone, as with Mad Hugs. 80+ titles up to 2019.

Arkestra Discos Galician electronic pop. 15 titles from 2010-17

Assist for ArtistThe solo piano mislabeled as ambient by Yuri Vinodagrov will be of interest to some, and there must be others that are at least OK among 165 titles up to 2019, but like many Russian labels (or anywhere on this list), when it misses it gets very cheesy.

Attay Fifteen titles from 2018-19 in Middle Eastern pop making slightly better and more varied use of keyboards. Add two hip-hop titles on Gawky.

AudD Rampantly mislabeled as ambient and instrumental rock, this is short, aggressive electronica that is at least different. 50+ titles from 2018-19.

AUM Fidelity Recognizable names in jazz with plenty of ratings make for relatively easy pickings.

Bacci Bros Italian film soundtracks, including Ennio Morricone keep this out of the category of trash comps, though I don't know what I'd download first.

Balaclava Brazilian rock, mostly soft, mostly but not all singles in 30 titles, almost all from 2019.

Banana Network A strange, fruity network indeed. 25 titles up to 2019. About half is Latin hybrid electronic hip-hop, and much of the other stuff is anime soundtrack-sounding pop from MACROSS 82-99. And then there's some outliers like MVNG's odes to U.S. cities or Facy Sedated, whose closest relative is the frenetic electronica of De De Mouse.

Bartosz Leśniewski Krautrock from Poland. 12 titles from 2017-19.

Basserk Less focused on bass than the name suggests,there's a ton of good value and varied 99-cent electronic EPs to be had here. Many of the artists' names suggest they're Nordic. Mostly downtempo, and I find no LPs other than the v/a comp. 131 titles up to 2019

BATÉKÉ SQUAAD Afro-electro-reggae pop in 18 titles mostly from 2019

Big Bit Música The hip-hop in Portuguese and album with General Santos are nice; the rest is painfully bad.

BizWiththeBubbles Six frenetic electronica EPs from 2010-14.

Black Editions Japanese sourced of various genres. Add kurage and Sin Hilo to raise the quality considerably with three titles apiece up to 2019

Bladud Files Quite a small selection, but "instrumental" and nice-looking album covers have my hopes up. Haven't actually pulled the trigger on any yet.

BlowpipeEuropean misfit rock, pop, and electronica by the sound of it. 36 titles ending in 2018

Borginihayam Home to Daniel Vincent's Swedish synth-pop, but only five titles by himself. Pair him with Norwegian hip-hop artist Viljar Broks in a similar situation on Ni Tusen to become significant.

Box Music Another of the Polish labels that inexplicably sometimes lets you listen to whole songs for risk-free downloading. Voo Voo is interesting rock, but the rest is highly questionable. 149 titles from the late 20th century to 2015.

Break Koast Nice to find a label dedicated to an underserved subgenre of drum & bass, namely jungle, usually featuring a Jamaican-sounding MC over sped-up, more electronic and danceable dub accompaniment. I wish there were any LPs at all, but I'll take this label's 74 EPs ending in 2018 in a heartbeat over nothing.

Buenritmo An unusual mix of old and new Latin music often labeled as reggae. Plenty of rock, pop, and soul too among 45 titles up to 2020 worth exploring individually. Some en español or Portuguese. 99-cent gems are hidden, and I might go for Est Oest's full length album.

Bunker 36 titles from the 1990s up to 2011 with much rated, though middlingly so. 99-cent techno appears to be the mode.

Cassette Alternativo These look great, but I found myself wanting to like them more than actually liking them. About half are en español. At least one of Vallow's several titles sounds like a close imitation of Elliot Smith, and the Liz Unphair album is at least amusing. 50 titles up to 2019.

Chavalote These dozen or so titles have a lot of fans in Latin America, and it's not hard to see why.

Che DiscosThere's absolutely no way the new wave en español from Miguel Cantilo and Punch is from 2019, but they're amusing at least. Unusual rock en español in 15 titles.

Cigar City Management LLC It's rare to find 17 rock titles grouped together from 2018-19, let alone in Sept. after searching for months.

Closer Only eight titles from 2006-10 in synth-pop and rock en español, oddly. Fairly OK.

Colony Productions Turntablism and generally high quality urban electronica, though finding any titles with more than two tracks can be a challenge among these 32 from 2009-17.

Concert Live Ltd.Live albums (concert bootlegs?) from bands your family and friends might actually have heard of. (gone Sept.'19)

Conexión Libre Peruvian Boleros or jazz? Latin rock or a stray hip-hip en español album? All this and more can be yours on CL, in 38 titles from 2015-18. Add Perú Digital for seven fair titles from Hamacas al Río

Cowshed Only a Polish electronica label would name itself that. Fairly interesting in 60 titles up to 2019, but they can't possibly all be good.

Cryptic Corp Anything besides The Residents? (gone July'19)

Deadly Habits/Below System I think these are all from Turkey, mostly beats for rapping over, quite short, some have an MC. A mere 11 titles almost all from 2019. Add 9 EPs and singles on Disco Intrépido.

Dekmantel I admit an ongoing prejudice against house music, but maybe this well regarded label that I only heard of in Feb. 2020 can change my mind. 92 titles ending in 2019

Discos Pendiente I like Mauricio Barraza's slow jazz and Franz Mesko's sax but can do without the third title here from 2019. Add a few more by MB on other labels, and I'll put some other jazz stragglers here to up the numbers.

Dopeness Galore Pretty odd mix of a couple jazz LPs, deep house, and hip-hop in 19 titles ending in 2018. Add the seven in electronic house stuff on Nous'klaer Audio

Dubophonic Both here and on the much smaller Soul Island, rampant mislabeling of plain old straightforward reggae and dub as dubstep is happening. These are mostly fine, from 2016-18 and just short of 20 titles when combined.

Early License Group LLC Totally nondescript name and album art shoots these quality Southern Europe (Greece, Balkans?) folk titles in the feet. 99 cents each, many at LP length, all claiming to be from 2019 (though that's quite impossible) in 90 titles. (Gone Mar.'20)'

Eclipse Music Digital From Finland featuring female vocalists prominently among jazz and what it declares to be progressive rock in 25 titles from 1998 to 2019. I like the vibes on Viiste. A bit pricey overall. I tried sampling every artist on here and enjoyed it. Add the six actual prog rock titles on 4 Zero.

Elastic Dreams Some highly rated techno among 20 titles with one single from 2019

Elefant Huge catalog, but it's going to take a long time and a lot of sampling before I take the plunge.

Elemess 50 titles, half in English, half in Portuguese in pop, rock, electronic up to 2019

Enchufada Unusual-looking electronica, at least judging by album art and Latin names.

Enterprise Music and Distribution Live albums by people even casual listeners who don't care about music will know.

Ermitaño Intriguing synths from Morfeo split this with an artist sharing the label's name. Would be a higher priority en español if cheaper. Ten titles from 2016-19

Eromeda I quite prefer Romeda, also from the UK but I presume not related and much more focused on electronica, which much of Eromeda is also. I'm not sure why so many UK labels think it's OK to offer both electronica and folk music on the same label. 31 titles here from 2017-18, quite a mish-mash and only occasionally appealing

Estrus That every single title here is rated and mostly highly shows mostly how little reputable garage rock and punk is left. 14 titles from the 1990s ending in 2005

Eyrst Hip-hop coming out of Portland, OR, naturally has really nice album art. The Beats and MCs are also distinctive, if only for not obviously following trends in either. 69 titles up to 2019.

Fachwerk 14 titles here and 30+ on Fachwerk Digital, lots of rated electronica and techno

Faux Discx Punk and slightly off kilter or lofi rock is often rated, though I didn't hear anything I liked on sampling. 17 titles from 2013-17

Feel Up A diverse catalog of 47 urban titles from 2014 from the laid back hip-hop of Grand Analog to the more interesting than usual house music of Teleseen

First WordSome hip-hop, afrobeat, electronic, jazz, and other stuff looks interesting. (gone Sept.'19)

5Star Pop singles referencing Africa with two or more tracks each. 12 titles from 2014-15.

Forward Music Italy Srl In 20+ titles up to 2019, there's blues, punk, and prog rock aplenty, though the quality varies greatly. I've had the Fjieri album in my collection for years, and it's just fine.

Freshmind Indie hip-hop with a couple of LPs from the two artists on the label, Pierre Fontaine & KiD BliTz among 15 titles from 2017-18. Add the rock-backed rap of Crunchy kids for more. To get into 2019, add the 17 titles, including a blase techno LP, by Le'mon Driver on FamilyAboveAll. Berhana too. FRESHTIMES offers nine more fairly interesting titles, fairly well produced. Blk Fox has nine more by Hona Costello

Full of Nothing Experimental electronic label with some industrial sounds too, based in Russia but not apparently having many Russian artists on it. Quite a lot of variety in 12 titles from 2015-18.

Funkstuff One of the best stocked labels dedicated to drum & bass. Not sure if quantity also makes it one of the best. Most on sampling seem pretty straightforward and dance-oriented. Definitely worth exploring these 64 titles up to 2019

Future Noise 18 titles including possibly industrial from Mark Stewart, whose albums are well rated. 2012-18

GadGad Classical from Dolce Rima and light post-rock from Dreamer Strings stand out among 18 titles from 1998-2015

Gandula Split between Za! and 13 Year Cicada, who have a 2019 release and use bells, these are never boring, and you can judge how listenable they are yourself.

Gege Produçoes Artísticas 41 titles following the rule that there must be a minimum percentage by Gilberto Gil. Only a few don't involve the guy here, so the quota is vastly exceeded.

Gentle Soul Whether this is African house music or house music by former Africans I'll leave to others to research. If you're going to listen to house music, I'd prefer this over most, as it's refreshingly diverse rarely thumping with its beats. 90 titles up to 2019.

Goldie Only six titles ending in 2016, so add the few similar albums on Digital Orchestrations to achieve significance. Electronica EPs with short tracks and one fairly listless jazz album

Gonna Go! Discos I wasn't feeling the reggae rock of Rivales, but Peces Raros have a nice electronic groove going. Add the work of Pampa Yakuza, Pamela Rodríguez, and Dani Jatib for more Latin significance up to 2019.

Granvat Jazz, world, and experimental

Gusstaff Intriguing east-European albums sit next to standard pop rock and expensive electronic LPs from the same region. (Gone Nov. '19)

Halo Askew Entertainment Darkwave industrial EBM may be a poor man's Metropolis Records, but it's sure better than nothing left! 29 titles up to 2019.

Harthouse German techno label of Sven Vath, I believe, went defunct with it its Eye Q spin-off in the late 90s? Hard to draw the line between what's a classic and what's dated in their catalog.

Hell Yeah Italian supposedly offering disco (Dmitry from Paris may well supply that), but what I hear is pretty nice ambient for the most part, OK synth-pop and generally unimpressive electronica for the remainder of 52 titles up to 2019.

HuesoLatin pop, it appears, though that could mean anything. Picked up a couple nice bargains here by Miguel Conejeros, Ramirez & Lainus.

HUMBLE PALACE 16 titles up to 2019 from Russia in electronic and what appears to be hip-hop. Worth exploring further.

Humtracks Groovy stuff by Paul Housden and interesting electronic fusion by The High Bawlers are worth a sampling, but there's a lot of deadweight among these 20 titles up to 2019

Hydrogen Dukebox Duke Mushroom seems to be closely associated with this oddly named and middling electronic label. Their best releases are at least interesting, but there's no shortage of albums with little to distinguish them. Not sure if they outlived their most prolific stretch in the late 1990s-early 2000s.

Hypnotic Room Japan

I'm Not from London 18 rock titles from 2014-19, and someone really likes Chambers.

ICE Audio A bit over a dozen electronic EPs, interesting and varied, ending in 2018, and appropriately from Estonia.

Illusio Inconsistently and often incorrectly labeled electronica, sometimes low-grade IDM, general EDM, and other times actually ambient. The EPs with a design theme are mostly OK and 99 cents, sometimes labeled singles, other times LPs, and occasionally have vocals. Worth sampling since there's only 13, all from 2017

Important Records Pauline Oliveros' experimental accordion work lives here, and the level of experimentation only maintains from there, sure to scare away most anyone not looking for a challenge.

Indigo Four very different titles here in rock and pop from Futures and Ximena Vasquez need to be grouped with stragglers to be significant. Your stragglers in rock are Hal Kelly, American Housewife, Marble Tides, and Of Moths and Stars. A couple of those are from 2019.

Infinite Machine Quite average techno when it misses, with a few LPs ending in 2018. WARSNARE and 111X do liven things up a bit

InnerhythmicBill Laswell & friends.

InstinctWith a respectable collection of electronic albums, I'm not sure why the forays into "smooth jazz" were advisable.

Intellegenix Playful British electronica tries its hand at most subgenres with frequent vocalists and some success, though occasionally pretty shrill from keyboards that might not be as expensive as on other labels. More accessible but less adventurous than Off Me Nut. Mostly in the form of 99 cent EPs of good value, some of the 80 titles date back to the 1990s, while the selection basically ends in 2011, with only one 2014 title after that.

Intolerancia Música S. de R.L. de CV Hope you don't have to type the whole name just to find these twelve titles. They're surprisingly diverse, and I like the one by Turbina and Carlos Marks fairly well.

Intromúsica Helena Goch has a voice you'll love or hate, and that's how I feel about these 21 pop en español titles mostly from 2019. The production value is right in the commercial sweet spot to polish everyone's songs as best as they can, but I can't help but think these hardly timeless albums will be seen and heard like Discos TRUS in a few decades. Enjoy for now! Add Llámame Fe for three short singles more. Bent Ciggy's voice also needs to be heard once.

Invert 48 titles, mostly EP singles, and its LPs are often mislabeled as drum & bass. There are definitely dubstep elements, but with the builds on most tracks and some vocalists, I think they're reaching for a pop audience who likes to dance. Catalog ends in 2018.

Jah Warrior Dub that looks and sounds like it was on vinyl many years ago, despite dates cracking the 21st century in 25 titles.

Jazzman Your premier source for Nordic heavy metal! (gone Sept.'19)

JAZZWAVE 29 old jazz titles from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus, but with no album art.

JTV DigitalFrench and African and sometimes both. Almost 290 titles up to 2019. Worth exploring

Jungle African themes, though I suspect most of the artists are naturalized citizens of non-African countries. Mostly singles, but among 180+ titles up to 2016 there are plenty of LPs to be found too.

Kaiseki Digital General electronica on the mellower, ethereal side. Not cheap, but not bad either. 55 titles from 2017-19, almost all LPs worth sampling individually for subtle differences in style.

Kansas Smitty's KS needs a partner for the significant label dance, so add the two measly EPs on Trident Records. And voila! Up to 2019 with some work

Karate Body Shipping News is well regarded, and the rock on the mere eight titles here is rather course but not bad and not expensive. Limited to 2009-12.

KindCrime Fairly interesting electronic EP singles that are dancier than they are dubstep without fitting either category neatly. Dark album art in 187 titles up to 2019 also including a lot of hardcore techno

KonsepSubtle techno based in Brazil that looks more Italian. 46 titles up to 2019.

Las Musas Music SL Mireia Vilar is making some innovative pop music (on her own label no less), Factoría Rifi does some interesting stuff in various styles, but I can't say much for the rest on here. 55 titles up to 2019.

Leaving Records DNTEL, Odd Nosdam, and presumably lots of other gems to draw attention away from Laraaji, which I find intolerable.

Left Ear Two old funk albums from the late 70s/early 80s sit inexplicably among 2020 releases in new age, jazz, and a very mixed bag of a dozen titles. I suspect they're actually all from the earlier era

Limen Middling Latin pop, rock, and synth-pop. Mostly singles and EPs in 41 titles up to 2019. Add 27 more singles on Padma

Lit Kit10 LLC Ten singles in urban electronic pop of various kinds from 2019 but not all available. Add the six on X Squared LLC, five on Anterrodome LLC, three on CRANKWORTHY MUSIC LLC, and two of quality beats on The Group llc, Zodiac Enterprises, LLC./BLKMRKT Recordings, Inc. has four nice LPs of beats

Loner Noise Rock on the harder side, occasionally punk, on a small UK label that asserts rock is outsider music nowadays. 25 titles from 2015-18

Mad Decent Unusually large catalog of 68 titles that appear to be urban and pop electronica, all from 2015-16

Made in Glitch 25 colorful albums in various electronic styles, notably dubstep, whose range of 2009-2013 sounds much narrower. Tracks tend toward the shorter side. Add six Indian-flavored dubstep singles on Quantize

Mano a Mano Urban pop in Portuguese. AMAURA in particular seems to have the pop R&B sound so many love down pat.

Mascarpone Multi-genre experimentation is bound to have its ups and downs. Jazz, rock, folk, and electronica all get put through some strained interpretations here. The results in 23 titles up to 2019 are mixed

Meakusma 18 titles in electronica from 2010-19. This would be top tier stuff, as some of it is nicely experimental, but it's mostly techno and house that is very interesting for those styles but subject to my prejudice against them.

Medical Records 53 titles up to 2019 masquerading as new wave but more often lofi electronica and synth-pop. Mediocre ratings appear deserved on sampling.

Meifumado FonogramasPop in Portuguese with a keen sense of U.S. pop culture. 19 titles up to 2019.

Merca Harmless, even nice jazz, folk, and rock en español with several 99 cent bargains in 47 titles ending in 2018.

Merts Nation Hip-hop and beats in eight titles from 2018-19 need help from similar label Champagne P Summers to achieve significance. Together, they're unstoppable.

Metal Mind Polish label seems to be progressive rock at least as often as it is metal, and not very loud or hard metal when it is metal. Tracks tend to be on the long side, but don't assume what they sound like. Sample (at least some let you listen to the whole track) or get burned! 59 titles from the 1980s to 2014.

MetaPop 150+ singles ending in 2018 and apparently striving for pop audiences with their tightly produced electronica. Expect vocalists to be manipulated.

MPS 400+ albums could turn a fellow into a jazz connosseur. (gone Aug.'19)

Microcosmos Even when highly rated as many of these 42 titles up to 2019 are, the danger with this kind of "chillout" electronica is that artists become indistinguishable from each other. Some here push the beats harder to prevent that from happening, but they lose me in the process.

Microscopi I'm not sure of the languages here, but the variety of music in 100+ titles up to 2019 makes this well worth exploring. I prefer the ones that veer away from rock myself, but perhaps you're the opposite? When this label misses, it misses badly, as on some of its 99 cent EPs.

Midium Instrumental music ranging from rock to electronic, soft to medium to hard, in just ten titles from 2001-2018

Mind Field Self-declared melodic techno based in Germany sometimes has some cheap EPs that are interesting among 44 titles from 2012-17

Mirau Musik (SEN) There's more going on here than on the average house label. 2006-13 but merely 17 titles

Mixupload DnB Relatively poppy drum & bass in 53 EP singles up to 2019

MonoMyth Are they calling the sound of old, mono records a myth, or is that sound exactly what these 15 titles, made significant by one kinda funky instrumental LP by Mike Lee, are shooting for? Singles here are poppier rock but not offensively so.

MonseArt Polish rock experimentation counts as the hits here, Fraktale being the example I sampled, while most others go in the misses column. I'll take the jazz and maybe even the metal over the attempts at pop. 30 extremely varied titles from 2015-19.

MTPHSCS Interesting, well produced hip-hop from folks who like to remove vowels from their own names and from their titles, mostly singles, some in French. 22 in total from 2014-19

MUSITECA Possibly coming out of Colombia, but only half the titles are in Spanish. Pop rock, one metal band, and some electronica make for an odd catalog of 27 titles from 2017-2019, but it's worth exploring.

Nesma There could be the greatest bellydance music of all time on the site, and it would probably be ridiculed. I think these twelve titles ending in 2015 are from Egypt. Some mellow and others dance-intended

New York Haunted Acid techno only of interest when it leaves out the beat and tries to experiment, IMO. 46 titles up to 2019.

NBSRussian electronica, on the trancey side and an acquired taste to be sure, seems to keep getting mislabeled as house music on the LPs here. Some hip-hop and pop are mixed in among 430+ titles. All from 2017?

Nice Up! Reggae and dancehall but also doing some interesting stuff with electronica and instrumentals that aren't exactly dub either. 61 titles with one single from 2019. (gone Nov.'19)

Nrtya This wouldn't raise my eyebrows without knowing that these come from India. Mostly electronic, with some metal, jazz, and other surprises among 33 titles up to 2019. Unfortunately, most are singles, which makes them strange b/c few are poppy. Credit to them for taking risks, but I'm not sure what I actually would download.

Odd John Ambient bargains, clever electronica, but only a few artists over 50 albums up to 2019. Add Studio Woolston for Jesse Woolston's interesting experimentation

OHM Resistance Bill Laswell, Merzbow, and other recognizable names in a sizable catalog.

1MZ 24 titles, mostly singles up to 2020. Two LPs by Allan 2 and Magnésio Vip do an interesting mix of Afro-Caribbean pop and hip-hop but are probably too poppy for me to purchase

ONIONWAVE Electronica whose tracks are too short to be trance but too upbeat and based on simple melodies to be anything else. They're deliberately cultivating a retro vibe on 40+ titles up to 2019

Overground Man or Astroman?, Television Personalities, and a collection of rock spanning decades must have some albums that live up to their high ratings.

Oyhopper One way to distinguish oneself from the electronic masses here listed without changing the sound too much is to call your techno "dystopian," as this Norwegian label does. 33 titles up to 2019.

Passive Front LPs by Tethys and Ne Plus Ultra are interesting electronica, and they're surrounded by cheap singles that may prove just as interesting. 53 titles worth exploring, from 2012-17.

Patch Work ProductionJust over a dozen French reggae and cafe music albums from 2008-10. Add Ivo Petrus Marie.

Peder Mannerfelt Produktion 19 produktions of experimental techno and some noise, drone up to 2019. Well worth exploring as the prices and labeling as singles varies greatly with quality.

Piccolo Ignore the trash comps, and you'll find mostly serious classical music in these 77 titles up to 2019

PLMP Heavily distorted vocals on hip-hop in French must have some worthwhile stuff on 19 titles from 2017-19

Producciones R Reggae and world music en español is fairly interesting and not overly cheesy, in only ten titles from 2013-19.

REC-EYES At least Victor-Lio Angulo and The Viridian Groove take some big risks, but most of these 20 titles (and maybe including those two also) are either a little bit off or not quite up to snuff. En español, 2014-17.

REC-EYES At least Victor-Lio Angulo and The Viridian Groove take some big risks, but most of these 20 titles (and maybe including those two also) are either a little bit off or not quite up to snuff. En español, 2014-17.

RecordzmanChanging the "s" to a "z" compared to a similar Russian label apparently makes a world of difference in terms of quality. Videatape and Fixme in particular both hew closer to the indie sound I prefer than anywhere save a few elite Russian imprints. 70+ titles up to 2017 are still mostly singles, though.

Righteous Babe Another label one almost has to support for its feminism, but the music has yet to blow me away or congeal into the kind of artist or sound they're proffering. Is Ani DiFranco in charge of it? One of those I respect more than I want to hear. Drums & Tuba are interesting.

Roaratorio Looks like some fine jazz.

ROIR How many dub variations can Bill Laswell and friends conjure?

Rub-a-Duck Poppy urban electronica, dub, dubstep, and jungle led by The Freestylers in 90+ titles from 2012-2015 and generally going a bit over the top

PeacefrogSplit between electronic and pop rock, be sure to sample so you know what you're getting. Mostly from around the turn of the century, but also some newer stuff mixed in.

Pedigree Cuts Ulrich Schnauss, Kabanjak, and other fine downtempo electronica, I presume. Almost half now seems to be alt.rock.

Phantom Limb A few interesting, 99-cent eps elevate these mere ten titles for expermentation, though I can't get a grip on them from just sampling. Electronic, female vocal, and acoustic guitar in turn. AMG shows the excellent Quest Ensemble having a release on the label, but eMu has it and one more on PFT. Add three from 2014 by Stereochemistry and a whopping 73 on Stackz Production.

Philophon Jimi Tenor and only one other LP, but highly rated and artists with interesting names make this worth exploring. I expect the jazz designation is borderline.

Plateia D'IlusōesNew folk music in Portuguese, eight titles from 2014-18. Add the clothing-averse Antame de Cao's world singles to reach significant numbers and 2019. Three from AVM Jorge Rivotti also go here.

Poker Flat Several recognizable names in this electronic group suggest a lot more worth hearing.

Positive Vibz Productions Reggae en español on the poppier, more aggressive side without actually crossing into hip-hop in 27 titles up to 2019.

PschentFrench synth pop, house, and disco, deliberately cheesy and smarmy. Just over 50 titles ending in 2011. Add Stéphanie Cadel et La Caravane for a few more.

Primavera d'Hivern 24 titles up to 2020 are a mixed bag often en español or French or some language in between them, Catalán? Usually labeled as pop but mostly rock, and on sampling the LPs I'm not actually sure I'd buy anything.

Rasterton 11 electronic albums from 2017-18 that must be called experimental, if only for breaking out unexpectedly into polka in the case of Toner. Others tend toward the more abstract but definitely not droning side.

Rebel Writer Unusual hip-hop (i.e. backed by a ukelele), mostly singles, in 55 titles up to 2019.

Runemark A couple of well regarded EPs aside, these 11 titles seem to be just more techno 2016-19.

Saada Music Among these 80+ albums up to 2019, electronically augmented Middle Eastern pop misses harder than it hits but must have some interesting stuff. Certainly, they've got a different idea of what rock/alternative sounds like

Savage Music Inc. Some religious overtones but still catchy tunes in these 18 singles and one EP from 2018-19. African pop that will never be popular.

Scissor & Thread Filed under deep house, to be approached with suspicion, but clearly worth exploring. Home of Solo Andata, Desert Sound Colony, which are decidedly not house in any way, shape, or depth.

SELF Music Publishing Russian rock spanning metal, alternative, and Adaen even veers promisingly into math rock at times. 64 titles up to 2019.

ShadowTrix Urban electronica with only occasional guest MCs is preferable to me over actual hip-hop. Unique beats indeed. Add the highly rated albums by Future Funk Squad.

Skirl Crosslisted Jazz that looks and sounds interesting, though nothing since 2015.

Sleazy Old-timey rockabilly, folk, rock, and country complete w/ black & white photography and a guy in a fez for album covers. 25 titles can't possibly be from 2019 as claimed

Something in Construction British-sounding rock and EDM. Misjudged the first go-round. Some sounds fine, so this had to be rescued from the bottom tier.

Sonic Terror Digital Some distinctive drum & bass in 40 titles from 2016-19. Some on the verge of hardcore. 99-cent EPs are the standard.

Staalplaat Mort Aux Vaches series & Muslimgauze mostly

The state51 Conspiracy Wire and lots of other stuff worth exploring.

Step Pepper Risk takers, outsiders, and generally slightly off sounds prevail here in disparate genres. I'm not sure how to judge whether experimentation is a success for most of these 84 titles from 2018 and 2019, but variety could hardly be wider. Worth sampling individually for your difficulty preference. Self avowedly experimental and from Alabama.

Strange Ways Wolfsheim offers a large catalog of German synth-pop, and several other albums are rated highly.

Stroll On A small stable of indie rock led by a Kelley Stoltz album. Add the indie pop of Mahuta Recordings for one more guy. Middling quality from two artists on Off Amsterdam also fit.

Strong Look A mere eight titles of pretty generic rock and from 2015-19, though The Seaport & The Airport is decent downtempo electronica.

Sunset Road This Indonesian alternative label would be a high priority but for its inconsistency. On sampling, I didn't find anything nearly as compelling as my favorite band, Melancholic Bitch, but there's a lot for 99 cents that makes it worthwhile to take the plunge on some very different interpretations of pop, rock, and folk music. For eight more in a similar geographic vein, try SR Distribution.

SVK-CAPP-Glaufx Possibly Greek, sometimes industrial, always electronic and experimental. 90+ titles from the turn of the century to 2018. A worthwhile challenge to explore.

Sweat Taste Upped a tier for the audacity of calling most of these mildly experimental electronica EPs classical. Mostly 99 cents doesn't hurt either. Worth exploring.

Swim Lots of instrumental rock and even when there's singing, the stuff here's pretty atmospheric. Ending in 2018 and dating back to the 1990s in 25 titles

Tactal Hots Environment At least a couple of fair downtempo electronica EPs in 28 titles from the early to mid-2010s. Pricey. Add four EPs by L:E:M:O

Tagomago I definitely prefer the work of Begoñia Olavide to the folk of her more prolific collaborator Javier Bergia, and she does have one album of the eleven here from 2012-2018 to herself.

Tantrum 18 titles worth of folk pop from 2009-2018, almost all women artists, led by Malka. Go ahead and add the Scottsman Aaron Fyfe.

Tcheaz A mere nine EPs, each playing with vocals and electronic beats in a fairly novel, urban way, from 2013-17. Add the hip-hop of Flichii Ensemble for ten more, mostly from 2019

Teenage Riot A couple of nice electronic LPs by p.stoops and Bird Peterson, and the dubstep, house EP singles might be worth sorting through if you believe the high ratings. 2010-17

Tiamat Hip-hop en español aplenty in over 100 titles up to 2019 can't all be as interesting as the first several, but it is interesting.

Too Lost LLC Poppy hip-hop, beats, R&B, and electronica, mostly singles and EPs in 40+ titles all from 2018-19

Tourist Info Nine titles from 2011-16 by Plume of Feathers and Lonely Tourist. UK rock that likes to drink alcohol

Trashmouth Ugly, ugly rock music. Only 11 titles ending in 2018, but add "Records" to more than double it and flesh out the catalog to be worth exploring.

Tune-in Record Combine these 18 singles from Pakistan with those on Sky TT CDs Records for Pakistani pop single paradise up to 2019.

12KSakamoto & Deupree are far, far, far from my favorite electronic artists, but there's so much on this label that must have others I prefer, such as Solo Andata.

Walking Disco Norwegian electronic label does indeed lean toward that scourge of the 70s, but there is at least novelty to be heard in these 20 EPs from 2015-2018.

Wow Cool Certainly unique, these 15 titles all claim to be from 2019 except for one from 2009 and consist of carefully assembled sound collages, industrial rock, and electronic dronescapes. Some punk rock too. Add 17 titles by the artist Earlyguard.

Velocette Vic Chesnutt, Beulah lead recognizable but small catalog

Vesta Discos Hip-hop, rock, and nicely produced pop en español is worth exploring, even with a small catalog of 24 and not many artists, simply for being mostly from 2019

VIDLIK Just goes to show that you can make pop music (not pop rock but TOP40 attempting pop) and still be doomed to obscurity. Onuka is a new favorite here

VS With several exceptions in rock and world, this is a label of folk (acoustic guitar) music en español, much of it subtlely tasteful. Gravitones is my favorite and definitely not folk nor a single. 17 titles up to 2019. Add the three on Kymotto for Italians

THEWEBENGINE SRLS I'll make exceptions for theremin singles, and I want to like Miqrá, but most of this is pretty cheesy Italian pop, in 43 titles, mostly singles, from 2018-19.

WeGrowWax Above average downtempo electronica that likes to compile itself and hide 99-cent EPs up to 2019 in 34 titles. Scottie Royal appears to be its official MC. Add the two on DLoaw & Co. Ambient Crew does much the same a bit more darkly despite their name.

white label Quite a mixed bag of 36 titles from 2003-2012. Electronic, rock, synth-pop are well represented, but plenty of stinkers, too. Inexpensive.

WinGo Music Media A much smaller catalog than StreetVoice of Chinese alternative music, with 27 titles more mainland sourced. Definitely some good stuff in there, like the 3-track "Lover" by Second Hand Roses and a couple more post-rock albums from Wang Wen. Some titles should be listed under Icing Culture. Add Namewee for average Chinese pop

X.Protocol Interesting Middle-East pop...not sure what's going on with Sina Hejazi. 26 titles ending in 2017

XVK Entertainment Above average hip-hop with nicer beats and residing somewhere between hard stuff and poppier rap. I wish some of the other titles rather than Psychatic were 99 cents. 26 titles from 2017-19.

Y&W French hip-hop. Pretty well produced and occasionally catchy. Not overly aggressive. 39 titles up to 2019 (gone Oct. '19). Add the 14 by CDQP. The 21 singles on Kamal a La Prod Inc. seem to be of lower quality but have nowhere else to go unless paired with the 19 singles on Alpha Better and the 21 more on Hope Music Group.

The Yellow Gate Half of the six titles are punk, four from 2019, and it's probably Latin sourced. I find the other three more interesting rock.

Yellowbird Serious jazz here. I recognize almost none of it.(gone July'19)

Young GodSwans deserve my and everyone's respect, but I don't want to listen to them. A couple other recognizable artists.

ZBM Ambient and other droning mixed with synth-pop. Sample first so you don't get the wrong kind. 25 titles up to 2019.


Some Diamonds in the Rough (Gotta look releases up online before pulling the trigger on albums put out by these labels. Approach with caution.)

Abstract Sonics I'm going to make an exception here on the requirement that there be more than one artist for a label to be significant. This is just one guy, Giles Appleton, but he's put out 533 electronic titles--and not just singles--that stand up to sampling scrutiny. So let's have 500 titles be the standard one person has to cross before we indulge any individual's vanity, OK? Add the nearly 50 on Skyman Records and just one electronic artist, A Master's Archive, from 2018-19 to show just how far beyond the pale this is.

A NEW LABEL Too much diversity in 256 titles up to 2019 for there not to be some gems hidden in here. Latin hard rock, metal, and punk.

A+Overall, I hear more of a C- or a D+. There are more LPs than usual among the 49 titles up to 2019, and some of the two-track singles show promise. The only thing I sampled I'd consider downloading was the pop of Never Get Used to People. The rest is pretty average hip-hop and pop

А+/Студия СОЮЗ24 Russian pop and hip-hop singles with EPs or LPs the same or one with a flautist, 2017-19.

Aaryaa/Ditto I knew there had to be entire labels of Indian film soundtracks left somewhere. This is the first I've found, and with focused effort I'll bet a lot more could be found. 83 titles all appear to be from 2018, but on clicking some say they're from 2019. They do appear to be on the newer side, to the disappointment of those who prefer vintage and classic Bollywood.

Abducted 139 titles in dubstep EP singles ending in 2018 designed less as songs than as sounds intended to make dudes say "yeah!" or "whoa!"

Abhishek Band Company Indian pop can't all be terrible in 23 titles up to 2020. Or can it? BLACKLIST3D was a pretty painful sample.

Black Money Camp Music Assn. Long name for rather hard hip-hop up to 2020 in 29 titles

Abstrasension Nicely varied electronica in 16 titles from 2013-18. Add related Sen Production for four more from 2019.

Acople Has the look of the best Latin and Hispanic rock labels, but these are relatively pricey and not as interesting. 38 titles from 2012-19 are still worth exploring.

ActOrchestraRussian hip-hop and pop singles and beats for the same, with a few LPs scattered among 35 titles up to 2019

Adriatiko Unusually tight, catchy techno here that has room for melodies, no matter how basic. 54 titles ending in 2017

Aerotropic Credit is due to Onda Skillet and Craft for doing something different with their techno, but whether it's appealing remains an open question. 28 EP singles ending in 2018

Aesthetic Education Fairly well produced beats and self-described house music up to 2019 in 16 titles. Altogether confusing and I'm not sure I'm interested enough to explore.

AFERA17 Russian hip-hop and beats titles up to 2019 with fair production value and mostly singles as usual

Agadir Vision Middle East pop that's a little more diverse than most of the __ Vision labels. Still some pretty buzzy voice processing going on on some. 45 titles up to 2019. A duplicate with five titles also exists.

Agorazein Latin hip-hop with distorted vocals and rather electronic backing. 27 titles from 2011-19

Ahmed Almusawi Omani pop from Eid Nahar can get cheesy but is often interesting. Just eight EPs and singles all from 2018.

Aldaba Rock en español and sometimes this involves acoustic guitars. Three 99 cent LPs from Cuarto Silencio refuse to be sampled. 17 titles from 2004-2019.

Amashinga African world pop with an unusual number of adolescents singing. 31 titles, almost all LPs from 2016-19.

Ambidextrous A 2019 album by Lackluster is all that's stood out so far

akadroow For significance, put these Latin singles by Droow from 2019 with those on NoJob by Los HYP$Y$ and maybe it'll all make sense. Add 39 more on Worldwide

Alligator Records The blues aren't my cup of tea, but there sure is a lot to choose from, still. Will have to ask some blues men where to start an exploration. (Gone Jan. 2020)

Alga Marghen A mere six titles of experimental music mostly from 2015-16. The two 99-cent titles are somewhat interesting, but I don't care for the majority of Intersystems. Add five more to reach significance on Ongehoord from 2018-20

Alma Mater Urban electronica with frequent MCs, though the newest album from 2018 more resembles the folk label from Portugal that comes up when searching for the label online. 43 EP singles otherwise ending in 2017. (gone Oct. '19)

Aloha Entertainment If you had to guess what was here, you knew from "Entertainment" that it had to be hip-hop, right? Hawaiian would've been pretty cool, but would you have guessed Polish? 72 titles up to 2019.

Amimoun If pressed, I'd guess this is Egyptian pop music, but the production values are high enough to push it into pop territory I usually prefer to avoid. A lot is from 2019.

The Animal Farm It's unusual, first of all, to see so many rock singles. 228 titles ending suddenly in 2018, and I could only find one LP. Being from the UK does not absolve these small doses of mediocrity.

Apple Media Group Africa Pretty excessive use of voice processing gives these albums which look like compilations (I don't think they are) an electronic whine that could well be irritating. 15 titles, all from 2018, though I wouldn't trust that.

Aptaun OK, this is getting ridiculous, does all Polish hip-hop live on labels beginning with A? I wish I could tell the difference between the really goods stuff and the mediocre, but I don't feel that motivated to learn Polish. Add four titles from 2013-14 on "independent" Polish hip-hop label Stojedenaście to show this corporate giant what's what in the underground.

Art Gates Based in Spain but there are no traces of it in what seems to be mostly but not entirely metal, often Nordic. 180+ titles up to 2019

Art. Connection Jazzy pop from Poland in a mere 17 titles from 2013-16

Asfalt Perhaps more than any genre, hip-hop is at a serious handicap when the MC raps in a language you don't understand, here being Polish. But there's enough creativity and variety, not to mention 100 titles up to 2019, to think that there's a few where not understanding won't impede appreciation. Not all are hip-hop either.

Atlas 32 Fairly middling alternative rock en español with frustratingly unlabeled singles and two-track EPs in 30 titles from 2015-19.

Amazon I prefer the instrumental jazz of Steve Harris Zaum over the highly rated vocal jazz of Angela Hagenbach, even though her albums are priced as 99 cent singles. Also some rock and folk of little consequence.

Ambient Wave If nothing else, this would be a good label to debate what is and isn't ambient music; I'd say most on here is disqualified for having a beat, while some shows that the line is pretty fuzzy. Most of the 30 titles ending in 2018 fall closer to light trance or even house, IMO.

Aspire Higher Electronica, mostly EPs in 130+ titles up to 2019.

AstroPilot Possibly the Russian cousin of Sentimony, sounding quite similar on sampling from 56 titles up to 2019, though generally crosslisted as house.

Atavistic (gone as of July '19)

Atum 90+ titles in techno, mostly from Italy, it seems, up to 2019.

Audaz House with elements of disco, almost all short EPs with Alkalino featuring prominently in 111 titles up to 2019

Audio Kingz Average electronica from Lukado, HiddenL, and Peter Bands in 47 titles just by those three up to 2019.

Audiophile Deep Techno EP singles up to 2019, 230+ titles, and just distinctive enough in album art and sound to avoid the usual fate of oonce music. An overdosed, watered down Anselcom?

AvAie Entezar Great Islamic devotional music to blast from your car or out the windows of your house in a conservative Christian neighborhood. 74 titles up to 2019, but mostly compilations and only a couple of artists who go really heavy on the reverb.

AVK ПродакшнMore varied than most Russian labels, at least among its LPs, among hip-hop and rock, the singles remain hip-hop and pop among 60 titles up to 2019.

Ayouz Vision Middle-Easterners not averse to pop voice processing, but otherwise fairly pure and interesting in 60+ titles ending in 2018.

Balkan No apparent geographic connection; just techno that's a bit more innovative than average. 15 titles ending in 2018. Add the ten by Redshape on Present Records

BANDOMUSIC Switching between English and Portuguese with fair production value is all the positivity I can spare for these ten hip-hop titles from 2018-19

Bani Musique I can't find which country these Middle East pop albums are from. There are 19 of them from 2010-16. They're of the deskjet color printer album cover kind with pictures of the singer(s).

Barceloneta Whether or not these 38 titles up to 2020 are Catalán, they seem to be below average quality in a variety of genres, including some rather amusing death metal by My Evilness Reached More after I Died.

Basement Studios Everyone in Iceland must have one. These ten titles are split between just two artists in hip-hop and folk rock, from 2015-2019. Add Common Prayer for Robert Irish and Devotional folk rock up to 2020

Bassweight Very light and atmospheric dubstep and drum & bass in ten titles, all from 2010.

Bear Busby happened upon it via the exception to the majority, the OK reggae album by Sal de Mar. Lots of 2019 hip-hop en español can't all be obnoxious.

Beat & PathThese 22 house EPs up to 2019 have a few that leave it, for the better, and not just with nice album art.

Bedouin Merzbow and presumably likeminded noise, much of it rated.

北京咚吧嗒文化有限公司 Beijing Dong Ba Ta Wen Hua Youxian Gongsi has pop singles from Mainland China and a few EPs that appear to have only remixes on them. Spread over the course of 1000 titles, I'd direct anyone interested in Chinese pop and rock to my Chinese Alternative Musicsubsite instead of clicking endlessly through them. Those insisting on going through eMusic to find Chinese labels for endless clicking can type Beijing 北京, Shanghai 上海, or pretty much anything and find an assortment of pop schlock.

Below System If they mean to say they're underground, so be it. 42 titles in hip-hop considerably harder than I prefer, from 2013-19

Better on Foot Nice album art got my hopes up, but it seems these 36 titles up to 2019 are just more deep house. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for having something that sounds distinctive for now.

bibonthebeat Odd mix of hip-hop en español and minimal but bass beat heavy electronica in 18 mostly singles up to 2020, with the eponymous label's artist featuring prominently

Biuro Ochrony Rapu The MCs here seem to be a bit yellier than on other Polish hip-hop, and the label shows that Polish rap labels must begin with A or B. 27 titles up to 2019

Black Hole Recordings Bigger names in electronica like BT and Tiesto veering towards house and trance. 851 to choose from, if you can differentiate.

Blast First Petite Not a fan of the vaunted Factory Floor, but I do like HTRK.

Blue MoonThe covers don't inspire confidence, but there are legit jazz people in this 100 albums.

Blueprint Some crossover with Skam as with The Fear Ratio and high ratings suggest this is worth more attention than the average techno label.

Blurred 13 electronic titles that might've been edgy around the turn of the century but by 2017-18 seem behind the curve in terms of innovation and production value.

BMD Isaac Miguel is OK, and nothing here is offensive in 85 titles from 2011-2020. En español in various standard styles.

Body Motion Russian pop vocalists over electronica sometimes veering into house in 20 titles up to 2019.

BoltMusic Mostly pretty obnoxious pop and hip-hop en español, but 110+ titles up to 2019 with at least one instrumental electric piano suggests there may be more to it.

Boom One Often mislabeled as dubstep, these are more like reggae with some dub, African, or electronic elements. Worth exploring. 121 titles up to 2019

Boomsha Drum & bass with some of its LPs mixing things up more than the many EPs. 56 titles ending in 2018.

Boot It's almost refreshing to hear British rap that isn't grime. Almost. 23 titles with one 2019 single

Bureo Rock, folk, and reggae from 2010-19 in 18 titles in a language close to Spanish and French that's not Portuguese is generally tolerable here.

ВыргородJust six Russian titles from 2010-17, but half of them have female leading vocalists and the others are fairly unique in punk that doesn't know how to play brass instruments in addition to the usual ones. To reach significance, add the very brief, screaming punk rock of Улыбайся Ветру and Key Story. Volenté Lloyd is kinda whiney, but she has five titles up to 2019 to add

Cada Instante Brazillian pop with soul and style but an excess of singles to titles with more than one track. 25 total, up to 2019. Add the upbeat, interesting rock of Selvagens a Prucura de Lei

Cadeira Amarela 22 titles w/ the clever When Sentences Are Band Names giving an EP from 2020 that unfortunately doesn't live up to the name. The jazz of Flapi is interesting. The rest is painfully average rock sometimes in Portuguese, I think.

CancelLed Techno and more experimental electronica in 36 titles up to 2020

Caníbal Punk, ska, and power pop en español up to 2019 in 36 titles.

Capo Diageo Pair the prolific DJ Mixer Man, whose sole LP goes on for three full hours here, with the sometimes compelling techno of VON for significance up to 2019.

Cardomcap Ten mostly electronic titles en español from 2016. Check out the cover songs on the Juan Diamante album, translating pop with English lyrics into español

Caribbeandownloads 15 very mixed but generally older, folksy and pop titles from the region might make some people happy. Not my style.

Cassiopea Hip-hop in what might be Italian, 28 titles from 2014-19.

Chainstore Punk and psychobilly are the dominant categories among a mere nine titles here from 2015-18, though I happened upon the label by browsing for surf rock

Chtouka Vision Moroccan music in 37 titles whose dates I don't trust. Unfortunately, most of the titles from Mohamed Demsiri (which are 90% of all) have very poor sound quality, making the back-up singers sound especially shrill and his own voice tinny and strained. Hamid Inrzaf might be a bit cheesier, but at least he doesn't have this problem.

CePE Music Slovakian jazz and blues. 3D Band sounds OK, but I sure don't trust Duśan Grúń's toothy grin. 15 titles all suspiciously from 2016.

Champion Sound At least a few here think electronica with vocals is avant-garde/experimental, and most of the 14 titles from 2012-15 are rather standard. 99-cent EPs may be of interest, but half is just house.

Cho ChoLooks like scraping the bottom of the world barrel, but recording quality is actually better than some other African labels. Unfortunately much of the catalog is Christian music. 73 titles up to 2019

Chronic Ting Dancehall & reggae singles switch between English & español, urban electronica as well. Several full length albums are sprinkled among 53 titles ending in 2018

Cilem Records International Based in Germany but purveying Turkish and Balkan music with excess cheese, the rough here is really rough. Gotta admit, it's different, though. Some admit to being from the 1980s and 90s, which might apply to all of these despite what the site says. Only 21 titles.

Clone Not a huge fan of Adult, but there's bound to be something similar in here that I'll like.

Cloud 9 Dance Some big names in trance and rated albums elevate these 230+ titles mostly from the early 2010s other than a couple strays

Союз Dvanov is the one I actually put on my wish list after sampling all the LPs on the first page. Really quite a lot of music, over 200 titles, amply into 2019. Most of the singles are pop or hip-hop.

Confession No-nonsense EDM in 38 titles from 2015-18. Straightforward and nostalgic building to breaks that lead to a standard dance beat rather than dubstep excess

CONFIDENTIAL Records (UK) Ltd Many acoustic guitars on these 48 album covers up to 2020, and indeed most seem to be folk music

Content ChaosRussian electronica ranging from synth rock (Плейлист Венкова) to dark trance (Peace Data) to more abstraction, at least before the beat kicks in (Record Needle Injection). Nothing is exactly cutting edge, but it may be worth exploring these 35 titles up to 2016 in more detail.

Современная почтаThis is just an average Russian rock band. I want to put it together with a few others on their own labels just to have record of them. See also Несчастный случай for folksiness, Аркадий Укупник for self-indulgent photoshopping, and Lermontova St. for a few singles.

Cosmic Disco Strong German presence, and Sunshine Jones is at least doing something different with electronica. Maybe it's not a dumpster full of house. 35 titles ending in 2018.

Crai One of several Welsh rock emporia, these 36 titles from 2001-2010 are neither the best (despite many 5-star ratings) nor the worst. Punk seems to be more represented than elsewhere.

Creative Hype Wearning love for anime on its sleeve doesn't seem to help general electronica to distinguish itself in these 51 titles up to 2020 Jazz and folk from Portugal if you can weave around the Christian and cheesy stuff

CTS DigitalReads like a musical history lesson, with lotsa classic jazz and the like.

Стихия Мьюзик Put this together with Чудесаунд / Союз Мьюзик for a fairly interesting Russian harder rock label, with titles up to 2019.

Студия СОЮЗ The album leading the label's 230+ titles up to 2019 by Обе две is relatively interesting and varied Russian pop (and a bargain at just $2.50), though I hope it's not just because most everything else on the label is so awful.

d3ipKorean anime soundtracks and other pop nonsense, mainly singles. Add the K-pop on YG Entertainment for seven more from 2010-12

Dacru Hard trance in 128 titles up to 2019

Damaged Goods Gotten into Holly Golightly lately, on a friend's suggestion. Lots of other stuff is rated for easy exploration.

Dark Productions Inc. You might expect goth or something, but these are hardcore techno EPs and at least pretty different. 21 titles from 2015-16. Add the one-band "label" Lsdave to more than double that up to 2019

Decent RapThere probably is some on this Russian label, with 69 titles into 2019. The LPs I sampled are borderline cases.

Deepdive Death by Chocolate is the only thing I recognize. (gone as of July '19)

Deeprog Hard trance in 11 titles almost all from 2013

Deeptone Loungey house with vocalists and otherwise on the poppy side might all be bad, but I'll give these 23 EPs with one in 2019 the benefit of the doubt. 24 titles by The Funktronics on METAL COMPUTER LLC UNIVERSE MUSIC can back them up

Defamation I'm not hearing the four-and-five starredness of these 220+ titles basically ending in 2013 with one from 2017. It could be because I'm not into blues. Lots more random rock, metal, and electronic singles, EPs, and LPs would make this one tough to sort.

Destiny Records Nigeria Some interesting takes on pop music in this catalog of 29 titles, mostly singles, from 2015-16.

Diamond Russian electronica and other styles in 50 titles up to 2019. Most are singles, and the EPs and LPs sound like they're trying to stay firmly planted in pop music without committing to a recognizable style of electronica, usually pretty clumsily.

Digital Hardcore I find the very softest stuff on here occasionally interesting.

Din is noise Relatively small catalog of techno with interesting album art should be easy to sort through. 20 titles with one from 2019

Disco Shahrazad Cheesy electronic backing tracks, but Middle Eastern vocals can still make these ten LPs, mostly from 2018, fairly interesting. Add the four on Ammar Auda.

Disco Vision On first glance, I dismissed it as old, Middle Eastern cheesy birdmess, but it sure is a sound for sore ears used to thumping house music! I don't think the release dates are anywhere near accurate, but there's one 2019 single. Gotta be some awesome finds among 172 titles, right?

Discos Costeño 19 pricey old titles featuring diatonic accordions and singing en español, though they all claim to be from 2019. Naked ladies and portraits of the artists on the covers

Discos Fuentes Firstly, anyone whose album is entitled "I Bring the Boogaloo" needs to be investigated. Lots of other interesting Latin oldies here to sort through. This is an unusual case where the stuff released in 2019, and there's a lot of it, looks like crap compared to the oldies.

Discos Imprescindibles Only a couple bands, and all but one are The Yellow Melodies whose mediocre ratings seem accurate for rock en español or English with a strong accent. 19 titles from 1997-2017

Discos TRUS Pop en español originally on vinyl from the 1970s and 1980s in 160+ titles is bound to have some surprises. But it mostly looks and sounds terrible.

DISTRID Italian distribution service based online has 38 titles here ranging from pop, world, rock, and house but little of distinction enough to wishlist on sampling. Updating in 2019

Diversity 66 singles in variously uplifting electronica up to 2019. The anime covers should be a tip on the sound. De De Mouse does this much more tastefully and preferably Some African world singles in between Gospel music in 350+ titles up to 2019. The world singles might also be religious for all I know

Do Right! Souljazz Orchestra is the most reputable in my view, probably something else I'd like if I looked hard.

Domestica Slightly more electronic than rock, quite enticingly European. Primitive synth-pop with lots for 99 cents

Domino Produzioni Musicali A far cry from what one searching for the long departed Domino wants to find, but there are some curiousities tucked away among cheese and rock mediocrity in an easy-to-search 22 titles almost all from 2015

Doris Discos Add Ta Bo for more from Nacho to get significance for the label. This is fair alt. rock en español from 2002-2018. Add the various iterations on several labels by Margarita Siempre Viva to get up to 2019

DOTWAV Outsider folk, hip-hop, pop, and rock. Mostly singles in 100+ titles up to 2019.

Dragora A few with a "feat." guest look like they're singles but turn out to be LPs. Rock en español with more variety but just as much cheese as most labels

Drumroom 250+ titles up to 2019 but the vast majority are v/a compilations. The drum & bass EPs are above average, I'd say.

dtpt These ten techno EPs are repetitive in a more interesting way than most, a bit glitchier. Dating from 2015-18.

Du Jour Productions One fine rock LP, and the rest of the 17 titles up to 2019 appear to be folk and country, mostly singles.

Dystopian Recondite & Monoloc lead a stable of average techno.

Earache Finding this seminal metal label so recently makes me worry that I've missed a lot of labels in genres I don't listen to at all. In 433 albums, I'd be surprised if nothing was worthwhile, even for me.

ECDC The language didn't look like Polish, and lo, it appears to be Hungarian! Rock, folk/country, and some very cheesy pop. Igni is into some serious pop fusion. 100+ titles with at least one in 2019. Add the Hungarian rock on btq Records

Ed Banger When Mr. Oizo is the most recognizable name, you know you're in deep electronically.

Eden Records Mostly pretty mediocre rock, sometimes painfully so, among almost 250 titles mostly from 2011 or earlier, with a few stragglers in the mid-to-late 2010s.

Edicast Looks pretty uniformly bad in an old, underproduced way, but when gitanos are involved, anything is possible, including transcendence of appearances. 29 titles all say they're from 2012, thought that's pretty much impossible.

Edición Musical Forte-Music Acoustic guitar folk en español with a lot of production usually rubs me the wrong way, but some of these people at least look interesting. Add Pedro María Rivera and the 17 singles on 1Kilo Records

Editions Mego Fennesz, Thomas Brinkmann, and Tujiko Noriko catch my eyes and ears in what is thankfully still a large, diverse catalog. (gone Sept.'19)

Edmon Electronica that isn't all samey in 26 titles ending in 2017.

Egea Light but not quite smooth jazz and classical in 79 titles ending in 2013 and dating pretty far back. Italian.

Egrem Latin salsa and other somewhat less commercial pop in 71 titles up to 2019 can't all be dismissed. Some is rated, but I don't trust them.

80p LLC Group these hip-hop singles from 2018-19 with those on All O.N.E. LLC, #PGent LLC, No Riders LLc, SMKSCRN LLC, G Street Ent LLC, GI Records LLC, GoatShxtOnly LLC, NeuGeneration Records LLC, ALD LLC, and CAKE, LLC, to approach significance with one or two artists on each of them. Anyone who wants to browse hip-hop albums one or a few at a time can search labels for "LLC" or "Entertainment"

18 Chulos Flamenco and mostly acoustic semi-folk from Spain and possibly Latin America in 29 titles with some in the 20th century up to 2013. Add nine more flamenco releases from one guy on Cozy Time

El Genio Equivocado Kinda samey Latin alt. rock in 25 titles from 2010-2012. Much is rated.

Electrodomesticos 22 titles in house and EDM up to 2019, and not bad or especially distinctive.

Electronic Emergencies They know they're too cool to be pop, but they skirt the edges of catchiness most alluringly. One from 2019 among 22 titles. Dutch.

Elevarte 21 titles almost all from 2019, fair Brazilian pop and soft rock.

Embers It's been a while since I heard a track as hilariously bad as "Sweat Night" by SOBES. Check it out! More seriously, Sewage Sour sounds much nicer than its name. Russian electronica's best so far, but only 12 titles, mostly singles, up to 2019.

EMI General Music srl 36 film soundracks from the likes of Morricone, with spaghetti Westerns prominent

Eurotropical Afro-cuban shows up a lot when one searches for this label, but I don't know where it's actually located. Just 7 from 2002-16 will need some padding for significance.

Euskal Herriko Trikitixa Elkartea Accordion folk music from Basque country. All compilations, unfortunately, from 2010-19. Add Eugene Bozzetti Jazz Trio for accordion jazz and Zea Mays for passable Basque rock with a female vocalist.

Exide Code Electronic and pop singles, often not in English, from 2014-15. Add Diamond Rush for 21 more en español up to 2019.

Expanded Music Srl Didn't expect to find the last bastion of Afrika Bambaataa singles on an Italian label, but these days anything is possible. 60 electronic dancey titles from the 1990s to 2018.

Eyethought The Gvllows was an interesting urban album among otherwise standard techno in a mere eight titles up to 2019.

THE FAMOUS COMPANY British R&B is at least a different urban sound, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to pay $5 for an EP, even if UPtown Flaves and Manni are mildly interesting. 22 titles from 2012-17. Add four by Fritzwa.

FiligranoThe two LPs from the titular guy are fairly interesting electronica, and the singles might be too. Twelve titles from 2017.

Filter Experimental, Avant Garde, and jazz. What could possibly go wrong?

Flor y Nata This label has apparently been around for 30 years, so there must be some worthwhile titles among 150+ here. Not sure what it would take to rise above the fray of what seems to be average Spanish rock, with lots from 2019.

FlorCaveira 14 titles of rock in Portuguese that sing about prog rock and John Lennon and tend to be quite short and not quite punk, 2006-2020.

Fonográfica Asturiana SL Folk music in 21 titles all from 2014

FORCE Drum & bass doesn't look like much, but its 72 EPs up to 2019 stand up to sampling scrutiny

FM Play Serbian pop singles, 11 of them, from 2015-2019.

Frederikse Impossibly naive and guileless adult contemporary music is underserved on eMusic, but I doubt these likely actual 1980s examples could return subscribers (or the unsubscribed) back to a less jaded time. 23 titles, and don't believe they're from 2019. Soft rock, synths, and proto-house have not aged well at all.

FreeCode Jazz Records A mere five titles, with another by Ton Risco without the space and in all caps, making fairly bland vibrophone jazz, near as I can tell. Pair them with three on Satchmo Jazz by Andreu Jacob, three on Super-Sonic Jazz Records, one by Mitch Cairns

Freudian Slit A mere nine titles of slow-paced synth-pop from 2017-18. Mostly $1.49 EPs. Add eight by Kiko Veneno on Elemusica for eight more en español from 2005-19

Fryhide 37 two-track 49-cent techno singles from 2017-19, nice photography on album covers. Music seems to be nothing special

Future Farmer What I recall as a middling alt. rock label from the turn of the century is reflected as such in album ratings.

Future Bytes Entertainments When one entertainment just isn't enough, reach for these 24 Bollywood singles up to 2019.

Galerna Norte A dozen titles in pop rock en español from 2018-19. Add seven pop singles on Eclusivo.

Geometrik Mostly Esplendor Geometrico with a few other Hispanic named artists, and the music is electronic, occasionally droney but mostly lightly melodic and wavy. 21 titles dating back to the 1980s for that primitive, experimental vintage sound and extending up to 2016. Add six electronic experimental titles on Ante-Rasa to reach 2019

Get Dough I hope the artists on this Fresno, CA, hip-hop label are getting it from eMusic. 150 titles make for a lot of mouths to feed, up to 2019. Mostly singles but no shortage of LPs either. For fun, add the six titles from Jovon Mack Land.

GD Seventy Eight 435 titles and such a jumble of genres (though mostly leaning heavily on acoustic guitars), there must be something worthwhile among the trash comps, up to 2019.

G.I. Records LLC 16 hip-hop singles from 2017-18. Add the mostly comps on Fidim Interactive LLC to bring up to 2019

Gimme Mo Records Benjie has a different-sounding, low voice for an MC on this apparently German label. It needs help from MafiaSoul and PlugMuzik4L to have significant numbers.

Glitch Hop Community 163 titles whose sound is right in the label name (urban electronica). Ikigai has an interesting LP, but mostly these are actual singles, up to 2019. Those not labeled as singles are generally two or three tracks

"GMI" LLC I want to rank this in a higher tier, as it wears its Georgian pride on its sleeve (the small Eastern European former Soviet republic, not the U.S. state), but other than the dark dub and reggae of REGGAEON, this is almost all overly-dramatic, deep voiced men who come off as needlessly cheesy in various styles. 20 titles up to 2019.

Golf Channel More interesting than its name by half. Electronica but only eight titles from 2016. Merely mediocre?

Gran Depot/Couch Half of it is Dzihan & Kamien, so presumably the rest is also electronic?

Gravitas One hesitates to call anything electronic and instrumental "poppy," but these 180+ titles up to 2020 seem to be pretty straightforward. CloZee is interesting enough and quite prolific.

Gravity MusicSmall selection of Korean hip-hop. Combine it with W XCLSV and Diatology to be significant

Green Mono Music Studio Harmless electronica with simple melodies over relatively restrained beats, on the dancier, poppier side without actually being either. A few LPs sprinkled among 37 titles from 2009-10. Not very distinctive.

Green South Legit folk and Celtic music from Australia is not about to bow to any pop conventions. 46 titles with one 2019 single.

GRIMEY Hip-hop en español seems to take itself pretty seriously in pursuit of pop fame. Mostly but not all singles in 100+ titles up to 2019.

嗨库文化 Some cheesy rap appears to be mixed in with the cheesy pop singles。 For 21 more, search 武汉

Guacamaya Latin pop and hip-hop tending to be quite cheap and labeled as reggaeton, up to 2020 in 230+ titles that must have some standouts if one's willing to sample

Hacienda These 439 mixed but mostly cheesy Latin titles are only here rather than the lowest tier b/c they often feature the same kind of accordion I grew up with but never learned to play "properly." Ending in 2018 and mostly of no interest whatsoever. Hacienda Internacional's 96 titles show nothing of interest but have many from 2019. Group and A Group keep piling it on.

Hans Mondial Half is industrial darkwave and drones, while the other half seems to be acoustic guitar folk. 20 titles from 2016-17. Add the 7 by Israel Roemer on 49 Records LLC

Heavy Roots Latin reggae on the poppier side, up to 2019 in 25 titles.

Hemp Rec.More Polish hip-hop. 24 titles up to 2019.

HHO Lots of stuff my parents and grandparents' generations appreciated more than I do, but I should probably learn some history.

Hobo Castle Maybe one of these nine rock titles up to 2020 can pierce mediocrity.

Hook Ediciones Musicales It's rare to find something as new and as cheesy as Varry Brava, and the rest on here is pretty generic folk rock and alt. rock en español. Maybe there's something worthwhile among 57 titles up to 2019.

Horus Music India A smaller number than regular Horus by a fraction at 110+ titles up to 2019. Fairly interesting to hear Indian music not from a film, at least for a few samplings.

House Café The name manages to sound like both the main scourges of today's eMusic: house and trash compilation suppliers, but the music is actually better than most house music on the site. Just 23 titles, not all singles, from 2003-2012.

Howie McDuffie One of few labels with some big names in hip-hop. Not my preferred style of hip-hop, mind you, but there must be something I'd like on it somewhere.

Hypercolour (gone as of June '19)

I*M The alternative rocking cousing of Intromúsica is less poppy but still well produced and shares several acts, with more singles, some unlabeled, with a narrower date range of 2014-17.

iaZawan Distributed my a Moroccan company, though I don't know if the music is from there. Interesting that some of the 70 titles ending in 2018 are filed under rock. Turn up the reverb on that banjo, close your eyes, and just imagine.

IdenlineThe usual Russian pop singles with a few LPs and two-track EPs sprinkled among 51 titles up to 2019. I'm a little less sure there's something interesting in here than some of the others.

Idle Hands Does enough to be interesting but not enough to be experimental electronica. 50+ titles ending in 2018. Mostly singles, but LPs are fairly enticing despite officially being house music.

Íllegal Records From the markings, the names (such as Ilker, Furkan, and Ugur) and the sound of the MCs, I'm going to guess that the hip-hop here is Turkish. About half singles and the rest are EPs and full-length albums. 19 in total, almost all from 2017.

In Da Jungle Drum & bass EP singles up to 2019 in quite plentiful supply.

Impossible If the pop dubstep on most of these EPs isn't exciting enough for you, some have MCs and other vocalists to liven things up a bit. 59 titles up to 2019.

In+Out Not my kind of jazz, though it is one of many to have Sun Ra. Probably other worthwhile stuff if I bothered to look deeply.

Innanetwav. (UU) Unusually electronic beats for new and fairly well produced hip-hop leaning towards trap. Mostly singles which may be EPs, and some are just beats in 27 titles from 2017-18

Ingo Música A mere six titles in jazz from Hispanic or Italian sources around the turn of the century.

International Feel 15 titles in the vein of Tangerine Dream or Ozric Tentacles with an inexplicable ton of ratings. For fans of synthesizers in the 1980s-1990s. (Gone Sept '19)

Intruder A mere nine titles in rock and synth pop 2010-12 that are too earnest and try to hard. Add the many Diamanda Galas titles on Intravenal Sound Operations for edginess mainly from the 1980s and 1990s. To reach 2019, add six on IndiePush for more rock.

Israel Music All your favorite Yiddish classics and oldies, all in one place at last! 33 titles, and I wouldn't expect a lot of new hits in updates.

Jam in the Van LLC Lovers of live recordings, look here!

JattIndian electronic singles offering some truly strange sounds. Some of it works.

Jazz Life One of the larger misnomers on the site, most of the titles here among 15 mostly singles are alternative and punk rock. Not bad, but not particularly distintive either, up to 2019.

Jazzline Nine oddly grouped titles with three oldies, a few newbies, and fairly cheesy stuff ending in 2018.

Jungle South I can almost pretend some of these are just African world music rather than Christian music when they don't sing or rap in English. Almost 80 titles ending in 2016

Jur/Starwood Media GmbhClassic rock and oldies, by the looks of it. Add the Willie Nile albums that live in River House

Kamikaze Récords Not to be confused with the larger collection without the accent mark, these are 24 examples of rock en español with a fair variety including harder ones, mostly from the turn of the century but a couple in the 2010s

Karen Don't trust the abundance of 2019 release dates. These are clearly from several decades past. 100 Latin titles must have some worth our time

Karo.MeGerman rock and cheese. About a dozen titles from three or four groups, 2009-10. None very enticing.

KFA Recordings In 90 EPs ending in 2018, some of these drum & bass titles with vocals are a bit cheesy or more trance and dubstep-sounding. Some hardcore for good measure, too. Can't all be bad.

Kill Tomorrow Fair drum & bass EP singles, 41 titles up to 2019.

Kingdoz Studio Turkish hip-hop from Elleran Elvis and one guest in an EP and twelve singles from 2018 to reach significance with a bullet.

Klakson 27 titles of what Britain called electro, some more interesting than others, from the early 21st century to 2020

KnO-Th3ORY WRECKORDS Alt. rap over electronic beats rather more intricate than most. 66 singles up to 2019 and mainly a vehicle for Hefe Heetroc.

Krishna Music Group A mix of French and Italian pop singles in 30 titles up to 2019

La DrogaLab Mostly the hip-hop en español and beats of Pedro Ladroga, with an interesting trap en español example from 2019. 26 titles. Add those of Ricky Hombre Libre and Romal Z.

La Lumaca Dischi Highly efficient way to sample Italian interpretations of rock, pop, hip-hop, dub, and others in only 12 titles from 2016-18.

La Vendicion They've got the superstar look down, but whether any of these Latin MCs can rise to stardom remains an open question. Most are run through voice processors, which does at least suggest there's more production going on than a mic and some beats. 100+ titles up to 2019.

Labaco Productions LinkAbout a dozen African albums from 2019.

Lagartija 19 titles in Latin rock up to 2019. Kinda pricey, mostly actual singles.

Lahocin El Baz & Salh El Bacha Two guys who may have nothing more in common than their moustaches, names ending in "El B," and world music catalogs featuring only themselves in 20+ titles with questionable decisions to feature their own portraits on the covers. I don't know where they're (originally) from, but I'd guess the Middle East. Salh does pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, though. Of the two Lahocin is my preference for featuring traditional instruments more. Salh fancies himself a pop vocalist.

Lamlan Digital Limited I don't recognize the language, and they're singing rather than rapping for the most part on these pop singles, so I'm going to call it African rather than Latin or some other geographic region. 17 titles up to 2019.

LanzallamasDulce y Agraz and Niño Cohete make very pleasant pop rock en español in 14 titles, up to 2019, for 99 cents. Add the two from Matilda on M Discos and two from Florencia Ruiz on Ma Discos

LasmusSmall selection of Russian artists who take more risks than most, in just 13 titles up to 2019. The two LPs here are an example of successful and unsuccessful realization, with the Devil May Dream's "After Three Days" being a possibility for new classical fans who want more accessibility and the other a hot mess of electronic-acoustic guitar histrionics. The latter, being 99 cents, might be the one I actually download, though. I'm not sure what to make of Zornoza on GFMZ Producciones Discográficas, but in 14 titles it wavers between classical and keyboard cheesiness. Add three interesting rock albums on POW! POP KIDS.

Last Known Trajectory Most of the seven electronic titles from 2013-15 here are rated, and rated accurately, IMO.

Lautaro Despite diving into a lot of jazz last year, I still can't tell when light stuff rises above the detritus of easy listening. Carlos Maza has a hand in all 11 of these from 2007-2018 just barely Latin sounds.

Lauter Unfug Being the only known label from Luxembourg elevates these 84 house titles up to 2019 without even sampling them.

Lavina Russia does seem to have its own rock and pop aesthetic, and I'll say I don't usually get it. 85 titles here up to 2019, dating back to the 1990s, and they generally seem pretty cheesy to me.

Lazy Days House music, some rated. Fred Everything features among better-than-average stuff in 80+ titles up to 2019.

Le Fornia Dutch hip-hop mainly from Ches, whose eponymous label must be combined with this to have a significant selection. Up to 2019.

Left Leg If you like to blur the line between noodling and droning, both electronic and otherwise, these long, two-track EPs are the best 99 cents you can spend. A mere nine titles all from 2019

Legend-Music For those who like a little soft pornography with their world music that sounds like it was recorded off a radio, this is your source. Not sure if it's African or Afro-Brazillian. 100+ titles up to 2019.

LEPM DIGITAL Folksy accordions and acoustic guitars with titles in French, though Italy is as well represented. Has the aesthetic of minimally produced Mexican salsa in 57 titles up to 2019

Little Red Corvette How would you expect a Hispanic record label named after a Prince song to sound? It's pop, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, and rock, of course. 62 titles, but only a couple singles from 2019.

Live Music You may not realize it, but China has completely taken over Live Music. Insipid singles are the rule

Live in Europe-Amstel World and jazz on the cheesier side but not without some quality titles here in these ten from 2014-17.

LLTMVCo. Odd rock and Brazilian piano work is at least different on these 11 titles from 2003-15. Add two by Lavoisier to get to 2019.

Locus 13 titles en español that look like at least two different bands of the same name rather than a record label per se. Hip-hop up to 2020.

Loop Some highlty rated jazz.

Lou & Rocked Boys Polish punk with a lot of surprises, like accordions and random world music, with a single pig in 2018 ending the 67 titles

Ludwig Van Discos Amalgamate the five by Pablo Grinjot, probably the best among these, the four on Chicken Records by Steamchicken, and tack on the painfully mediocre four on Mariner Records to be significant but still not get past 2018.

Lyskestrekk Disco is an odd thing to aspire to, but Leoparden clearly does and is better off for not quite getting there. Group his two titles with three from Ana & Sven, three more from Norswing, and two on Atlantide Dischi for a mostly Nordic and eclectic bunch of borderline pop up to 2019. Two in electronic punk from Turning Tool are also interesting.

M&R Productions Ltd.Looks pretty rough among these 71 titles up to 2019. A pop LP in an unknown language leads off, followed by a lot of cheesy electronica. I can't see any rhyme or reason to it, but there must be something worthwhile among the detritus. Add Dhelamay's electronic strings to the mess.

MAESTRIC 280+ Russian titles mostly from 2019 with mostly pop singles and hip-hop LPs with the occasional rock or acoustic guitar pop exception.

Maestro Production Russian is definitely nearby, but these pop vocalists look more like Central Asians, so I'm going to put their pop and hip-hop with the Middle East. 100+ titles up to 2019. Not the worst cheese I've heard.

Magik Muzik Tiësto is the big name among 360 trance titles up to 2019.

Magnetico Nature Ambient electronica in 120+ titles up to 2019 with a rather oppressive album art theme.

Maisonneuve I'm not ready to dismiss all 83 of these mostly singles up to 2019 out of hand, but there's definitely a lot of crap and cheese posing as ambient but actually just easy listening of little distinction. Rock, folk, and R&B also appear.

Majestic Rock Also-rans of the 1970s & 1980s, but on today's eMusic, maybe they can achieve the stardom that eluded them. Mostly vinyl reissues, metal included, of the hairiest, cheesiest kind. Add FRENZY for another

MALFA 20+ Russian pop singles from 2019

Mandelstam Fairly interesting Russian vocals over dark electronica on the first album of 191 titles ending in 2018, but I'm not going to explore all of it

Marketing Powered by RockLan One Mr. Al has a 2019 LP that's relatively interesting, but I would not vouch for any of the 30+ titles in hip-hop here.

Mashpotato Kinda funky electronica and techno EP singles. 82 titles up to 2019

Martin MusicSpanish blues and pop with occasional gitano sound, some guys guitars either rocking out or showing off. 31 titles up to 2019. Susana Harp fits in and should be added.

Max Flo The name just screams Polish rap, as do most of the MCs, I think. 142 titles with one in 2019

Media Play Hip-hop in Portuguese, 60 titles up to 2019. I guess it's nice they're not generally trying to be all gangsta. But on sampling, they generally seem to be derivative of a lot of pop trends and tired bling worship

Mega Czad/SMPB Polish punk, rock, and new wave, mostly from the 1990s, some like Tilt are pretty interesting. Last title of 12 is from 2007.

Meifumado Fonogramas 19 titles of hip-hop en español with one from 2019

Meladze Music/Первое музыкальное ИздательствоA few five-star rated pop singles and the usual cast of Russian vocalists looking directly into the camera, portrait-style. 38 titles up to 2019

Mellophonia A mere 8 titles in bouncy, kinda fruity electronica from 2009-16. Add TEK TEK Ensemble for instrumental disco.

Menlo Park It's nice to find that I just straight up missed some labels with popular rock bands like Deerhoof and Japanther on them until Aug.'19. Pricey, small, and ending in 2010

Million Records (RU)Well short of a million, there are 26 Russian pop singles here up to 2019

Mitali Creations I was ready to call its 400 titles, mostly singles, Indian, but the first one has Nepal in its title. Undoubtedly will take a lot of sorting to find something you like here, and I don't trust that everything seems to be from 2019. Unusual and not overly cheesy

Midas Music "The rough" in this case refers to overly smooth pop music that doesn't do much for the credibility of those who are trying to look hard or do anything else. Lots of singles, two-track unlabeled singles, and enough variety in 250 tracks with a lot from 2019 to be worth exploring in depth, however long it takes

MK Records Thirtysome mixed titles up to 2019 apparently Italian including average rock, hip-hop, folk, pop, etc. Bound to be a standout or two. Mandara is pretty interesting and accessible.

MMXVAC Aggressive dubstep EP singles, sometimes with MCs in 110+ titles up to 2019

Mondegreen Folk and rock with acoustic guitars in 70 titles up to 2019 can't all be bad. Some en español

Monqui Albino Three groups in nine titles from 2014-2018 have that Latin indie rock sound down pat.

Morcego Unusual punk en español, quite cheap. 25 titles with some in the 1990s and ending by 2018. Add Gazpatxo FestCultura for six in ska and electro-death-emo up to 2019

Moving Forward A mere nine titles in electronic mediocrity, all from 2015 and not apparently moving anywhere.

MoWet Entertainment 70+ titles in trap and distorted vocal hip-hop up to 2019

Mox Flex Entertainment 73 hip-hop singles on the worldly side, with only some in English, dominated by Moxkito and a lot from 2019.

Music Bus There might be something interesting in rock en español among 24 titles up to 2019, but quick sampling hasn't revealed it, and the one 4-star rating didn't help

Música Global Discográfica S.L 300 dramatic pop titles in Portuguese with relatively high production value. If some would tone it down a bit, I might like some

Music Service Center LLCThey'll throw in a free muffler job if you download something. A bit like sorting through the clearance section at a Russian Best Buy, when it used to sell CDs. Maybe you'll find something in 120+ titles up to 2019, but you'll have to sample through a lot of trash to find it

Musicheads Fairly interesting hip-hop can be hard if it wants or more reserved for relief. Small catalog of 11 titles from 2017-19.

Musikinė Partija Children's music aside, there's some pop and rock music in here that can at least confuse people with what language they're singing in. Lithuanian, it is. 74 titles up to 2019.

Mystery Train Some fairly varied electronica in 95 titles ending in 2018.

Mz Inc R&B and hip-hop en español, mostly singles in 35 titles up to 2020

Na Tak A few others than the titular synth-pop female-fronted band are here from 2013-16. Add Kuzev to get up to 2018 and make him significant for his somewhat similar electronic efforts and background.

Nervous Horizon Small electronic selection of 11 titles from 2016-18. Add Feis to get one from 2019 among other techno of fair quality.

New State More Zero 7 than you can shake a stick at, but 176 releases must have something else worth a listen. Updating in 2019 and also featuring old stuff from The Beloved in similarly large quantity

Nice & Nasty I know there's a couple by Lackluster, and several albums are rated. Not all singles by any means, so likely some full electronic statements to be found and explored.

Ninaad Music and Marketing Pvt. Ltd Sounds spiritual and Indian, and at least a couple titles have Krishna in them. Long tracks. Nine titles from 1999-2014. Add Ecstasy Records India for that solo sitar sound we all need and other Indian folk from 2014.

1974 Evocative of the mid-1970s with these often cheesy pop rock titles? Perhaps. A few exceptions are worth exploring in prog rock and instrumental flutey hip-hop, almost all from 2009. The Highlander Company Records, LLC has four titles that sound like progressive rock overreach with cheesy keyboards and less than virtuoso performances.

No Corner Here's a rarity: a catalog in the double digits all from 2015 or later. Appears to be techno.

NHJO HYENNROKorean trance and cheese, but with 162 titles it can't all be terrible.

NNJL Jacob Gendzwill Polish hip-hop with more electronic undertones and use of voice processors. In 75 titles, many are from 2019.

Nocta Numerica Techno with simple melodies and sometimes vocals, twelve EPs mostly from 2019.

North Clouds Collective 54 titles in general electronica, where singles are one track and EPs are two, just from 2017-18. Not bad.

Nous Live If rapping very fast en español is of interest, check out the Blake EPs. Otherwise these are 21 pretty standard hip-hop singles from 2018-19. Add eight more on New Golden Era

Now Freedom Downtempo electronica from 2015-19. Only 8 titles and four or so artists, but they're mostly fairly nice listens

Nuages Claims to be a legit downtempo and jazz label on its website, but more than a few of the 34 titles ending in 2018 here toe the lines of trashcomps.

Nuit Blanche French African pop or pop by French of African descent? Or is it hip-hop? You be the judge. 19 titles, mostly singles, up to 2019.

Nulu Does this mean new Zulu? 25 titles up to 2019 are short EPs or compilations of African artists sounding about evenly split between world and house music.

Numb Tongue Jonjo Feather makes OK alt. rock here. Pair his four titles from 2019 with Mauri, who sings with a funny accent, and Colman Gota on Buchipluma Records (who also sings kinda funny), and instrumental rock on HRS from Smithereens. How very significant.

O*RS I have faith that there's something on here that stands out from standard techno less from having sampled several of the 26 titles up to 2019 than from it being German. There are a few 99-cent bargains

OHR The 1970s remain a blind spot for me that this label could apparently fill with kraut rock.

One Little Indian Home of Bjork and what else? I don't know if I'd be brave enough to risk a dollar on others, but probably might. OK, Clem Snide too, and it appears I was overly harsh after not finding much new that I liked with shots in the dark.

131 Northside Pair its seven titles from 2016-19 with the seven similarly ranged but very different sounds of Remyx Crew Ent. for a case study in how indie rap can blaze its own, more interesting path or strive for gangsta fame while both being on the harder side.

Omix The kind of jazz I despise for making me think I don't like jazz. That is to say, radio-ready easy listening and loungey stuff. 22 titles from the 1990s to 2019, and I don't doubt I'd like some of it if I sampled it all.

OneMuz A five-star hip-hop LP, gravel-voiced Russian speciatlies, and generally pretty cheesy stuff ending in 2018 among 360+ titles, mostly singles.

OneSun Yellow 43 titles of techno that manages to distinguish itself somewhat, from 2016-18

Only Entertainment Serbo-Croatian hip-hop and pop vocalists from a byegone era. 70 titles up to 2019.

Only Records Likely related to the above, these are a dozen more titles with lots of LPs, all from 2019.

ООО «Верго Мьюзик»Most of this is Russian cheesy bird mess, but could someone please explain what's going on with the spoken word albums by Александр Евдокимов? 17 titles mostly from 2019.

ООО "Медиалайн" Home of Mr. Trololo. Need more be said? 52 other titles up to 2019, but if "Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye...Oooh" is also from 2019 these dates are kinda meaningless, no?

ООО "Р-Концерт"127 Russian mysteries to solve, up to 2019. The pop music of Моя Мишель here and on another label is infinitely more interesting than most Russian pop, but I still don't know if I'd buy it.

Órbita M 16 live sets of rock en español, 99 cents each

Ostereo Caitlin De Ville features prominently here, one of few LPs among many singles, ending in 2018. Like her violin playing to trance music as heard on the street and in subways, all here seemingly long to be popular and rather dumb down their songs for that dubiously attainable goal. Also an easy listening LP and an odd jazzy hip-hop LP by a guy who raps about being white as notebook paper.

Other Records A Man Called Adam has some interesting compilations,and the Discrete Machines albums sound interesting, but only nine in total (gone Jan.'20). Add the five pop singles on Lotus Vision.

1080p House music with several full-length albums.

Ouka Media In eleven titles from 2018, you can choose from among three different Mohamads. And a couple ladies. Pretty heavy voice processing in these. Add the five albums by Mohamad Oubacha to get into 2019. Also add Alsous Mohannad

PACIFIC GOLD STUDIOS Reggae and world music from Papua New Guinea. 180+ titles ending in 2018.

PAMPA 58 titles and counting for mediocre rock, electronica, pop, and cheese en español appears to be the top label on eMusic for the proportion of the catalog from 2020 so far. The tango of Carla Pugliese wasn't bad.

Pandora Music Planet The LPs here tend to have vocalists, in probably vain attempts to reach a pop audience. Interesting drum & bass in 50+ titles ending in 2015

Parisienne Plus Middle-Eastern pop from France. 28 titles up to 2019.

Paul Back The IDM of Pure is fine, but two others with female vocals among 15 titles from 2017-19 were offensively awful.

Peace Off With big names like Kid 606 and Mochipet, I'd have hoped for something less obnoxiously hardcore and aggressive, but maybe their colleagues can provide it.

PeLo Productions Peter Aries dominates these 15 electronic titles up to 2019, and since it's not house music, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


Sure, at first glance it looks like just another collection of Latin-sourced house singles, and there's no shortage of those. But on closer inspection, some veer away from the house formula and make some interesting tunes. Specifically, the Poltamento EPs keep my attention. 50+ titles ending in 2018.

Perfecto Paul Oakenfold is still out there somewhere DJing, apparently.

Petsamo Industries Appears to be Finnish hip-hop, only one LP, an EP, and the rest singles. See also Kalevan ääni.

Phantasy There is such a thing as hyped techno on eMusic, with a Daniel Avery album getting a staff review and 17 star ratings. Only a couple other artists here.

PGD/Titanium DigitalsFrench pop at least more clearly than without the PGD. Lots from the 1980s and the most recent is from 2006.

Phlexx 28 titles, almost all singles, in various genres but mostly electronic with vocals, including some synth-pop and grime. 2013-18

Pig Balls Because what could be more appealing? Some fairly interesting electronica in here recalling the big beat era. 24 titles from 2010-13.

Pink Dolphin Pas de la Dame Sauvage makes some long electronic tracks, and there might be other worthwhile material tucked away among these 88 titles up to 2019. Rather amateurish as a whole, as evidenced from the album covers

Pinkman Austere and deliberately primitive electronic music might be good value if you like the style. 26 titles up to 2020

Pirâmide PerdidaHip-hop in Portuguese, 37 titles up to 2019.

Pizzico At least one EP on this Italian label eschews the driving beat for smoother electronica, but most of these that look like they should sound better or at least different aren't very novel house music. 29 titles from 2011-17.

Planet Dog Home to a lot of techno I thought was pretty cool in the mid to late 90s, but a lot of it sounds dated now.

Planete Rouge Someone likes Terence Fixmer and his French techno enough to give it four stars repeatedly, but I don't know if it lacks distinction other than being French. 20+ titles from 2002-16

Plastic City 210+ titles with a lot more LPs than most, dating from the 1990s to 2019, and an abundance of ratings mean I need to give this label the benefit of the doubt, even after sampling and finding the 3-star ratings generous. Even found an all too accurate track called "Bad House Music." I hope this stuff will not be labeled electronic without further categorization someday in eMusic's glorious future.

Plata o Plomo 16 titles of punk en español that sounds like it's from Spain and has an edge to it. Up to 2019.

Platinum Thai pop and rock in ten titles from 2010 and one sore thumb from 2017. The Human Wave Attack compilation is the most interesting to me, but even though I'm learning Thai I might not shell out for it.

Plexus A mere eight titles will need pairing to be significant. Fair IDM and downtempo electronica from 2013-17. Add the 74 EPs by Matt Atten from 2019, and good luck choosing between them. Also add three on Dada Records. Eleven more by Killmehard are expensive but not bad.

Poco Poco Has the titles of a trash comp label, but The Daydream Club is apparently a group that exists. I suppose it's new classical, but their Ambient Project album is where I'd start.

Polyphonic Music Co. Ltd. Decidedly no Polydor or Polyvinyl, these seem to be dronescapes in nine titles crosslisted to the point of trying to be. 2017-18 and maybe solely one guy.

Pomm_eloInteresting pop in Portuguese. 25 titles ending in 2018.

POST POST A mere 12 titles labeled as house and world on the two LPs, but they're both more similar to one another than those genres. Vocals over electronica would be my description, and they're fairly interesting from 2016-18. Add the four on Steamroller, LLC and the three on Outside Recordings LLC, the six on Circuitree Records

Primal Stream Soundtracks and compilations that can't all be terrible, though that's an untested assumption.

Process A Gusgus single and much else rated, and not always highly, from 2003-2013.

Producciones Sin/Con Pasiones Rap rock and a cheesy vocalist en español among other rock in 16 titles from 2011-17

Produkt Schallplatten Either 99 cents or inexpensive, the techno here left me mostly waiting in vain for its samples to distinguish themselves.

Prog Box Digital Much as it pains me to admit, some of the bass noodling and electronic singles here are somewhat more interesting than average. Scarcely any EPs to be officially significant, 31 titles up to 2019.

Psihometron A couple of LPs here sound promising to rise above the techno EP fray, only 8 titles from 2017-2019.

PsykeRecords Poppily produced hip-hop from Norway can be amusing when they interpret the harder stuff in English. Only a few of 32 titles up to 2019 aren't singles.

Pulpa Discos Punk, hard rock en español in 77 titles up to 2019.

Pure Folk and bluegrass are definitely not my thing, but I hope I can tell when something toes the fine line between being too old and being too poppy. Kate Rusby is uniformly highly rated, but I prefer the one of these 13 titles from 1997-2014 she didn't make. Add C.R.A.F.T POP for another folk rock band led by a lady

Raso Latin takes on rock, electronica, and pop. Not great, but I'm not ready to say it's no good after sampling among 19 titles from 2017-18

RaucousI had no idea there were so many people making new rockabilly music. Dates back appropriately far, despite wrong dates listed. 120 titles end in 2014.

Real Dreams A lot of electronic production and distortion has gone into these mostly singles, and normally I'd find them too obnoxious, but I'm oddly tempted by one of the few full length albums by DJ Tawan because it's 99 cents. In Portuguese poppy hip-hop 142 titles up to 2019

Relief Records EU Sas Fair Italian hip-hop and reggae in 22 titles from 2011-17. Add the nine singles by Capo Plaza on Plaza Music Srl from 2013-17 and the six on La Mondo Records Srl.

Remigiusz Trzcionka Traymuss and one other artist offer 18 pop singles from Poland, up to 2019.

Reminiscence Audio Drum & bass lightly in only eleven titles from 2012-14, the EPs being of good value.

retoric vibe Some good value techno EPs marked as singles here, 55 titles up to 2019

Revox House and techno in no particular hurry, it seems. Pretty melodic and ending in 2016 with almost 60 titles, more LPs and Asian names and themes than usual

RivaNovaUZ I'll just assume that the UZ stands for Uzbekistan. It's time you ask yourself how much Uzbek pop you have and how much more you need. Almost 300 titles up to 2019.

Rivoluzione Dischi 16 Italian pop singles from 2018-19.

RizaNovaUZ I assume the UZ means Uzbekistan. Almost 300 world pop singles, fairly well produced, up to 2019. Some stray LPs are hidden inside, too.

Robinerd 8-bit electronica. Pair his six ending in 2018 with seven from Tito Records, including one from 2019, for a significant electronic label.

Rock y Reggae Ediciones S.A.It's right there in the name, though there are also examples of harder rock, punk, jazz, and ska mixed in. Clean production, but overall these feel too average or impure to get excited. in 48 albums, there's bound to be one that gets the balance right, but I haven't found it yet.

Ruby Record Korean swing and pop singles.

RuffneckHardcore techno mostly from the 1990s and one mysteriously from 2019.

S.H.I.E.L.D.Nice album art for what seems to weave between urban electronica and hip-hop, almost all singles in 103 titles ending in 2017.

Sacramental Not sure about avant garde or experimental, but I'll say some of this techno is on the noisy side. 13 titles from 2011-2018

Sada Owaz I'm going to guess these nearly 100 titles are Turkish. Pretty cheesy pop, mass produced and updating in 2020.

SAKURALittle or nothing Japanese about these Russian hip-hop and electronic EPs. Some novelty in the rap of female MC Nика but otherwise these 23 titles up to 2019 are pretty standard

Salvation Fourteen short EPs from 2012-2019 claiming to be anything from Krautrock to progressive rock, though I'd dispute it and still listen

Sans Absence Ten titles stretch for significance, as all are short but fairly good value EPs of electronica w/ some character, from 2016-18.

Santo Grial Producciones I think it's all from Spain, and it's mostly metal, punk, pop, and rock. Some jazz and other stuff too in a large catalog of 250+.

Sartorial 20 well rated examples of jam-minded artists from 2008-17 I rather fail to appreciate. If you like saxophone jams, you'll disagree with me and agree with the ratings. Terry Edwards features prominently

Saulės MuzikaSix perfectly fine Baltic folk LPs up to 2019 must be paired with likely crappy pop vocalist music from the Balkans on Royal Privilege Beograd to be significant.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy A film and literature genre's worth of electronic mediocrity, though the Headlock LP may be of interest to drone fans. 15 titles from 2012-15

Sebwahwah A prolific electronica person who could probably focus more on quality than quantity is hereby paired with the Japanese-themed drum & bass of JosuiYoshun to make a significant electronic label. Oddly named Lloyd Music is where tensai tamori's 2017 electronic singles live. Go ahead and throw in the more interesting experimental stuff on Das Archiv

Secret Dinosaur Thirteen titles by a few alt. rock bands from 2011-19

Sello Aveja Nine titles in Spanish folk and rock up to 2019.

Sello Misisipi I think I might prefer the 99-cent albums over the other ones here. Blues en español, with one from 2019.

Sello Trigal EPs and singles of rock en español from 2017-2019 on the catchier side

Semifusa Estudio Mostly alt. rock en español I didn't find very appealing, but there's other stuff that was interesting. 100 titles, lots of them singles or EPs, up to 2019.

Sentimony Very light, atmospheric trance, though perhaps I shouldn't judge by the first tracks, as all trance should probably start that way. 39 titles up to 2019 with 99-cent bargains. Being Latvian, I should patronize it on priciple.

Serigala 82 singles in dubstep and probably other styles ending in 2018

Setco Old live stuff.

17 Seconds Someone, and it does appear to be one person, rated each of these 16 titles from 2008-2012 in rock maximally, so it must at least be worth sampling. Mostly album only and expensive.

SG Music If you had the whole of the 1980s in Mexico and 100 titles to work with, you'd have to find something worthwhile, right?

Sharawaji 11 titles from 2016-19 appear to be surf rock

SHUFFLE RECORDZ Small Russian selection of 20+ ending in 2017 with only a few EPs in rock, ska, electronic, and hip-hop. The singles are pop as usual. Might as well add the pop on SLUTZ and a couple on MATAGRANDE.

Sierra Connect Entertainment African pop with production on the cheesy side. 20+ titles including singles ending in 2018.

Silent Roar Among some very devout-looking people, I really wanted Sikandar Ka Mandar to sound different. Pakistani for the most part, I think. Is the Haider Ali album supposed to sound like a 33rpm record played at 45? There is some metal mixed in, too, among 49 titles ending in 2016

Singularity Lots of rated techno. Often dark and soundscapey or industrial rather than danceable, and that's just fine. 30 titles including one from 2019.

Sisonke African hip-hop, jazz, and electronica in only 13 EPs and singles from 2016-19. Add Dice Angel for another and Blaqsnaps for a few more. Six titles on Eudemonic fit somewhat. AYL0 has two albums worth trying mislabeled as rock/alternative.

SiyahProof that not all Russian labels go up to 2019, this hip-hop, mostly singles, ends in 2018 and is nothing special.

Slime Almost 100 titles up to 2019 in various electronica, mostly EP singles but no shortage of LPs. Worth exploring.

Slovak Music Industry In compiling this, I often wish every label would be as forthcoming with their geographic location. There's a little bit of everything in these 21 titles up to 2019.

Slow Motion Soundz Europe Hip-hop and pop often with unusual accompaniment coming from Sweden. 14 titles from 2002-2016

Sludgelord The long length of some tracks suggest this UK metal collector with 13 titles up to 2019 intends to do more than just rock you very very hard. Add Fall Europa

Small Pond Calico and Natalie Evans albums are most interesting, and there's much else that entices.

SMI/Ditto Indian soundtrack albums, sometimes unlabeled singles. 130+ titles up to 2019

So Sound A Chinese speaker of English who likes electronica the way I do would call this a so so sound. The LPs are fairly varied, but these 88 titles ending in 2018 are barely tempting at all.

Son Buenos 34 pop rock singles split between English and español updating in 2020. All one-track?

Sooner Record's Odd punctuation but standard funk, world, and R&B here up to 2020 in 24 titles

Soul Deep Exclusives 188 conventional drum & bass EP singles up to 2019. For 140+ more replace "Exclusives" with "Digital"

Soulful Horizons Questionable house EP singles with African themes and elements. 50+ titles up to 2019 with some trashy-looking compilations

Sounday Latin pop, rock, and salsa straining for mediocrity. Bela isn't bad. Mostly singles in 125 titles up to 2019

Sound-Exhibitions-Records Harmless disco and loungey EDM that will appeal to the easily offended and easily amused alike. Just short of 400 titles up to 2019

Sounds of Asia I'm no friend of compilations, but anyone who doesn't want to own "Funk Music from Indonesia" is no friend of mine. All 16 are listed from 2019, but it's obvious when you can see the shrunken album covers that these are originally on older vinyl. Most of them are Middle Eastern, so by Asia they mean the orientialist imagined one.

Sounds of Mass Distraction Among a mere 17 titles with a lot of variety, you'll find your favorites quickly. Mostly atmospheric electronica with one strange punk bedfellow from 2013-18.

Souvenir Updating to 2019 and with a big name like Tiefshcwarz, with lots for 99 cents, but it seems to be pretty conventional house and techno, unfortunately.

Springboard Based in Mumbai, it's fairly dispiriting that Indians who are capable of such vibrant music can also trot out this kind of pop too. 11 titles with one LP among the EPs and singles, mostly from 2019. Add the eight singles on Junoon Records for more.

Sprix 51 titles by a small number of electronic artists up to 20202, w/ at least having the unusual, overly crosslisted distinction of claiming to be both ambient and heavy metal. Sean Downey appears to be one of the Fabulous Downey Brothers and quite prolific.

Startup There's bound to be something worth owning among this Russian pop and electronica, almost all from 2019.

Step 42 titles, most of which apparently can be sampled in their entirety, allowing you to find the Polish rap album from 2008-2014 that's just right for you

Stereoptico Latin urban electronica sometimes poppy and sometimes hard, thought the beats sound a little cheesy. 20 titles ending in 2018.

StonedDogs 11 titles in electronica from 2017-2020, most of which skirt the lines between trance and regular techno. Half are actual singles more like hip-hop.

STP MUZIK NATIONLatin pop, hip-hop and trap with an African sound in 14 titles, many unlabeled singles, up to 2019. Add the five on Speak Your Truth LLC and the seven on Starcult Media LLC

Subaquatic A mere seven titles in what all seem to be rock, despite one trying to pass itself off as jazz. Slightly different and better than crap, on sampling. 2017-8. For significance, add the German quasi-chamber pop of Wenzel on Matrosenblau and the three by Stereopol

Suicidedubz Digital Drum & bass, mostly EP singles, in 130+ titles from 2013-16

Sugar Recordings Skittering techno EP singles with some flavor, mainly from Koichi Sato and a few others from 2013-18.

Supertive AB Easily digestible electronica bordering on overproduced, mislabeled as ambient in 30 titles all from 2019 and split across only a few artists. Frustratingly often not available

Survival Alliance Digging around the techno monotony, there are at least a few labeled electronica which are of interest. Judge by the covers in part. Federico Goes & Comite Numerico were enticing enough to sample more for possible wishlisting.

SWEET beat 36 titles up to 2019 go the ethnic route with their techno EPs, mostly by Aj Lora.

Tama Industries 175 titles up to 2019 appear to be mostly singles and two-track EPs in hip-hop of the bigger beat and electronic kind, with themes summed up as hustlin' and ballin'


Russian hip-hop and electronic beats with a lot from 2019. 99-cent bargains aplenty, but quality may be an issue. A few with English titles just seem to repeat the title over and over again like they're trying to memorize vocabulary

Tañidos Mostly classical interpreted by Spaniards. I'm more interested in the new classical stuff but don't know where to start and probably won't indefinitely. 60 titles ending in 2018

Tau 14 housey electronica EPs all from 2019 do just enough to be worth considering at 99 cents, but good luck differentiating between them.

Tehnofonika Not sure if they left out a "c" in the name, but leaving out the beat too makes for many a pleasant, ambient surprise here. 43 titles up to 2019 with EP singles 99 cents as ever

Terror Negro Some interesting Latin electronica and hip-hop in a tiny catalog up to 2019. Add the three nice EPs on Frente Bolivarista for some 99-cent bargains and 13 singles on LLOGICMUSIC for deadweight numbers

Texicalli Odd name for a purveyor of cheesy jazz. Probably some of it worthwhile. (gone as of July'19)

Thabzen Bibo Pop in a likely African language can be paired with the hip-hop of MIDIcinal and World_Str8 for significance up to 2019 in the last case.

Theatre Magique It takes guts for an electronic musician to label one's music jazz and not crosslist it with anything, but if you're Alex Pardini, who I assume has a hand in all of these 50+ titles ending in 2018, ANYTHING is possible!

Theoryon Records LLC Dubstep EP singles, 16 titles from 2015-16

Thesis A short statement of 15 electronic albums leaning towards dark trance from 2014-19

Tiny Lights Mostly $2 EPs favoring rock walls of sound and shoegaze, 2011-13. Some of it is probably well worth the price.

Tlaloc Mogo was fairly interesting, and where this electronica uses beats sparingly is the extent of my interest in exploring further. 81 titles up to 2019.

TMPRECORDS LLC About half of these 25 singles from 2016-17 are en español, some are marked "Other" but likely just generic electronica

Too Many Rules 40 house sigles w/ a colorful cover theme and apparently uniformly 2-track single catalog. Only here with a Frenchman's endorsement. Updating in 2020

Touchin' Bass Andrea Parker leads a highly questionable electronic field of 33 ending in 2014 and with some ratings.

TP4 Anyone who wants to make sure the artists you're listening to have been dead for a long time without listening to classical music should try these reissues of ancient vinyl. Mostly easy listening, but that means something different when bells are involved. 18 titles masquerading as 2015 releases.

TRB rec di Andrea Tognassi The first album by Fragment is somewhere between lively progressive folk and cheese, quite unlike the rest of the label, which seems to be mostly Italian hip-hop. 113 titles up to 2019

3rd Rail Finnish hip-hop. Try it once before you die. Ending in 2014 with 18 titles, some rated.

34UDGS Bartosz Kasowski Polish hip-hop in 19 titles from 2014-18. ADMA is a notable female MC

Trem Mineiro Produçoes Artísticas LTDA Merely nine titles all involving Wagner Tiso from the decades on either side of 2000. Classical, apparently. Add two by Nod Ensemble and the four by Flook on Flatfish for some flutey folk.

TriartumRussian electronica is pretty middling on the EPs here, and the singles still feel a need to be poppy, apparently. 23 titles from 2016-17.

Tribal Global Brina isn't bad at all, but she's gotta go with the ambient, Christian, and bad pop on Tweed Jacket (as uncool as it sounds) to be significant up to 2019. Add Western Jubilee for well rated Christian country deadweight. Remington Road also appears to be country in six rated titles by an inseparable pair

Tribeleader Only two artists, including the eponymous one and Sekten7. A most puzzling mix and sometimes combination of metal and pop electronica in almost 300 titles up to 2019

Trilobit Almost 80 titles in drum & bass, dubstep, on the more commercial side, if that's a possible thing. As in, titles include the word "love" in them. 76 titles from 2012-19

Trip 28 titles in techno here w/ a Frenchman's endorsement. 2015-2019

Triplicate Audio Short drum & bass EPs in short supply and light sound, from 2017-19. Add Maad Ting for some more singles from the same artists in the same date range for extra significance.

Trocadero A rarity! Germans singing morosely or shrilly over difficult accompaniment somewhere between goth and industrial, though I'm sure there must be a subgenre dedicated to this style beginning with "kraut." 18 titles ending in 2017.

Trunk Go Boom, LLC Indie hip-hop that looks like it takes pride in being produced on a laptop in the MC's bedroom in a mere 11 titles, mostly singles, from 2016-19. Add the eight on Innovations Music LLC. Five more on JRX Productions have unique delivery and sound like the MC is rapping through or inside a tin can. None Like Joshua has 17 more hip-hop titles and at least one song dissing French film

Trunk Records A whole lot of vintage stuff to sort through, rockabilly and int'l combined confusingly with stuff that'd be a great find on cheap, old vinyl.

T3K Blurring lines between drum & bass and dubstep in 130+ EP singles

Turbo Recordings Tiga is the big name among 14 titles also presumed to be electronic with vocals

2020Vision Lots of ratings, more melody and an overall cooler sound distinguish these 120+ techno EPs and LPs ending in 2018 from other labels, with the usual 99-cent value.

2EIO Sounds, LLC Trap and other hip-hop dominated, with some beats LPs mixed in among 20+ titles from 2016-19

Tycho Light dubstep and "chillout" electronica ending in 2012. Someone went on a 5-star rating spree, and I don't hear it.


Lumped Russian pop with Hispanic rock to total ten titles up to 2019, so I'm going to add Microphone Global and Лаборатория звука to approach 20 titles and make it firmly Russian pop.

Unclear 20 electronica titles recommended by a Frenchman from 2014-18

Unified Audio Fair drum & bass and dubstep in 40+ EP singles from 2014-17

Unitone A different Unitone appears to have a few albums on eMusic, but I don't like the looks of 'em. Trance.

Unlabeled It's pretty telling that the number one album here is also the only jazz album. All 74 other titles seem to be hip-hop, up to 2019.

UPRS Almost the brown trucks, these are almost 200 African pop titles, often with heavy Christian overtones, up to 2019.

Urbaton Latin pop and hip-hop, almost all singles, up to 2019. Add three on Seres queridos.

Vegan Death metal, nu rock, and punk en español with at least one surf rock EP mixed in among 78 titles up to 2019

Vinzomusic Ltd. Traditional Middle Eastern instruments with very simple production to prevent any cheesiness. 47 titles mostly from 2019

Vizeeble Entertainment African pop experimentation veering into house music and sometimes plagued by poor recording quality, but at least most of the 37 EP singles ending in 2016 are 99 cents.

Wavy 17 titles up to 2019 in Latin hip-hop. Almost all singles, though, so combine it with the eponymous label Le Rue Boys for more.

We Are Young If this Turkish deep house and "Nu Disco" label is around in 2050, I wonder if they'll have to change their name. 28 titles up to 2019, all singles. Add those of Marco Farouk for a couple EPs and Maxon Recordings for five more.

WEATNU "We are the new underground," they declare from an undisclosed location. Their catalog has 70+ titles up to 2019 and is mighty varied, even just within electronica. Also some stray alt. rock mixed in when you least expect it. On sampling ten titles or so, nothing was impressive, but there's gotta be something. Jan'20 now 107 titles

Wicked Jungle 40+ drum & bass EP singles up to 2019

Witchwood Looks like I have to give one Strawbs album a chance.

WM Recordings Balkan, African, and electronic of decent quality but only seven titles up to 2016. Add the Bosnian trip-hop of SUR

Womblabel Ten electronic titles with a fair bit of variety in sound, almost all from 2013.

Woofits Electronica from Turkey. Most of the 17 are singles, and the only distinctive one I found was the EP by Düsüktempo. One single from 2019. Add the nine singles from DJ0008 for more.

Workroom 11 20 titles in Balkan hip-hop and pop up to 2019.

World Wake Good value drum & bass EP singles, just under 100 titles up to 2019

XGD Basically pop music made by at least former Africans with African elements. 47 titles, mostly singles, from 2018-19.

YEARNINGSome earnest world music split between Latin and African, as well as some dancehall pop in only eight titles from 2018-19. Add the eight by Ness Heads


YKSI 30 titles, mostly singles, of hip-hop in Portuguese, up to 2020.

YMR NIG African-style hip-hop and other unique pop interpretations that don't seem like world music. 52 titles up to 2016, mostly singles.

YOUNG,GIFTED&WACKKorean pop on the electronic side, about 25 titles.

Young NRG 177 electronic EPs and EPs singles are energetic, not great, but also priced accordingly, up to 2019

Youth Riot A punk mindset and aesthetic keep these merely 13 titles from 2013-2020 from getting stale, if that means songs of less than a minute or two in some cases. Add 7 en español on Nansa Producciones. Not to be confused w/ the electronic, teenage version.

酝星文化 350 plus Chinese pop and pop rock singles, EPs


Zagora 23 titles from the Gibson Brothers and others of the true disco era in the late 1970s. Can it all be terrible? Maybe, but I'm not ready to conclude as much yet.

Zap Records Punk rock, including some from Sweden, 21 titles from 2017-19. Add seven interesting punk and hip-hop titles on Ever/Never Records LLC. The duo on SNB LLP seems to alternate between punk and hip-hop, so there's your connection.

zmd Record Indonesian pop with more than just singles among 110+ titles up to 2019. Pretty cheesy.

Первое Музыкальное Издательство A cut above most Russian labels in terms of production value, whether it's hip-hop (Monatik's beats are distinctive), pop, or rock. A mountain of 330+ titles, mostly singles as usual, to sort through with 2019 very well covered.

Борт номер один (RU)Russian rock lacking in distinction, but I'll give the label and its 40 titles ending in 2018 the benefit of the doubt that there's something worthwhile, buried deeply. Call it alt. rock, I suppose.

Глория Медиа Ten pop singles and an LP, and they're all pretty Russian, from 2017-2019.

Dishonorable Mention (For this list, these are actually respectable, even favorite labels which exist in a decimated form of fewer than ten available albums on eMusic for reasons unknown. They're technically still on eMusic, but only as shadows of shells. Also including some labels that show their catalogs but come up "Album Unavailable" every time you click on one of its albums.)

Bella Union


Fat Possum

Frameworked Appears to have a large variety of artists, but all 16 from 2019 on sampling seem to be quiet midi piano ditties labeled as "jazz" to be a tease.

The Leaf Label






Shimmy Disc

Smalltown Supersound


Sub Pop

TIE-TEAM Reaching for vocal heights with a most prosaic voice and accompaniment. Yikes.

World Circuit Lists catalog but all are unavailable.

Insufficient Data (I'm still in the testing phase for these labels, and the tests are likely to be postponed indefinitely while I pursue surer things. Maybe I've seen some in the dollar bin and not yet taken the plunge, or maybe I only have one or two albums from them, and I will withhold judgment until I've heard more. The biggest labels like EMI, Universal, Capitol, Polydor, Geffen, Epic/Sony, etc. deliberately try to diversify their catalogs beyond generalization or judgment, just as likely to buy out an entire, promising indie label like those listed on this page as to put something out themselves that would interest me.) In this era of disappearances, I hope this will help those who'd like to do some shopping without typing over and over again in vain.

Aamizeh They were determined to get their Iranian rap to the top...of the alphabet at least. Add "group" to the name for three more titles and cross the line of significance, 11 titles in total ending in 2018.

aCentro Folque Jazz and world in just nine titles. Add the lone LP on Amsterdam Beyond

AcroplaneElectronic EPs for 99 cents aren't extraordinary but are still tempting.

Acuarela Just over a dozen alt. rock titles, mostly short, cheap EPs, from 1993-1996 are a surprise find in Dec. '19, but I don't know anything about them.

AED Fans of 1990s one-hit wonder Edwyn Collins and don't want to go to their used record store can find that and a few other albums which might entice.

AEROSTELLA Italian rock and proabably more. Add the seven titles on Musica e Rivolucione SAS.

Alien 250+ titles, mostly singles with plenty from 2019, melodic trance.

Allsorts Making an exception for this drum & bass label with high ratings on all singles. Well produced. (Gone Mar.'20 before I could buy any).

All My Thoughts Small electronic catalog with a few interesting LPs mislabeled as house music. Add Analog 80 for a couple more. And add Bergerac for a few more

Alrealon Definitely some experimentation going on with their LPs, so can't file it under electronic.

Analaga Pop, folk, and hip-hop with slick production. Mostly 2019 and singles.

Aperture Small electronic label with stark B&W album covers. Different and EPs are 99 cents.

Arcadia Some interesting pop in Spanish, French, and English. Some less so.

Arision Mostly jazz with a bit of electronica, strong Italian presence.

Arkona Creation Small electronic label with interesting album art. Add Kyddiekafka for six more titles up to 2019.

Arsivplak I'm afraid to shatter the mystique of this one, emblematic of how difficult it can be to separate awesome obscure gems from horrible cheesy crap. Turkish electronic and assorted intrigue with titles like "Turkish Moog Edits"

Assay Middle Eastern pop, updated to 2019. Add (Promind) for 133 more

AstroRock, mostly Latin-sourced, likely related to Astro Discos, similar to Ernie in dubious quality.

Atresmusica Frustrating for the prevalence of horrible nonsense but tempting for what's in between long strings of single-thematic album covers. Latin-sourced and expansive.

Athens of the North If they mean to be like Athens, GA, they've got a ways to go. Very mixed catalog of folk, Latin, world, punk, disco, and pop LPs, but the wide assortment of singles makes up the majority. Add seven similarly mixed titles on the Imprint imprint. I Own You Records has six more trying to be more interesting than they are.

Audio Aashram As one might expect, a lot of Indian electronica.

Audio Antihero Lots of bargains on five-star EPs and generally a mix between pop/rock and electronic.

Audio B Electronic label has a few LPs and bothers to give its singles their own album covers, so that's a plus.

Audio Boutique All EPs and singles in dubstep, drum & bass, and "other."

Audio Cave A profusion of trios and quintets from the last few years shows promise, but there's nary a rating for what looks like mostly jazz releases.

Audio Montage A third of these nine albums in different genres are rated five-stars. (gone Nov. '19 before I could get one)

Audio Porto Barely ten releases, mostly singles, in jazz, rock, electronic.

Audio Theory Drum & bass, dubstep EPs & singles

Audiomatique Recordings One of several electronic labels with a Trentemoller album or two but nothing else I recognize.

Autoproducido Maybe just a collection of self-produced albums from hispanohablantes, a little bit of every genre and not outstanding or terrible.

AVECRussian electronic and pop?

Avian Mostly techno. Interesting album covers.

Azoto One of the strangest groups of artists on eMusic, with world, jazz, and gospel making strange bedfellows for a very profane rapper.

BBZ Drum & bass mostly, with other styles in moderation. Fairly interesting 69 titles up to 2019

Bad Elephant The name sounds nothing if not destructive and dangerous, though I've heard of none of these alt-rockers with interesting album covers.

Balaio Very small jazz catalog

Barbes Hispanic with some French mixed in. Not to mention trash comps

Bass Taste On sampling, it does deliver the advertised flavor, but not in morsels larger than an EP.

Bassukah I should be more excited about German rap, but these titles look a bit too hard and poppy. Add "edt." for 17 more titles up to 2019

Bastakiya Tapes I'm guessing that the album covers plus crosslisting as classical/electronic means droning, but I'm ready to be wrong.

Bastard JazzElectronic, world, funk, appears to be updating in 2019.

Battle Audio Absolute darkness in themes and sounds prevents dismissal of these hardcore electronic singles, skipping 2018 entirely with two from 2019.

Beast Discos Rock en espanol and probably some worthwhile stuff among 170 titles up to 2019. The singles are one-track, relatively expensive.

Blank Editions Most genres are covered in about 20 interesting and inexpensive LPs.

Blaq Techno, updating to 2019 with several rated.

Bleeding Heart Middling indie/alt. rock, some rated.

Bleep Bloop They do more than most to spice up their house single offerings

Blue Pie Was ready to dismiss it as another selection of 1000 curds of cheese but saw Phil Manzanera and must look more closely. Now there's 3400 titles. Very odd.

Bomb Shop Half of it is experimental light noise and drones, which I should appreciate more than I do, and the other half is mixed among more conventional genres. Nothing stood out on sampling, surprising given the edgy name. (gone Nov.'19) Kyonpalm can be grouped here for five more.

Bordello A Parigi Who'da thunk this would have Italian pop?

Bost Espacio Creativo Ten albums, and they look jazzy.

Broken20 Home to long tracks and avowedly avant garde electronica

Bringing Music to Life Jazz, Latin jazz, and plenty of classical, too. Questionable.

Brixton Hill One drum & bass LP, and the rest appear to be house singles, all from 2017

Boumquer Edition Thought it might be French, and there are some French, but mostly it's pretty random-looking. More interesting for the variety of album covers than the music, I'm guessing.

Boy Scout Folk music to play out in the woods by the campfire?

Calle 54 Jazz, apparently Latin.

Caligola Lots of jazz, some of it rated and interesting.

Cambra Energetic Brazillian world and pop in 29 titles from the late 1990s to 2015.

Camera Obscura Eight titles from 1997-2009 mostly labeled as progressive rock, though their sound veers closer to post-rock, in my view, and not in a good way. Add the five very quiet drone titles on Awkward Formats out of the UK to achieve significance and break into the 2010s.

Capitan Simio Mostly rock and synth-pop en español with clever covers but not-so-compelling music. Singles and EPs mostly, up to 2019. Seven more titles from mujeres con actitud on La Retahila

Cassauna Appears to specialize in longer electronic tracks, and at 99 cents demands exploration.

cdcopiadvd Spain and acoustic guitars figure heavily here.

Chameleon ArchiveHighly questionable album covers, but some reputable jazz names.

Cheshire Marginally above average techno in small quantities.

Chillhop Ample 2019 releases, though mostly singles, and everything eschews categories. The tracks are too short to be electronic, I think, so maybe actual hip-hop?

CHT MUZIK Latin-sourced jazz; even the stuff categorized elsewhere is pretty jazzy, with 10-minute+ tracks in the middle of their ablums. Worth exploring.

Cinquillo Latin, jazz, and world pop, some old.

Circuit Looks like the usual singles, but there's some innovative techno going on here.

Claremont 56 Several highly rated electronic LPs among the usual singles A most dubious name has releases spanning a few decades, but nothing I recognize.

Clone Aqualung Ten releases of electronic stuff recently recommended.

Clay Pipe folk and electronic? Just nine albums. Add the six on Joe Hill Music LLC

Clermont African.

Club del Disco Very odd name for a label with a lot of interesting-looking new jazz.

CM Records A dozen old Middle-East pop records do at least sound different. Add the seven singles by Mohamed Lahmidi and the two on KCK PROD by Mohamed Lounis. Two more LPs in Laser Vision.

Cobo Latin music that looks like it was originally on vinyl. Someone went on a five-star rating spree. 57 titles barely cracking the 21st century if at all.

col legno New classical. (gone as of July '19)

Combat Lots of singles and EPs, but many of them seem to be filed under turntablism and hip-hop, which is at least different. (gone Oct.'19)

Commonwealth Production Unit None of the albums I clicked on would come out and say they're hip-hop, so I'm just going to have to assume. Ain't got time for that samplin' business.

Conscious Sounds Middling, newish dub and reggae still preferable to most of what's out there, IMO.

Conspiracy International Half of it looks just awful, but there's so much highly rated.

Conspired Within Some nice drum & bass among 21 titles from 2016-19. Mostly EP singles for 49 or 99 cents

Cool Thing Not a wide variety of artists, but enough to rock a while.

Copa A little more than a dozen rock and pop albums, some rated. What's the language? Welsh, I think.

Cosmic Bridge Mostly EPs, some drum & bass.

Cumbancha World music, mainly Africa?

Czaszka Odd elctronica with samey album covers

Danger in Sound 600+ totally random selections, some with ratings.

Dawn of Music It was the dawn of drum & bass. Very poor album art, but the music doesn't seem noticeably of lower quality. 57 EPs up to 2019

Dbn Mostly singles from 2019, but LPs date back to the 1990s and probably far beyond. 574 Latin-sourced and possibly OK titles.

DecimuLabs A bit more than a dozen novel lofi electronic and rock albums from Latin places.

Defco Urban electronic singles, with and without vocals. 175 titles ending in 2018

Demony Very small but pretty interesting rock and synth-pop en español ending in 2018

Delsin Presence of John Beltran makes me think techno albums are more accurately described than experimental/other ones.

Deltasonic A fair heap of rock music, some well rated. Add "Records" or you'll get only one result.

Dessous Phonique features prominently, and one hopes this is a cut above other electronic labels

Deugene 500+ mostly singles in various electronic styles. The few EPs tend to be more interesting but also unusually pricey

Dham Rockas 700 titles mostly in Drum & Bass and trip-hop with some techno and hip-hop mixed in. Lots of 2019 singles and a few LPs are scattered.

Digital Distribution Netherlands There may be a connection between this clearly European source not jumping ship and the schlock it proffers.

Dirt Crew Higher caliber house music with much rated.

Dirty Bingo Nine highly rated rock EPs

dirtybird Well over a hundred techno and house singles up to 2018, with colorful album art and a few fair LPs mixed in.

Disco Halal (gone as of June '19) Among the most clever names, it remains to be seen whether the music, rated among the lowest on the site, lives up to it. About 15 rather pricey EPs, presumably electronic.

Disconnect Disconnect Not sure why they need to say it twice other than if there's a label that says it once. Mostly punk rock from the late 2010s up to 2019 in 27 titles

Discos de la Bahia Small selection of Latin rock

Discos del Saladillo Some interesting album art, but I can't vouch for the music. Kinda pricey.

Discos Humeantes Hispanic punk rock. For more, add Romanes

Discos Walden Eleven agreeable rock titles en español

Domestic Experimental electronic and noise.

Dope Muzik Aggressive rap in Portuguese, presumably from Brazil. Add the six titles from Fossoland Music for more up to 2019.

Dora Black When Kinder Malo met Pimp Flaco, they decided to have singles and EPs together, up to 2019, with rap en español.

Downwards Techno.

DUB Recordings Electronic, not actually dub, and some look interesting.

Dub Store The name rather says it all.

Dubstep Cube Mostly two-track singles and only up to 2015. You'll never guess the genre.

Dulcimer Songs 78 cheesy-looking world albums.

Dusktone A rather varied collection of rock with dark album covers and occasionally goth or light death metal sounds and themes. But again, that's not all in 47 titles up to 2019.

Eccentric Pop Punk with nice album covers a lot of questionable compilations mixed in. In fact, one of the bands, Horror Section, was just mistaken for a trash comp.

Edizioni Leonardi Srl Aged Italian cheese, in bulk. But also up to 2017.

81 Electronic EPs show promise, led by Lamont.

Einstein Mostly jazz, rated from good to horribly awful, from the 1990s to 2010.

El Dromedario Generally harder rock from Spain, though the exceptions are more interesting, including some instrumental and gitano stuff.

El Segell del PrimaveraRock and pop from Hispanic and Italian sources?

Electric Honey The small size and odd variety here makes one think this is just a random bunch of groups that thought "Electric Honey" would be a cool-sounding record label name. Add the hip-hop of BROCKHAMPTON

Ellum Electronic, but I can't tell what kind. (gone as of July'19)

EmuBands 1000 titles, with an unusual number rated, and highly at that. Might they be directly connected to eMusic aka Emu?

Enclaves Small selection of mostly but not all punk and post-punk, inexpensive. Add Boofrod, 4 Pound, and Monotonus for a couple more.Enja Horst WeberSome highly rated and interesting-looking jazz (gone before I could check it out July'19)

Entropy Electronica and techno with interesting album covers. 71 titles from 2010-14.

EPIGRAFF Dubstep up to 2019 dominated by Vladimir Nagrebetskiy

Ernie Latin indie rock of dubious quality

Esmerarte A dozen or so Latin pop/rock albums

Estudios Multitrack Latin sourced cheese and rock.

Evil Audio Drum & bass singles

EXABYTE Pop, singles, with a few surprises. 64 titles ending in 2019. Claims to be IDM and possibly Italian online.

Exia Rock All releases appear to be under Rock/Alternative, but some are metal and others are synth-goth, confusingly, despite having very similar, dark album covers.

Expanded They do try to mix things up a little bit as they go housing around, so some of their longer EPs might well be worth 99 cents. Just one out of 100+ from 2019.

Eye for an Eye Recordings Only eight titles, but it was high time industrial music showed up with its own label.

Faada 36 low-grade electronic titles from 2008-12. More LPs than usual, perhaps, and some try to be pop.

FableI wouldn't trust any of the year listings after the 1980s; most of these were clearly on vinyl in the late 20th century, and I don't recognize a thing.

FAK Latin-sourced rock and folk, goes back into the 90s from the 2000s. 72 titles in world fusion, including klezmer, jazz, and progressive rock up to 2019.

FANCYMUSIC Russian classical, jazz, and electronic look seriously fancy indeed.

Father & Son Records & Tapes Some interesting electronic stuff in a dozen albums

Felmay Italian world music, but only nine titles

Fent Plates Many interesting electronic EPs, though rather regularly priced.

54 Very small jazz selections from mid-to-late 2010s. Add the S/t LP by Mola Mola for another.

Fika Nearly 100 releases, many rated, in rock up through 2019.

Fine Audio Recordings A couple of LPs from the turn of the century and then the usual electronic singles.

Fire Records A whole lot of rock that fell through pop cracks seems to have caught on Fire. Might be a long while before I can judge the label as a whole. (gone as of July '19)

Flash An unusual case where albums sticking to a clear, repetitive theme for their album covers might not reflect the fact that their techno all sounds virtually identical.

Flaxyz Russian hip-hop and pop, mostly from 2019. Fairly well produced. Mostly actual singles.

FOL Musica Perfectly satisfactory Latin folk music. Doesn't sound especially exotic in a world music way. Large catalog up to 2018.

Fono Astur Small catalog of Spanish folk, with at least one punk album, mostly from 2010.

Fonofabrique Some jazz, classical, blues in a randomish ten.

For Tune Looks like a jazz label, and a pretty forward looking one.

Free Love Digi A reminder not to dismiss labels whose album art is samey. Some interesting drum & bass to be had here, up to 2019.

Fremdtunes Electronic, with higher than usual LP/single ratio and a few rated

Front and Follow Folk, some rated, in 43 titles up to 2019. Unusually dark album covers. Elements of metal or otherwise rock and electronica do seem to creep in. Unpredictable but I don't know if I like it

Furniture For you to sit upon and contemplate the differences between new age and lighter "world" music.

Fury Rockabilly

Future Funk Only eight titles, but they're nice downtempo electronica on the LPs with promising singles from 2016-2019

Ge Bounce If there's such a thing as conventional dubstep, I think it's here

Gentle Bit The label name contrasts starkly with the darkness of the album covers. Drum & Bass singles.

Giallo Disco Electronic, on the newer side, and inexpensive.

GMC 220 Russian titles, mostly singles. Kinda sad to hear what passes for dubstep, and the metal of Nokturnal Mortum sticks out like a smashed thumb among pop singles as usual, ending in 2017.

Golden Mist Proof that I don't just fawn over every British label with grime, IDM bargains for 99 cents.

Grand Dark Audio Drum & Bass, mostly in two-track EPs for 49 cents, up to 2019.

Graphite Appears to be alt. rock, with only a few bands like Wildhearts, InMe, Lostalone, and Mojo Fury in 16 titles up to 2019

Greater London Can't place the genre here, but it looks poppy, with some EP singles.

Greytone Dark album covers look like electronica on the first click but are dronescapes upon sampling.

Ground Mass Drum & bass

Habeatat Just over a dozen titles of hip-hop en español from 2016-19, with only a couple full-length albums. Add the 27 up to 2019 by Chicho Beats on LaConga

Heavy Artillery 350+ dubstep and drum & bass EP singles up to 2019

Hood'G'Fam Entertainment Russian rap and at least another language, dominated by a few artists but still somewhat interesting.

Hot ElephantA sizable selection of techno.

Hub Records House music with lots of singing, like it wants to be pop or something. Up to 2019 with lots for 99 cents, not that I like any of it. Actually a tough call on whether I prefer house music to be totally bland or excessively poppy like this.

HW&W At last, something that looks like indie hip-hop still on the site.

Hypnotic Landscapes Electronica EPs priced reasonably and don't kick the beat immediately or constantly

iM Jazz (EU)60+ possibly European jazz albums. (gone July'19)

Imminent Looks like it'll just be more house music, but this is much more urban and slow like R&B. The LPs have vocalists. 56 downtempo titles from 2015-19

Inclusive Mostly rock EPs, many sound as if the 21st century had never happened. 54 titles, so might as well add the prefix "Over-"

Independiente Music Not sure if it's the overflow from Independiente, but their catalog of 80 up to 2019 seems a bit more consistent in quality for Latin pop, rock, and world music.

Invisible Inc. On sampling, the electronica isn't quite interesting enough to be a high priority label, but there are bargains and highlights for sure.

Ionoff Music Russian. Actually looks pretty cool, but it'd take ages to sort through.

Italian Beach Babes Rock, some of it deliberately grating. EPs all for 99 cents.

IZMAYLOV 14 well produced, dancehall ready urban electronic singles that are unfortunately just one track each, from 2017-19. Adding the EP singles on Exit 59, Inc. add to significance but drag down the quality significantly. Urban electronic pop done well and poorly, in direct contrast.

Jack to Phono Looks like another single-heavy techno label, but the LPs are in all different genres. Several rated releases too.

JA (Jamaica Authentic) And to think I've been getting my reggae from Jamaica Counterfeit all these years.

Jazz & Milk Several releases go overboard on crosslistings, but jazz is never one of them. This is house music

Jazz Re:FreshedA small catalog and a heady claim that jazz had gotten stale before them.

JazzheadsSeveral well-rated albums, but I'm less than tempted, despite lots of xylophones. 47 titles oddly almost all either from 2005 or 2013. Add an Inc. for four more middlingly rated

Jazzwerkstatt2018 was a big year for them, apparently. German jazz?

Jehu & Chinaman The drones are coming.

Jimmy Jazz Somewhere in Eastern Europe, these might be popular? Does not appear to be jazz.

KamikazeIn these 169 titles up to 2019, it looks like a Latin label and a house label of the same name collided. My only interests lie in the former category.

Katabatik Experimental electronic.

Katxiporreta Winner of award for greatest obscurity, this is the very best Basque children's music out there. 19 titles ending in 2018. I sure hope this isn't the only Basque label on eMusic.

Keep Up! Fourteen electronic EPs, some more interesting than others, ending in 2015

Ketama Losing Kompakt doesn't mean losing The Orb entirely, as there's a 3-disc mix on here. A few other electronic albums too.

Kimahera Brazillian (or at least Portuguese) newer rock, folk, pop, and hip-hop.

Kit Impossible to have so many releases filed under "other" and not be enticed.

Kitsune Lots of ratings on electronic singles almost painfully upbeat

Kontra Musik A reasonably diverse 50 electronic albums from 2006-18 with the usual EP singles

Kraftoptical Electronic and electronic pop (gone July'19)

Kraklund Eastern European punk and rock (gone July'19)

KSF If these ten EPs of 8-bit and otherwise average electronica weren't Japanese, I admit I probably wouldn't blink an eye.

Kundry 245 EPs and singles up to 2019 that aren't house or techno but aren't much different either

Label The techno label that explains who's on first.

Lakemba Dubstep and other electronic EP singles.

Les Disques du 7eme CielSeveral 2019 releases of rock, folk, and the like. Goodbye Ivan was fine

Leuchtturm Small catalog and a subtly different take on house and techno

Limbo Latin sourced and 350+ titles. Up to 2018.

Line Never understood the Basinski fans, but maybe a label full of his acolytes can change my mind. Ambient up to 2019 in 100+ titles that aren't cheap.

Liquidator Music Knowing nothing about reggae/dub/ska, this looks interesting.

Little Struggling Ant The underdog angle fits them, despite an unwieldy name, but we'll have to see if their techno holds up to scrutiny.

Little Room Labs Noisy little rock songs. Add Maggot Heart's two albums on Teratology Sound & Vision, six on Noma Records, five on Richter Collective, seven on Lonely Voyage for decent math rock.

Lobster Theremin Nice name for interesting electronic music that is in the orbit of drum & bass, house, and techno but manages to distinguish itself. Its singles all appear to be EPs

Local Talk Above average house music, with a few from 2019 in the 100+ titles

Logos More full-length albums and nicer art suggest this may be an above average house label.

Lost Map Looks legit, but I recognize absolutely nothing.

Loumi Small selection of jazz and non-English rap over jazz

Love Love Electronic with a few surprises thrown in.

Love Thy Neighbour Bargain prices and albums carried away by crosslistings.

LOWFREQMX Latin-sourced drum & bass with a lot from 2019.

Lunar Disko Electronica, with some fairly priced EPs.

Lux Irreverent blues from Legendary Tiger Man, then lots of alt. rock.

M-PlantNotable minimal techno.

Make Mistakes Techno, with a few LPs from the last couple years on top of the usual short EPs.

Mass RecordsLatin pop

Matraca Latin-sourced electronica with bargains interspersed in a small catalog of 2019 releases.

MAUNA Split between light experimental electronic singles and solo piano singles.

Maxim Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of sludge to sift through to get to anything worth sampling, so diamonds in the rough may go unappreciated for quite a while. Mostly Russian on first glance.

Media Music Pop and rock en espanol.

Mediaplay Urban and world singles.

Michal Przerwa-Tetmajer He named his label after himself to make sure no American could ever find his jazz but just barely failed.

Milk Snc Possibly Italian jazz with other stuff mixed in.

Mindwaves Very small selection, but a few electronic bargains worth sampling.

Miniatura Mostly electronic minimal

Minim Confusing array of what must be compilations entitled either by style or instrumentation. Not crappy. 69 titles from 2018-19. Merely one artist and so needs to be paired with the 61 titles by Gothic Storm on Rotodisc

Miranda Records Brazil Pop and rock, updating in 2019

Modal Smaller house label. Does that mean higher standards and quality control?

Mole Listening PearlsQuite large electronic catalog with high ratings.

Mondstein About evenly split between jazz, electronic, and cheese.

MonochromeAptly named for the covers, a few drum & bass full lengths and lotsa singles.

Monolit Not sure whether people are more likely to pay for Russian pop music inside or outside of Russia. Big catalog. More by adding /Честная Музыка to the label

Monstro Hard rock and nu-rock in Portuguese. Well over 100 titles with one 2019 single.

More Than Human Not great in number, but intriguing electronica.

Mork With umlauts, only one LP it appears, but the singles are EPs. House

Mr Bongo World music with a beat and likely some soul, too.

MtM Ltda Latin sourced and spanning most genres

Mushroom Pillow Looks like a lot of alternative Latin groups. Worth exploring.Most listed releases are singles not labeled as such.

Music for All Rock & pop with a significant Brazillian presence. 60 unrated albums up to 2019.

Music for Heroes Pretty random rock and blues EPs.

Music from Memory Appears to be experimental.

Music in My Soul Portugal Pop, hip-hop, and some other stuff from who knows where.

Musicadelsur Latinsourced rock, folk, and world music, reasonably priced and mostly from 2018-19. Some unlabeled singles irritate.

Musiche Furlane Fuarte A highly varied catalog from various locales in Europe

Nagel HeyerI usually assume that "labels" that are a first and last name are just an excuse for a single album by some dude or lady who wants to pretend to be signed to a record contract, but that assumption is waaay off here. Almost 300 releases of vintage jazz and soulful stuff here. Apparently much of it is not actually on the label, while much of what actually is isn't available, so there might well be something fishy going on.

Names You Can Trust Salsa and other Latin flavors, but mostly singles.

Naim Jazz as far as the ear can hear. 57 titles from the 1990s to 2017.

Narrominded Kinda pricey, varied catalog seems mostly electronic but by no means all.

Neue Meister A neat logo and some challenging tunes. (gone Aug.'19)'

N I G H T N O I S E Subtle differences here from average house music, though I think they're exaggerating them with crosslisting.

Nitegrooves A couple of massive, 3-hour compilations, one by Kyoto Jazz Massive, are at the top of the overwhelming catalog of 672, up to 2019. Whether anything else is worthwhile looks highly questionable. A lot of deadweight house singles.

No Corner Half conventional electronic and half experimental

no label Mostly Latin punk rock, with a surf rock EP and a couple other styles.

No Sleep They're no Jade Tree, but it's surprising to find a dedicated emo label with 120+ titles this late in the game. Add the screamo by Amongst Thieves on their self-entitled label, The Nation Blue

Noctem Audio Everything I clicked on was dubstep, though I doubt it's all that.

Noisy Drums Drum & bass delivers on the labeled promise

NonineClassical, jazz, and electronic holding some intrigue if not yet appeal

Noromusic Jazz with classical mixed in, looks serious

Nota Italian compilations, jazz, classical, at least one hip-hop album. Up to 2018 in 113 titles

Novunque Italian pop and rock

NTA Electronic Small selection but pretty varied, with strong Russian presence. Only one LP among 14 titles from 2015-17.

Nubenegra Latin world music. Jazz with uninspiring album art and only one rated album of one star. One has to think it can't be THAT bad.

O Genesis An altogether different rock sound with plenty of rated albums to guide. 58 titles up to 2019

Oido World & electronic, small catalog.

Olive Grove Alternative rock with several rated albums.

Onset Audio Specializing in drum & bass EPs. One hopes as much time was spent in the studio recording as on Adobe Illustrator with the album covers

Organik Audio A couple of drum & bass/dubstep LPs and then singles.

Orrua Diskak Funny name, and only a few groups making jazz & world music

OutputMostly electronic singles, with a few full length albums.

Ouvirmos Two interesting new classical albums by Zoar stand out from the crowd of already unusual, old Latin classical and folk music.

Oveja Negra Latin rock, pop, jazz, and you name it. Some new and some dating to the 1950s.

OVUNQVE 16 techno titles updating in 2020 with nice album art

Palms Out Sounds A lot of well rated singles for 99 cents, if one's into electronica.

Pamela Wise Lone jazz lady with a mere four titles gets all the stray jazz from now on. Add "This Is How." Add Redtenbacher's Funkestra for twelve from 2017-19. Add most of Eclettica Music. Add BNR Jazz for the Bulgarian National Radio big band

Parabola Long EPs with one in 2019 are good value if you like the techno sound.

Partapart Electronic and pop mixed, about evenly with LPs and EP singles.

Patrol the Skies Too few labels can boast a full length drum & bass LP from 2019. Others also appear to be varied with high quality, too.

Pelak Light rap in an unknown language, probably Farsi, only a few artists in 19 releases 2011-2017

Perth Half electronic experimental, half hip-hop.

Philos Electronic and looking a bit urban on its album covers. Mostly EPs.


Phoenix Music An odd split between metal and electronic in 11 titles. Add the 53 by LSDOOM on jaaam Records to go decisively in a hard rock direction

Polskie Radio Whole lotta jazz, and who'da guessed, Polish connection.

Popol Vuh Electronic stuff trying a little too hard to be different?

Premier Records Africa You'll never guess where the artists are from. Mostly singles, but there must be something worthwhile in 300 titles. Premier Records adds nine more with no apparent geographic divergence.

Pride Vibes Entertainment British rap and beats from the prolific Slap Up Mill

Produlam In 81 titles ending in 2018, a bit more varied in style and harder than peers like Indiana Rock or Flor y Nata, but on sampling I'd also opine that the quality is also below average, with more singles than LPs. Decidedly low second-tier or third tier Spanish rock.

Proibito I usually like electronic stuff, but the only thing I heard here was not appealing.

Prosto 170 titles worth of explicit Eastern European hip-hop up to 2020.

Provocateur For the name, looks tame and even cheesy world jazz.

PSM Latin-sourced and randomly distributed genres, but a mere 13 titles. Add the four on Rockamaya Music LLC and the nine aptly titled James Bossa Nova for light jazziness. Four more on Zona Jazz.

Quemasucabeza Are these mostly Latin artists worth burning one's head over? Only one way to find out. Lots of actual singles, and frustratingly, unlabeled singles. 119 titles from 2010-2020

Rad Summer All around urban styles of funk and electronic, with plenty of actual hip-hop.

RadiciMusic Italian folk music and some rock. Those labeled pop or classical think a little too highly of themselves, methinks. 34 titles ending in 2014.


Raiz Discos Latin pop, rock, jazz, and even industrial.

Raygun Records Small, serviceable rock selection. Leave out "Records" and you'll get the same but electronic. Add New Street for a few more on the poppier side of rock.

Ready Mix One for the experiment of whether putting more effort into techno singles' covers is correlated with higher quality.

RealScience Unusual electronic EP singles with some funny names, only from 2008-9.

Rebooth Bouncy electronic singles, most of which are actually just single tracks, unfortunately. Add Romlus Records for nine more of the same

Rebore Black metal, electronica, and jazz coexist here.

Record Breakin Several well rated pop and electronic albums. (gone Sept.'19)

Recordiau Cae Gwyn About a dozen rock albums from bands and people I've never heard of, though the album covers aren't bad. Add Al Lewis Music for 21 more pop rock in Welsh that's too poppy for me.

Recordiau JigCal Mid-2010s rock EPs and singles from somewhere in Europe (Wales) look novel at least.

Records on Ribs About ten albums spread over four artists in rock, pop, folk.

Records Records Records Records Far superior to the imprint that says "Records" a mere three times and only has singles, obviously. Rock/alternative with some rated.

Recordsman Russian men looking dapper, or at least attempting. Other stuff mixed in, like electronica, may be of interest.

Red Poncho Producciones Rock en espanol, poppier and not bad. 2017-19. Add the four on Churumusica

Redukt DigitalTechno with a refreshing amount of variety. Several rated.

Rew I'll use this one as justification for lumping jazz and blues together.

Ripple Music The best I can say is that the catalog here seems to be up to date and updating, though the material is almost certainly too heavy for my tastes. (gone July'19)

Rivbea From the jazz great's wife's collaborative label.

River Another old-timey collection of history to be taken or left. 119 titles in jazz, blues, and old show tunes from recognizable names

Rock Indiana Neither the U.S. state nor the country, they're Latin indie and alt. rockers who are every bit the 3-star rating of one of the albums. Competent and risk-free, up to 2019.

Rock It! Misleading name, as only a few actually do. Still fairly interesting and Latin-sourced. Several interesting titles at reasonable prices. 32 up to 2020.

Rockets & Ponies Moby & Timo Maas among other unrecognized house people.

Rocksector True to its name, probably harder than most.

Rockstar Rockabilly and old stuff oddly mixed with techno singles.

Rocstar Removing the K yields surprisingly poppy electronica.

Roof Cat Odd mix of metal, punk, rock, and pop, probably Latin.

Rootsound Add the Eskorzo LP on Venga to make this significant. An LP for Los 300 rounds out these singles split between the two interesting Latin bands.

Rupa Rupa Small catalog with some interesting Italian reggae, pop, and hip-hop.

Russian Techno There's wearing your identity on your sleeve, and then there's this. Would save a lot of time if all were so explicit.

The Rust 20+ albums of middling electronica, all unrated, all from 2017-19, mostly for 99-cents.

Schedule One Doing things with bass that nature never intended. Many worthwhile EPs.

Scion Audio/Visual A small grab bag of various styles, including a Rob Swift EP.

S.C.S A few LPs among singles, and a few Japanese names.

Seagrave Electronica you won't be hearing on the dancefloor anytime soon.

Secret Family A few hip-hop and a drum & bass LPs, and the rest is rather aggressive hip-hop en español. 50 titles up to 2019

Sello Azul Latin on the world-music side.

Sello Fisura Latin, with an unusual concentration of hip-hop.

Several If several means 70+, then it fits. World Hispanic and Middle Eastern.

Severalia Lots of Spanish folk music, updating to 2019

Severest Maybe the closest eMusic has to Metropolis Records? Dark EBM and synth rock without the driving beat. One single from 2019

Shipwrec Electronic and techno with dark-looking album covers.

Sink & Stove Be sure to use the ampersand and spell out "and" for the full catalog of twenty rock possibilities.

Simplify Recordings Might as well be called "Singlify," but there are at least a couple full length dubstep albums I'll have to check out, as it's a blind spot for me.

604Nearly 200 to choose from, but I doubt the five-starredness of some of these alternative rockers.

Six Thirty Indonesian metal, punk, and prog rock. You can sort it yourself

Skoum Recordings Removing "Recordings" and combining the two entries adds up to inclusion here as a rare electronic label with only LPs and no singles, all from 2018-19.

Skylar Looks like two diametrically opposed labels both named Skylar collided and became this 60-title enigma of hip-hop singles and ambient LPs. Up to 2019.

Slow Motion Italian techno is obviously superior for its machismo.

SO Recordings 12 titles in rock from 2009-19 with much rated highly

Soliton Large selection of jazz with plenty of cheese mixed in.

songlines (gone as of July '19)

Songkit 200 titles up to 2017 mix the very hard and the very soft from light jazz, steel drums, to death metal. Very confusing but probably not bad.

Sonic Book Interviews but also actual music from artists way more famous than elsewhere on eMusic.

Sonic Groove While I'm partial to visual and physical grooves, might give theirs a listen, too. Allmusic calls it a "respectable" electronic label, and many of the 64 titles dating back to the 1990s and ending in 2017 are rated

Sound Art Polish blues. Not a little of it.

Soyuzmultifilm Russian pop of some interest, but the label is unsearchable unless you type in Cyrillic (Great job, eMu!). Here's a link Soyuzmultifilm. It's got a lot from 2019, so you can feel like you're on Russia's cutting edge of pop fashion. The name looks like CTy CO 3 with some Cyrillic in between.

Space of Variants Ten techno albums with very long tracks. 2017-19.

Spectrum Spools An odd mix of electronic, punk, and other stuff with nice album covers. (gone Sept.'19)

SPEKK Ambient/instrumental/new age and a little else. Some very long tracks and high ratings in 29 titles from 2004-19.

Sports Day About a dozen indie rock albums. 99 centers abound

Spring Theory There's a little more than average house music going on here in this small catalog, up to 2018. A little. See also Archie Pelago and Row Records to bump up the numbers significantly

StolicaOnly two LPs, and the singles are mostly hip-hop. Some fairly dark stuff compared to other Russian labels. 44 titles up to 2019

Strange Life All listed under electronica, probably European, but might just oonce.

Stroom European electronic and new wave but a small selection.

Sublime Frequencies World, mainly from dry places?

SubmarinoAtomico Latin sourced and covering rock, jazz, blues, reggae, and world music with lots from 2019.

Subroutine About 50 alt. rock albums, singles tend to be rated more often.

Subterfuge 700+ albums up to 2019, mostly but not all from Latin sources in alt. rock. All that's missing is anything I recognize or a review.

Supreme260+ titles of drum & bass EPs that like to compile themselves, up to 2019

Suite Soprano Hip-hop en espańol with a single 2019 artist among 24 titles. Add MandalaREC. for five more and GDF for four from Pablo M

Super Discos Mostly Latin singles, with a few rock and folk EPs and LPs.

Superstar Destroyer About a dozen alternative/indie titles.

SUTYXIVE Small Russian hip-hop label achieves the difficult task of being interesting without understanding what they're rapping. All from 2019.

SW Definitely a mix of trashy compilations, but also some brief jazz LPs.

Swoon Several rated albums of energetic rock and synth-pop

Szpadyzor Possibly Polish and possibly rap, but if Czech rock or something else, most look "explicit" and probably not available at Wal-Mart

Take It Or Leave It Most will probably leave it, but Slavic music definitely has its hidden gems and virtuosity.

Takeo Half jazz/fusion/opera with some Japanese names and half Latin.

Tara Music Company Ltd. Highly rated Irish music, mostly 20th Century.

TARO Techno that flirts with industrial noise, up to 2019

Taukay Classical and new classical in a small catalog. Add Cubafilin Records to it for six more titles. Two more on PFT are also new classical and wrongly called ambient/instrumental. Two on ElDuende Productions, too. Francisco Zornoza's new classical lives on GMFZ, 11 titles.

TehRap Got lucky searching for Tehran, and it opened up a lot of possibilities in Iranian rap, in Farsi, I presume. 15 titles from 2015-18

Terre Sommerse Some jazz, some questionable Italian stuff.

That's All Music Latin rock, folk, and jazz. Entirely unrated, but looks interesting.

Thaz Dope Above average production makes its electronic singles more enticing than most.

Thot Eight hip-hop titles en español and French.

Timmion Two jazz LPs and a bunch of old 45s

Toca Discos Rock from Brazil up to 2019 can be interesting and loud, sometimes both. Unlabeled singles means a lot of clicking.

Tradisom Portuguese traditional, folk and world music. A prime example of the problematic division between the two genres.

Transatlantyk Small collection of worthwhile, experimental electronic EPs, though some are just techno.

339 Jazz, acid jazz, and electronic singles.

Treesare Russian and other rock that looks fairly interesting.

Phinery (oops...wrong name) A few full-lengths swim in a sea of singles, claiming to be "minimal" electronic.

Touch Only recognize Fennesz, with much else to try. (gone Sept.'19)

Tramp Funk soul brothers between comps and cheese.

Tres Records Rated hip-hop does not appear to be in Spanish. 14 titles from 2005-11.

Triquinoise Aggressive rock en espanol and plenty of other Latin-sourced non-world music

TRRR Discos Rock, synth-pop, and not very interesting electtonica from Spain, I think.

TuneCloud Large selection of Russian trance mislabeled as house and other electronic, mostly singles. 318 titles ending in 2017

Tyrell Nine titles with one from 2019, with new age cover songs and experimental electronica featuring among cheesy pop and random stuff.

Ultrapop Despite the name, a more varied catalog includes punk, rock, etc. up to 2019, though mostly singles in Latin-sourced 200+ titles. Updating in 2020 with 350+ titles.

Uncanny Valley I'm skeptical of any house/techno purveyors, but who knows?

Uncoiled Loops Some drum & bass albums might be of interest.

UNO NYC Hip-hop and an occasional jazz outlier among lots of singles.

Phinery (oops..wrong name) Only a few albums, but they are unusual for eMusic for their urbanness.

Um Passo Electronica whose long tracks suggest they are in no hurry. Brazillian?

Underslung Audio Drum & bass, dubstep singles and EPs. Is there an echo in here?

Unicornio Lots of Latin old cheese here, but also some interesting world music. Lázaro Ros looks very different from the others on the label. Not quite 100 titles

Universe Axiom Aggressive electronica in a large catalog.

Urban Recording Techno that's more compelling than average, but it's annoying that many singles say "EP" on their covers. 40 titles end in 2016

Valcrond Video Techno that seems just a little bit off, and not necessarily in an interesting or good way. 17 titles from 2013-17.

Vanagandr Metal, and I don't like metal, but I will seriously consider their epic 99 cent offerings.

Vende Hip-hop en español with a lot from 2019. Some is interesting. A bit of rock, reggae, and other stuff sprinkled in among 150+ titles. Add Artéria Futura for nine more singles in Portuguese.

Verform Do you hear a droning? (gone July'19)

Vertigo 20+ mostly jazz from 2016-19.

Very Clever Twelve titles in rock but only one LP up to 2020

Vibes Records LLC Lots, 180+ of electronica, dubstep singles from 2019.

Vir Spanish regionalism with attitude.

Visionaire Bound to be something worthwhile on here, given the variety. Strong metal presence.

Voll Schoen Quirky electronica with a visual theme over eight releases. Different sounds over the usual beat.

voxnox techno, with enough variation to be worth exploring, at least at first glance. Artwork suggests darkness, but most of these are pretty aggressive.

V2 Records Benelux Still has 400+ albums, which makes me think something went wrong. (gone July'19)

White Paddy Mountain Japanese New Age can only be approached with extreme prejudice.

WM Boxes Ed. Live and Italian jazz

WM Digital Services Sounds like they'll clean your house with a computer rather than rock it, and the variety among 257 releases is impressive. Quality will need sampling. Lots from 2019.

Wonderfulsound If they do say so themselves. Mostly rock, singles. 72 titles up to 2019. Home of Simian's Simon Lord, and that should bump it up a tier or two.

WoNKed Electronic singles by the numbers, up to 2019. A few EPs and LPs by Super Sapien get atmospheric before kicking the beat.

World Music Factory A pretty small factory making Latin world music on the poppy side. See also The Music Factory for 37 oldies, many Latin, claiming to be "remastered" Name could be Chinese, but highly doubtful given classical and jazz catalog.

You So Fat 115 titles in drum & bass up to 2020

Zeitstrafe Edgy alt. rock, some with punk, metal, or synthy leanings, often German. 25 albums that look nice at least from 2005-17. Add Blarg on deineScheibe to get up to 2019.

Zepedabros Sixteen Latin rock and folk singles up to 2019.

Low Priority (With so many relatively unknown labels to explore, had to add a new category for those that just don't look worth my time. Consider those remaining in "Insufficient Data" and other categories to be much higher priorities, and I apologize in advance for not noticing these are gone, if they disappear. If all other careers fail, one should know that it's always possible to start a record label selling house music singles!)

A.P.E. Poppy dance nonsense in almost entirely 2-track EP singles, some unlabled, from 2005 to 2018 mostly, with a solitary 2019 entry among 99 titles. Similar to Cherry Pepper.

A&W Record's The A&W record owns 77 singles up to 2019 in slightly Latin electronic pop.

AAMBeatz Doubling your A's will only get you to the top of the garbage heap around here, label! Plodding electronica tries to be a little more exotic but is no more interesting in 21 titles up to 2019.

Ab Records The eMusic equivalent of a doomsday cult, all the 210 releases ending in 2018 seem to be jazz albums of songs about two minutes long, with random album art having little or nothing to do with their boilerplate titles. Eery.

Abe Duque It's almost like the guy is trying to game my standards for significance by putting out the same kind of music under a different artist name. Techno. 26 titles ending in 2016

Ababili 25 titles up to 2019 in techno that stays well within boundaries.

Abdel la Esencia TRES Missed the first two, apparently. Latin dancehall music up to 2015.

Abducted LTD. Aggressive but not terribly impressive drum & bass, 60 titles up to 2019.

Abstract Channel Very little abstract about these house singles.

Abstract Mechanisms Latin-sourced techno EPs.

Abyss House music by black people.

Ace Music Deserves a cable Ace award for Mediocrity in Genre Sampling by Hispanic Artists. One from 2019. 200+ titles

Ace of Hearts AOH Ten titles, one EP and the rest seem to be unlabeled singles of hip-hop by Fxsion and a few others up to 2020

Africantunz Records & PromotionsExceptionally preachy, bottom of the barrel African "pop" from the likes of Tom Wardle, whose "Stop Crime" is almost too sad to be funny

Afro Native Artist and track names prove to be far more interesting than the music here, which is pretty nondescript house on the softer side. 22 titles with one from 2019.

Afromove Was hoping for another Gentle Soul, but this is standard house music in 40+ EP singles up to 2019.

Ahuga Won't go ahead and call it folk, but there's an awful lot of single guys holding an acoustic guitar here. Not my thing.(gone Aug.'19)

Agencja Artystyczna B.M. Over 100 Polish Eurotrash discopop titles, with one from 2019

Alberri Spanish oldies with a lot of compilations

All Is One Eight tech house EPs from 2008-10 for 99 cents but not necessarily good value despite length. Some are rated. Add ten more on ROMB

All Time Favorites Classical, jazz, classic rock, and world music in a big lump

Alveda 430 genericelectronica singles and v/a compilations up to 2019 are dancey all right

Amoeba Label Curses and banishment upon them for soiling the name of my favorite record store with tech house EP singles. 41 titles from 2008-15.

Among Somebody rated one of these tech house EP singles from 2013-16, so I guess their 27 titles have to be taken seriously.

ANDINA Inc. Mainly useful to differentiate between "greatest hits" compilations and trash compilations. The dozen collections here appear to be "hits" by single artists and therefore included, though I have no interest in them. Though they're all from 2019, these are Latin oldies.

Animar 60 electronica EP singles up to 2019 that I'm just not going to sample

Anticodon For a case study of how fewer than ten obscure artists can have 200+ albums, see here. Pop & electronic.

Antipop Punk with some regular rock mixed in.

Altafonte Latin-sourced, mostly singles. Rock, pop, folk, and world mostly. 43 titles up to 2019

Alvo Rock in Portuguese fails to impress

AMAdea Four hundred releases lead with black metal but appear to be mostly electronic. Mostly singles and definitely some cheesy nonsense mixed in.

Amalgemated Muzik GroupHip-hop singles, 21 titles from 2017-18. Add the 39 by AMBKOR en español on Royal-Ice to get to 2019

AMG The two titles very different from Adrian Marquez G are probably just in here because AMG is a short name. 14 titles likely unrelated to each other, up to 2019.

Amiti Group A dozen electronic titles with some LPs.

ANALOGmusiq The LPs are only $3, and single EPs are 99 cents. Many are from 2019. All that's missing is distinction among all the techno.

ANAOH Latin-sourced techno, up to 2019.

Animal Farm The usual techno EPs in 27 titles up to 2019. Add Black Zen for nine more. Adding "The" leads to 226 wannabe pop singles, with EPs mixed in, all are absolutely terrible from 2016-18. Painfully conventional.

The Animal Farm 220+ generic pop, country, hard and soft rock singles and EPs ending in 2018. Yuck.

Animato Atypical classical, but pretty tame. (gone as of July'19)

Another Psyde Bepsydes the spelling, this is notable for being the third small trance label to carry an LP from the trance outfit Crazy Ducks, and there's one of the ten from 2019. Add the 13 titles from Altitude8868 for more trance.

Another World Home of Dub Killer's dubstep and surprisingly few others, given almost 100 titles.

Antequera A gitana, some pop rock, and then old Spanish crooners.

Antina Sounds Trance with soft porn, 40+ titles. The show ended in 2016

Apache 480+ techno EP single titles up to 2019, and the first three artists are Sydex, GloomDoom, and Vynek, making the likelihood of an Apache Records artist naming algorithm a needed innovation.

Aquasound A whole lot of techno singles

Aristo Jazz A few bands seem to have banded together with a rule not to make any song longer than a few minutes long. Eleven LPs all from 2017

Armadillo Not to be confused with the more reputable Alligator. But, yes, I confuse it since it also has blues.

ARMProduction House singles and at most two-track EPs are nothing special; Professor seems to be more interesting than others on the label, up to 2019.

Arms Limited Rote techno up to 2019 in 30+ EP singles Add the nine on Amongst Others, which I just couldn't leave alone.

Arrival Time Media Company Almost 60 titles in hip-hop up to 2019 with an initial draw of a couple 99-cent EPs, but on closer inspection the numbers seem to be near infinite remixes of the same song or theme.

Art as Catharsis Half looks like black metal, the other half cheesy birdmess. Almost all from 2018-19. Add the five metal titles on Battlesk'rs Productions

Art Music One Nordic guy's folk rock and one more artist in 31 titles up to 2019 are technically significant.

Art Style: Techno 157 titles take themselves quite seriously and darkly. 2013-18

Artist & Company Put this pop and folk rock from somewhere Nordic together with the apparently German rock of Laika lebt to make a significant though not very interesting European label with releases from 2013-2019.

Artshift As a folk amalgamation to achieve significance, put Lewisburg's six with Steve Yarrington's Tambourine Moon, the Indian flute of Atharv, Zanja Madre's lone LP, Martha Paton's EP/single on Little Boat, and whatever Alena Murang is playing all together and count it as uptdating in 2019.

Asher Maybe a bit more focused than others with 1000 titles, on jazz, world mainly, but it also blurs the line between real artits/bands and trashy compilations.

AshesToFlame 39 titles in rather cheesy electronica, almost all actual singles, updating in 2020

Askance Discs About how I look at the average techno label on eMusic now.

Aspen Inc House singles up to 2019 in small supply

Assassin Soldier Dark, disturbing album art seems misfit to these 56 techno EPs w/ at least one from 2020.

ATMOSPHERE Overly crosslisted electronic EPs from 2010 & 2011 look more diverse than they are. w/out caps lock there are 32 titles up to 2019

Attiva sas 70+ house singles up to 2019.

Au Music 13 titles from 2016-19 approach pop from very different angles, but in no way that appeals to me.

Auburn Jam Disparate styles here if not genres, but albums I sampled seem connected by earnest self-confession and slavish conformity to being in tune at the cost of having anything interesting to say/sing or sound like something other than self-produced songs for audiences of one.

Audio Culture Sometimes I think eMusic should just focus entirely on house music EPs. Up to 2019.

Audio Rehab Over 100 techno singles for you to sort through. Have fun.

AUDIO Stage The usual mix of house, techno, electronic singles, but with the novelty of having more women involved.

Audio Textures A dozen or so techno EPs.

AudioMeth Pretty mellow house music, up to 2019

AWN Record Label Almost 50 trance singles, ending in 2016, and again the point of a trance single is rather questionable.

AzTech Piramidal themes don't elevate or mysticize this straightforward tech house 70+ titles up to 2019

Bass Empire 278 deep house EP singles up to 2019

B9 Hip-hop en español with a couple singles from 2019 and only two LPs among ten titles. Add the nine titles on Sd music LLC

Bagana Edizioni Musicali SAS Italian metal, though often in English, up to 2019. Add the two LPs on Heartlines Editions Srl

Balearic A few electronic compilations of some interest and then some soft single EPs.

Banoffeesound 26 titles offering some of the worst rock and pop in English on the whole site, ending in 2018. I simply cannot imagine a world where the stuff labeled "pop" here is popular. It's just that bad.

Baptism I'd nominate this one for enthusiasts to explain the differences between average techno, tech house, and house music. 24 titles from 2012-14

Basement Dub 29 titles up to 2020 in general EDM ep singles. I find no dub.

Bass House What these 15 EP singles up to 2019 showed me was that my problem with the genre was that I'd been too much of a treble house listener. Gotta focus on that gloriously unchanging bass.

BeArTon Looks like a perfectlty fine, even serious classical label, but I'm not subscribed for classical music. Polish, it appears, in 42 titles from the end of the 20th century to 2013 in terms of recording dates

Beastiful Aside from a couple techno albums, there are some ladies and gents here who sound like they're making country music, ideal if country music fans in the USA would listen to Latina artists. 18 titles up to 2019

Beathey Latin-sourced house

Beatwave Probable Londoners insist they're at the forefront of "hardstyle" electro. Sampling their 82 titles, mostly EPs ending in 2014, I find little exciting or distinctive.

Beauty on Duty Punk rock with muted guitars, two LPs and the rest are EPs from 2014-18.

Believe House I believe house to be the dominant style on eMusic, to the site's detriment. 40+ EPs up to 2020

Bellboy 53 titles in techno, mostly singles from 2010-11, including one from 808 State and a couple LPs by Vegas Soul

Bellectra 46 techno ep singles ending in 2018

bepositive 22 titles in Latin pop from 2013-19. Suggested on the main eMusic page, oddly, as none of it appears to be appealing in the least.

Berlin After Dark Ten titles all from 2018 in tech house EP singles, not sure if actually from Germany. Add the seven on Eerie Records to be sure

Berlin Bass Collective Their goal is to "spread good vibes" through music. Their house music is sometimes closer to disco than I can tolerate in these 11 EPs up to 2019

Berlin Records-US 11 titles, mostly EPs and singles in poppy EDM from 2013-16 from NYC. Add EDM Soul Records LLC for Magnate Black's 2019 take on the style while staying too poppy for me

Berlinist 25 tech house EP singles from 2015-18.

BeToYou Music Publishing S.A.S Men in various poses, outfits, and hairstyles trying to look either sexy or hard, not easy in the case of Mosta Man. These attempts are about as successful as the Latin pop and hip-hop music here, in 50+ titles and one 2019 compilation.

Betty Norwegian rock mainly from Betty Stjernen is middling bar band material on sampling these 24 titles from 2006-2018.

BIG BADA BOUM! House and techno that does try to spice itself up a bit, up to 2019, but as all 30 or so are single-tracks, I'm not going to bother.

Big Flu 30 techno EPs from 2012-17

Big Tunes Unusual to find 400+ titles up to 2019 hiding in plain sight as of late Sept. 2019, but the quality or lack thereof here might explain it. Electronic trash comps, mostly

Binary Audio Machinery Trance

Bis Music If I had more fondness for salsa or cheesy Latin jazz, this would be a favorite. Some pop and trash comps too. 146 titles up to 2019. Put the two words together as BisMusic for 69 more.

Black Cash 27 rap singles from 2015-19 with voice processing and pottymouths

Black Ice 45 Music Group Trap singles from 2018-19 in 22 titles. Combine with the 11 titles by Bishup Bicardi on Gifted World Records LLC and six more on Pay Style Entertainment Music Group LLC. Try Paystyle Entertsinment Music Group LLC for more of the same with less attention to spacing and spelling

Black Samurai I might give these 162 drum & bass singles from 2015 some attention if they weren't all one track each. Just missed putting the label in the drum & bass list in Apr. 2020

Black Square Techno, with nods to Berlin. 130 titles up to 2019. Not going to sort through them.

Black Swan Techno by the numbers, 87 ep singles up to 2019

Blacksheep Outlet of 39 dancey electronica singles for artists like Mandragora whose albums are elsewhere, up to 2018

Blacksoul Because when I hear that label name, I think house music and techno. Singles up to 2019.

Blackstar Rap en español mostly from 2019 with long lists of featured MCs trading verses on aggressive singles

Black Truffle I try not to include things with under ten releases, but there's some longer electronic "singles" here I've gotta see to. (gone as of July'19)

Black Cat Productions Very old blues I will likely never explore. Add Black & Partner Licenses LLC and Black & Partner Licenses LLC for eight and 28 more titles of oldness, respectively

Blanco Sur Rock en espanol, neither a lot nor very distinguished.

BlatFifty Russian titles ranging from blues and punk rock to the usual hip-hop and pop singles, ending in 2017.

blbonthebeat One LP and one EP among 13 slow hip-hop titles en español, one would be hard-pressed to call them slow jams, but they are all from 2018-19.

Bloodstone 310+ electronic singles up to 2019, with at least one drum & bass. Uniform red album art doesn't entice or lead one to believe they sound different from each other.

BMP 155 sub-mediocre pop titles en español w/ lots of singles mostly from 2019

Boa Musica Latin Hip-hop and rap, some rated. 22 more up to 2019 on Rap Solo/Boa Musica, and the rap over jazz by Kase.O as well as the Violadores del Verso are standouts

Boiler Underground 151 techno EP singles up to 2019

Bokeh Versions A small electronic label, though not all are labeled as such. Add K-Wolf for a few more. Doktorklein on Sound and Vision Farm will boost numbers with seven singles.

Bold n Boasy EntertainmentThese may have more credibility as actual Rastafari reggae artists, but I'll be darned if I wouldn't rather listen to some Polish or Chinese reggae than these tired tunes. 70 titles up to 2019, mostly singles.

Bombstrikes Hard to tell if the quality of the comps is actual trash, but there's enough else that's not to include it as a funk label

BONELESS Low-grade electronica single EPs from just a few guys up to 2019

BoneRag Bluesy rock from only a couple of bands on six albums from 2012-2017. Add a decent live album for 99 cents from Andy Johnson.

Bonzai Progressive The progression is in house/techno music, up to 2019, and with 600+ singles to choose from. I assume the 29 titles, appropriately much smaller in number on Bonzai Limited, are related

Boogiemonsterbeats One of the longest singlewords on the site, perhaps. Offering 50 house singles ending in 2018

Bottom of the River An inviting mix of several genres ranging from bluesy guitar jazz to hip-hop to folk and alt. rock in just 10 titles from 2016-19, but all done pretty poorly by my sampling. Might as well dredge them. Add the seven similarly varied, including one by Gilles Peterson on Snow Dog from 2012-18.

Brand Music Records Russian pop and solo piano singles up to 2019 in 63 titles

Break Through Fat chance of any of these 24 titles in tech house up to 2019 ever doing that, though some are fairly pleasant

Break Under Easier than breaking through and leading w/ some long house LPs, but these 65 titles from 2009-18 are no more appealing.

Brenna Uniquely obnoxious Nordic pop with cheesy keyboards made somehow aggressive and in-your-face vocals. Nine titles incl. two LPs but only two artists, from 2014-18.

BRM Electro Trance and general electronica in 200+ titles with ample LPs. The Kasper Hate album is an almost amusingly mild take on EBM.

Bubblegum Undistinguished rock and synth pop

Bump House singles from 2014-2017.

Bunny Boiler Punk EPs mostly, with several dubiously labeled as pop.

Burn the Fire Predictable electronica for the dancefloor building to vocals or a break. Mostly singles in 147 titles ending in 2016

BUSINESS MINDED ENTERTAINMENT LLC Their label name in caps suggests yelling, but the MCs seem to deliver a pretty low-key trap in 26 titles from 2015-19. Add eight more on Pandemic Legends Records LLC, six on Square Business Entertainment LLC, four on Slum Beautiful Entertainment LLC, and nine on Never Rich Enough MusicGroup,LLC

BZHits Studios LLC A big step up from Reh Dogg Entertainment in that these people are reading classic literature, but I'm confused as to why anyone would come to eMusic for an audiobook.

Caama People with ethnic names and appearances do a substandard job at genres like world, folk, blues, hip-hop, and reggae in 29 titles from 2013-17. Add seven more in rock on Mechanical Bull

Cabbie Hat Well, would ya look at that--there's an old jazz theme to these house singles, up to 2019

C.P Iraninan pop, almost all singles, up to 2019.

C24 Nondescript techno, other than the Brolax Bones 2017 LP, it seems.

Calorific Empty tech house calories. 18 titles from 2013-18

Campo Alegre 38 two-track singles up to 2019 in house with an African angle tilted towards Nigeria in particular

Canaria Old Italian stuff (incl. one from 1899!) in 540+ titles ending in 2015. Way too much junk to sort through to find anything interesting.

Cancun Techno label with 101 titles up to 2019, and everything appears to be a compilation or an actual single.

Cantieri Sonori Italian pop singles with a couple LPs

Cargo Music Entertainment Unfit even for economy class, there's a lot of children's music here en español...don't miss the gnomos cantan series. Old pop from the 1990s and the turn of the century also feature in a very mixed 68 titles w/ some claiming to be from 2020

Caribe Music dos Regional oldies stretching way back to the 1950s. Add the vintage titles of Arrow for booty lovers on HHHMusic ArrowMusic. The 16 singles on Dutch, Antillean League bring the region into the 2010s, and I don't know what to make of the 20 singles on Caribe Llama

Caribe Productions Inc. Low production value and questionably all from the region of its title. I wouldn't trust the dates on these 24.

Carton-Pate Different name, distinctive album art, same old tech house music EPs up to 2019.

Carypla 516 techno ep singles up to 2019

Central Dogma Standard house and techno singles, EPs, a few LPs, up to 2019 in 100+ titles

Cersa Some will definitely like these 20 examples of pop en español more than I do because they are conventional and harmless. 2018-20

Certainly An eponymous artist is paired with the trap of Rolex Stones up to 2019 in 13 hip-hop titles

Chambray Electronic, half of it house.

Chemiztri The likelihood that one hasn't heard a zillion tunes like these dancey electronic EP singles is equal to that that one has never seen model-looking women on album covers like these. 94 titles up to 2019

成都塔堡文化传播有限公司 Pop singles and EPs from Chengdu, going beyond cheesy into full saccharine.

Cherry Pepper More from 2019 but otherwise two-track dancepop like on A.P.E. in 135 titles

Chilevision Nine titles mostly in Latin folk, with one older punk rock LP.

CHM Supersound The kind of world music you might find laid out on a blanket in the street with only a color xerox for linter notes in a plastic envelope. over 1000 titles ending in 2018, seem to be from the South Pacific, i.e. Papua New Guinea

CHR A grab bag of attractive pop singers, folk, salsa, mariachi old and new, in over 100 titles up to 2019. Judge before clicking by the presence or absence and style of hats.

Clap Clap Achará and 424 offer rock en espańol competently

Climactic Good name for a trance label; I'll give them that. The music is nothing special. Some LPs as one would expect among almost 50 titles up to 2019.

Clover 90 dancey electronic singles up to 2019. tech house

Clozetbeatz Recordings, LLC A mere 16 titles, mostly house singles, with one downtempo EP from 2019. Add the 45 by Masomenos. 23 more by The Orden of Electro on Holy Synth

Club Rayo Disquets Possibly Latin-sourced house EP singles. 53 titles up to 2019

Club Vibez 73 EP singles ending in 2015. I'll let you guess the genre of electronica.

Союз Мьюзик Inconsistently labeled, mostly singles, tons from 2019 in 230+ titles. Most is pop, punk, or rock. Some hip-hop and synth-pop is mixed in on the poppier side. I could find nothing appealing with extensive sampling despite fair production value.

Coinxiding Arts Entertainment LLC Nina Maria must be considered a unique voice in hip-hop, with a very distinct delivery, but his 16 titles from 2018-19 need another artist to be significant. Minority Rules Entertainment LLC and and MackPeach Music Productions LLC can provide a whopping two more in 30 more titles

Colombo Latin pop of the 2010s that rather clearly puts style over substance.

Complatt It seems Germans, too, can make nondescript house music, and most of it is from 2019.

Conalmusica Some novelty in harps being almost as common as melodeons, but this is mostly hombres wearing sombreros and singing salsa, up to 2019

Concerns Eleven techno EPs, good value if you like the techno. 2017-2019.

CONCORE ENTERTAINMENT 19 poppy hip-hop singles ending in 2017 and including Lil Wayne on one EP. I am just starstruck.

Confetti Nearly 200 tech house EP singles up to 2019

Connaisseur Deep house in 116 titles up to 2019

Connected Sounds The electronic sounds found here are connected by their sub-mediocrity, not helped by being mostly singles in 110+ titles up to 2020.

Contemporary Vision 30 techno EPs from 2010-14 by artists who think pretty highly of themselves.

CorvusA rather random assembly of a metal single, some ambient stuff that might still be metal before the guitars kick in, and one Russian artist with folk elements. Ten titles up to 2019

Cosmic Music Records Pretty low-grade drum & bass and other semi-dancey electronica in 170+ titles all from 2013-14. At least it's not house music.

C.Q.F.D. Eight techno EPs from 2014-16.

Crea Painfully conventional pop rock in a language that diverges from Spanish with what looks like French. Not quite 30 titles from 2004-2019. Add the seven on Solver Label Div. Solver Productions Group S.A. if typing is not a strain to get old rock en español

Credo One techno LP among 19 titles, with the rest being V/A comps or EP singles up to 2019.

Creepy Finger 80+ tech house EPs up to 2019.

Creme Organization 94 house titles ending in 2017 that look like the music should sound a lot more interesting.

Creptonit 132 techno two-track singles w/ dar album covers up to 2019

Crossfrontier Audio Crossing the wild, audio frontier between house and deep house, I think I'll just stay in my hotel room. No singles are demarcated, so there's a lot of clicking involved to find EP singles not in the titles or an LP. Almost 80 titles, and the catalog ends with a 2018 LP entitled "This Is Just the Beginning." We'll see. We shall see.

Crossworld VintageNo idea what the "vintage" part is about. Might be related to the above. Low-grade electronica EPs in great quantity. Almost 300 titles up to 2019.

Crumpled Sounds like all the good label names were taken, and the electronica here lacks any original ideas, basically the equivalent of easy listening quasi-house. Some LPs among the EP singles, updating up to 2019 with 160 titles.

Cuatro 40 tech house EPs ending in 2014, and the album art, while not great, is still more interesting than the music.

Cuatro Vientos Not sure if singing is allowed in new age music, or if it's exclusive to singers in English. These are the most "woo-woo" albums en español I've yet encountered. Not bad; just very spiritual in a way I fail to grasp

Currency Cartel Ent., LLC Group these five titles in hip-hop with the nine on weOutThere Entertainment LLC, the three on The DJ Cisco Radio Network LLC, the six on Scott Boy Music Group LLC. Up to 2019 and more interesting than most condemned to this section.

Cylinder 16 house EPs probably from Italy, 2019-2020

Cymbalism Drum & bass slightly more atmospheric with almost 50 EP singles. Add six more on Middlemen Digital.

DA Records Ten titles split between metal, punk, and randomly European stuff.

Daddy Max Pop rock of Mohair and folk pop of Tom Billington do not appeal to me. Ten titles between them from 2016-19. Add Zeneration for some more pop by Bars and Melody including several covers albums.

the Daily Smokers 24 Italian hip-hop singles with one LP of beats from 2016-19

Dance Lab Nothing should be called "ANYTHING lab" unless it's got some serious experimentation going on. 372 EP singles ending in 2017, and I don't hear anything but average techno.

Dancefloor Killers 41 titles, mostly EP singles with rather disturbing cover art. Techno, I assume.

Dantze House/techno EPs up to 2019.

Danza Macabra More like danza generica. 18 titles 2010-14

Dark Face 200+ techno singles whose album art lives up to the label name, up to 2019.

Dark Recordings This drum & bass label is down here not necessarily for the quality of the music, though it didn't wow me and is probably pretty average, but rather for the annoyance of dealing with singles. Get with the industry standard and give us EPs, please. 120+ titles limited to 2013-14.

Darkroom Dubs A lot of highly rated techno, house, and tech house whose reasons for the ratings escape my ears. 70 titles up to 2019.

DEAD CERT. Harsh, unfeeling techno EPs, with a couple from 2019.

DeadwaveMostly hard rock in nine titles, with one or two outliers.

Decadanxa Middling electronica in 19 EPs of relatively low value since most just have a remix or two. The Anton Prize LP is almost interesting. 19 titles from 2012-16

DECAYED Several eponymous band releases and the covers almost literally scream metal. 23 titles ranging from the 1990s to 2020.

DECHAPTER Standard techno, though I did find one to rise above the fray. 33 titles up to 2019

De-Konstrukt 90 titles up to 2019, and what I sampled had only the slightest deviation from just being a standard bass beat and nothing else at all for the whole minute

Deep110+ tech house EP singles ending in 2018.

Deep Bear Always thought of myself as a shallow bear person, and these 300 tech/house singles confirm it, up to 2019.

Deepna House, about half Latin-sourced, up to 2019.

Deep Nota The best I can say about these 154 titles is they're not samey house music. The label's flaws are pretty readily apparent. Electronica EPs and singles ending in 2013.

Default I think the 560+ random titles up to 2019 are a tip of that this is another unsorted catch-all like "unsigned, independent, or Emu-Bands." Mostly singles to be extra annoying. Now 1882 tiles in Jan.'20

Delta Sigma 13 electronic titles from 2016 do try but don't succeed in distinguishing themselves from bog standard examples of their subgenres.

Deltaa Tankers Tiny collection of nine techno EPs from 2014-17

Desolat We needed more techno, right?

Detroit-Berlin Namedropping big cities is apparently necessary if your techno EP singles are from Belgium. 17 of them up to 2019.

Dialtone House EP singles somewhat more interesting than the record label's title. 86 of them up to 2019

DiceHoods Entertainment LLC 18 hip-hop titles from 2014-19, but I wouldn't pick this label to represent that range of years. Mostly singles. Add four on Platinum Keys Records.LLC and eleven more singles on The Next Phase Entertainment LLC

A Different Records Different does not mean good. Passable downtempo electronica and non-English hip-hop are fine, if marijuana-themed more than once. Altogether mediocre in 11 titles from 2017-2019. Add six from Bodytonic Music

Diffuse Reality No idea if all are techno albums, and they are mostly full LPs, do anything to distinguish themselves other than with album art. 27 titles ending in 2018

Digiment 91 house EP singles up to 2018

Digital Project Almost 850 titles from Russia, mostly pop and hip-hop, but with so many titles there's bound to be more exceptions than most labels have albums in total. Up to 2019

Digital Storm A dizzyingly large mix of hip-hop and pop, some Christian, all beyond the pale of consideration.

Dinastia Inc. 451 Latin oldies involving acoustic guitars and crooners. Salsa and trashy-looking compilations in equal measure.

Dinky Kinky 50 tech house titles up to 2019 appear to be actual singles

Dirty Sounds Dirty perhaps bc it tries to do a lot of different genres, but no example is appealing. 41 titles with one in 2018 and the rest from 2008-11.

Disciple of Groove One EP single is rated and OK, but I'm highly skeptical of these 32 electronic titles ending in 2018.

Discos Amor Appears to be older salsa and mariachi, but their 170+ titles include los tigres del norte, who just played at San Quentin prison. One from 2017 is a sore thumb among everything else from 2008.

Discotoni Ay, the accordions and melodeons! I suspect samey salsa, Mexican easy listening, but would be happy to be wrong. 290 titles ending in 2018

Disko Massaka The techno here tends to build towards something and often has vocalists on its singles.

Diskover Co Latin pop singles with hip-hop elements. 452 titles up to 2019. Some LPs from 2020 in 641 titles clearly updating

DISO Tech house with some stray LPs and EPs among the two-track singles. Some are rock en español. 230+ titles up to 2019

Disque Discos Tech house EPs, merely nine titles in EP singles and compilations from 2015-18

Ditto If a pop listener just needed 800+ titles to sift through, I'd direct them here. Total grab bag, and obviously mostly crap, but poppy, well produced crap.

DiynamiNondescript tech house singles, 100+ titles ending in 2018.

Dizzines 150+ singles up to 2019 in what they sometimes claim to be dubstep, but actual singles are of less value than most labels.

DivisionBass Digital 210+ titles in fairly aggressive electronica with a significant 2019 and drum & bass presence.

DJ Central Hip-hop with the pottymouth MCs doesn't do much for me. Maybe the singles aren't like that, but throw in the compilations and I'm out of patience for this massive store of 180+ titles dating from the 1990s to 2018.

DK Musik CanadaNot the first place one goes for Latin hip-hop, I presume. Remove Canada for two more to add to these 14 singles up to 2019.

DMND 36 short, instrumental singles from 2019, probably intended to be used as beats for rapping over

DnC Limited Limited to your basic techno, that is. 35 EPs up to 2019.

DOIN' WORK Unless your work is on the dancefloor of a club, HOW could this be possible?! 210+ house tech EP singles from 2014-2018.

Doma Musique Fairly conventional techno, with a few exceptions and nice EP 99-cent bargains

Don Juan Global Market Small catalog includes some salsa, pop, and a female MC on unusual hip-hop en español. Don Juan definitely has a global market, but I doubt these serve it.

Downplay 17 electronic EP singles up to 2019.

Drastic Decline A bit over a dozen titles in rock that just doesn't interest me, up to 2019

DRC Notable only for the curiosity of most tracks being about thirty seconds long on the "albums" not listed as singles

Dreaded Wolf Entertainment Combine the rap of Shwa here on six titles with the 11 singles of Dallas Price for contrasting examples of two very different ways to make unimpressive hip-hop, up to 2019. At least they both begin with D.

Dream Crusher Media Pop electronica singles. 80 of them from 2012-16

Dream Vision 250+ titles with many compilations of their own artists up to 2019 in trance and deep house.

The Dreaming Ansible One of three labels made up entirely of Marvin the Robot. To be significantly mediocre rock, add the five from Sweet Sweet Records.

Dreizen Schallplatten Rather horrific art on techno singles as generic as they come, up to 2019

DROMA It's doubly disappointing when one finds a small label like this with interesting album art and styles of music one usually likes but finds only sub-mediocrity on sampling. 11 titles from 2017-19

Drops At least a couple LPs clock in at 2-3 hours, so if you're looking for full-length techno value, try those. Fairly restrained rather than fast or loud, and I don't know if that helps to distinguish itself or between its nearly 200 titles. Mini Linking is fairly interesting

Drumma31 tech house EP singles ending in 2017.

Drum Majors ATL LLC Trap from at least one guy who likes to rap about sports figures in 45 titles, mostly but not all singles, from 2016-18

DTL 82 EP singles in straightforward techno up to 2019

Dub Cartel Dubstep EPs. 24 titles from 2011-12.

Dubdisk Misogynistic dubstep singles up to 2019

DubGestion Not dub per se but rather slow, fairly quiet techno. Lots of long tracks make their EPs the length of full albums, if that matters. Up to 2019.

Durp Supera 100+ pop electronica singles up to 2019 that don't waste any time before becoming very intense, united by a rubber duckie on the cover.

Dushe About 20 EPs and a stray LP in tech house, in the narrow range of 2013-14.

Dutra LLC Cheesily uplifting easy-listening en español complete with strings and soaring vocals. I'd expect a strong Christian element but am not going to listen carefully. A mere 8 titles all from 2018. Combine them with nine on LMA Music, LLC and nine on Rebels Music LLC

DvamiraVehicle for the electronic pop of Kate Melody and her sometimes partner for Induction Effect. 17 Russian pop sameness examples all from 2018

DXT Pulsac's 2020 LP "Repetition Is Never the Same" may as well be the mission statement for all techno and house music, but good luck convincing anyone of that who isn't already a clubber or also producing their own techno. 28 titles

829Music Mundial LLC Latin pop, mostly singles, up to 2019. Add Firomi for twelve more singles.

83Nagrania Three Polish rap artists from 2011-2017.

Eclesiastés Studio

Christian punk en español from 2018-2019 in fifteen titles

Eclipse Recordings 134 techno EP singles up to 2019

Edizione Jazz 139 old, Latin jazz titles w/ the same covers, suggesting not a lot of effort in curation or preparation for market. Mostly old world music.

EDM Nerds Nerds should have better taste or at least more skills than it takes to put out this tech house pabulum. 228 titles ending in 2018 and could be renamed EDM incels.

Effective Russian pop singles updating in 2020, 80+ titles

Egothermia 450+ tech house EP singles up to 2019.

808 EntertainmentHip-hop sometimes flavored with reggae. 73 titles up to 2019 almost all singles.

Einmusika Looks like Oonce techno?

El Consul The titular artist was kind enough to let a pal who looks and sounds strikingly similar to him onto his label for a hard Latin pop LP that's somewhere in between hip-hop and synth pop. Appealing to a very specific demographic that's not me. Nine titles all from 2016.

El Señor Guindilla It's thankfully rare to encounter a uniquely named label with rock en español this offensively mediocre. 28 titles up to 2019 might have something worthwhile, but consider me deterred.

Eleatics Techno with generally unsuccessful attempts to spice itself up. 15 titles from 2017-19

Electrecord Old classical recordings highlighting various instruments, 67 titles.

Electric Station Almost 350 singles in trance, house, dubstep, up to 2019.

Electronical Reeds Electronical music sounds strangely like tech house. 57 EP singles from the early 2010s to 2017

Electunes 27 titles from 2010-18 of middling electronica, sometimes adding middling vocalists, trying to pass off one LP among a few as jazz ain't gonna fly.

Elektrax Few tracks I've heard come as close to what my great grandfather called "washing machine music" than the title track off SubSight's "Dazed and Confused EP." A true mark of distinction among these 380+ tech house EPs updating in 2019.

Elemental Mov 68 titles, mostly singles and compilations, at least one trying to combine trance and dubstep, up to 2019

Elite Tech house and Latin salsa that's decidedly not. Some rated singles up to 2019, and some appears to be mixed in from other labels of an identical name in 85 titles

Elliptic 80+ electronic EPs on the dramatic or aggressive side, from 2010-2019.

Embryo Nagrania Polish rap in a small enough catalog for me to conclude they're cranked up a little too high for my tastes. Rap-rock included, up to 2019

Emerge One LP among 17 hip-hop singles up to 2020

Emona 180 titles up to 2020, with trance featured along with other less than cutting edge electronic styles, maybe related to Makrolon Records

Endless 68 techno titles up to 2019. Some pretty long tracks even on the EP singles make them pretty good value for 99 cents, and they mostly appear to be going somewhere.

Enhanced Progressive I honestly wonder if that could catch on as a name for a subgenre for those who think progressive house isn't forward-thinking enough. 355 titles up to 2019, and I'm not going to sample them.


Soft rock en español from four or five artists united by an affected, breathy, drama of self-importance. Painful. Nine titles ending in 2018

Equipe Dutch pop with soul. Only singles from 2016-18, but 30 of them.

Escutar Half solo piano and half Christian in Portuguese in 14 titles up to 2019

Esongs Entertainment 250+ cheesy oldies from Mexico and nearby.

ESPANTAPAJAROS Undistinguished rock en español with punk, pop vocalists mixed in.

Estashiba Latin pop dancehall reggae with only two EPs among singles from 2018-19

Etichetta Nera Almost no album art on these 40+ electronic EP singles of good value if you like the oonce. 2012-14

Eubea Above average EP single techno up to 2019 in 38 titles won't get a label very far these days.

Europe Black Ink Unusually short electronic songs of about two minutes on 19 mostly LPs, all from 2017. Very strange catalog.

Evosonic Does the presence of a 1920s female portait make tech house EP singles more appealing? If so, this is the place for you! 31 titles up to 2019.

Excluded Ltd Some grime, some house, some Rasta. Singles with an occasional EP in 34 titles from 2012-2016.

Extravaganza Note to Igor & Fanny, presumably the members of the titular band: trying to seduce people into purchasing your cheesy pop singles is not the way to go. I gather they're from somewhere in Eastern Europe, but I won't bother to look up where. 44 titles up to 2017. Mind-bogglingly awful all.

ExTy 35 electronic titles, mostly but not all singles, some poppier ones ending in 2017

F.O.S. 54 tech house EPs ending in 2015.

Faction Digital 151 titles up to 2019, largely dubstep and drum & bass. Might be worth exploring the many EPs for bargains, but formulaic album art might reflect the sound as well.

Faites Leur Des Disques Tech house EP singles with vocalists occasionally, 18 titles from 2014-18. I suppose there may be a French Connection

Familia For a house techno label, very small catalog of EPs up to 2019.

Far Down Far down on this list of interesting labels is this home to 200+ techno EPs and singles, up to 2019.

Far Yards Pretty slow techno, but that doesn't make it unique. 22 titles with one from 2019.

Fatal One needs to ask whether listening to all 250 of these house titles up to 2019 would indeed be lethal. Unpleasant, certainly.

Festival Five Children's music from Dan Zanes "& friends" that some rate highly. 32 titles ending in 2018.

Fierce Animal 86 titles and counting in techno EP singles up to 2019

1542 Another MC named Chyna and a few others have 15 titles up to 2020 here for your average hip-hop braggadocio

Filth on Acid I don't know why Carl Cox needs two collaborators on his singler here, among 36 other techno EP singles up to 2019

Firepower Dancey, aggressive dubstep and other electronic EPs.

Five Finger Discount It'd take a special kind of desperation to steal these 15 house EPs up to 2019 when 99 cents would let you have them legitimately

574 Mixed Spanish-English hip-hop singles possibly suggestive of narcocultura, up to 2019

Flipper Srl 131 quality classical LPs up to 2019 from Italy I can listen to when I'm retired, as eMusic will certainly still be around by then.

Float Nothing much to recommend about these 45 techno EPs, one of which is from 2019

Fly with Me 44 EP singles of electronica that fail to spark any interest, up to 2019

Fonts Nation Records LLC 15 hip-hop and pop titles from 2017-18. Add the singles on F.A.B. Records/S.D.Y.P The Movement, llc and the six full lengths on Diamonds Are Forever to get up to 2019.

Forestdelic 28 titles up to 2019 offer a perfect opportunity for someone other than myself to explain the difference between hard trance and psychedelic trance. Some long, 99-cent EPs do offer good value

Forevergreen FM 20 EP singles of house and electronica of little distinction

42Despite names like "Jazz Ninja," I find these to be lower grade Russian hip-hop, reversing the label name with 24 titles, mostly singles from 2015-17.

44 Sprinkles Sister label to Raminx full of nondestcript, easy listening solo piano in 86 titles from 2016-18.

Frameworx One LP among 18 titles requires this generic EDM label to be significant, 2011-14.

Frenzy Sounds Hip-hop and R&B singles from 2016-17, well produced but only 11 of them. Add seven titles on YACHTBOIMUSIC GROUP LLC just for numbers.

Frosted They've kindly labeled their EPs so that someone out there will know which ones are really singles, 120+ up to 2019.

Frucht German house and techno with some long EPs but little to distinguish them. Some from 2019.

Frustrated Funk Either made to look like or actually on vinyl, the techno here has more going on than usual, though not in a very compelling way. One of the 39 titles is from 2019

FSOE Parallels About 40 house/techno/trance singles from 2017-19

Funk Mansion House singles up to 2019.

Funk You Mostly singles, with a hip-hop LP by Jayboy mixed in just over 100 titles up to 2019

GAG DigitalThe nicest thing I can say about these techno singles is that some are from 2019.

Gallery German cheesy EBM, almost all from Illuminate, stretching back to the 1990s and ending in 2016 after 20 titles

Galletti BostonHorrible Italian cheese mixed with trash comps, but enough original artists among almost 300 titles up to 2019 make it significant.

Galvanic Good value 99-cent singles if you like the techno on offer. It's not bad. Almost 100 titles up to 2019.

GAMErecords Paint by numbers pop, electronica, and Latin music, with pop vocalists who like to be on their own album covers in greatest quantity 34 titles up to 2019.

Gardash Actual singles of trancey pop dubstep and compilations in great quatntity. 418 titles up to 2019

GBR Driving electronic pop possibly of interest to Nordic LGBTQ communities. 20 titles, mostly singles, up to 2019.

GClassTv Ent. LLC Going from A-class all the way down to G is what I think of TV generally, and I could imagine seeing these hip-hop singles there on some MTV knock-off. 20 titles from 2017-19, add the 8 on MUSE INK MUSIC LLC

General Hits Hits are generally Russian hip-hop, if you didn't already know. Almost all singles with the generality ending in 2018

Genobi Ltd 31 titles but only one LP of cheesy folk to go with the cheesy rock of Pedestrian Zero and Roo's Radio. One single from 2019.

Get Loaded Poppy dancey electronica, 32 titles ending in 2017, mostly singles. Add the singles on Revodj

Goodfellas Gangster house? 53 EPs up to 2019

Get Groove Almost 200 techno singles, apparently mostly single-tracks, up to 2019.

GFM A couple of Russians hire MCs for their many singles but otherwise make standard house/techno. One 2019 example among 44.

Glenview One electronic LP by Space Coast holds mild interest among these four. Put them with The Doxie and Jeroen Buurman (who doesn't think his quiet electronica can be categorized) to achieve significant electronic numbers ending in 2018.

Globomedia Musica Latin pop. Looks to prioritize commercial viability. Add the 19 titles up to 2019 on LATIN FLOW MUSIC LLC

Gifted & Talented, LLC Trying to build themselves up with the label name doesn't do anything for this misogynist, poppy hip-hop. 20 titles from 2016-17

Gizeh A very mixed bag ranging from electronic to metal to rock with some likely experimental stuff. (gone July'19)

Gobsmacked 145 titles in hardcore techno up to 2019. Mostly ep singles for 99 cents.

Gordon Duthie One of his eight albums is electronic, so I'm going to pair them with the obnoxious pop electronica of Gozzi Records AB to make a significant label of two solo artists.<

Gotham A strong contender for having the worst music in every genre, yet there's nary a trash comp to be found.

Gradient Audio Over 100 singles to choose from in dubstep and other electronica.

Great Touch-Pow Latin traditional pop you might find in a brick and mortar store in the Hispanic neighborhood.

Green China 245 pretty random pop, rock, electronic, and cheese.

Green Kiwi 120+ EP singles in tech house up to 2019.

Green Nights 400+ blase titles in EDM from the mid-2010s up to 2019

Greenstar300+ Eurotrash synthpop titles, abuntantly in 2019, from Russia.

Greenway It might be punk, but I've filed it under rock for now. 11 titles from 2016-17

Grooviglio Label sounds Italian, but I'm not so sure about these eight pop EPs from 2018-19

Groovy Riddim House singles from 2018-19

Grotesque 120+ trance EP singles up to 2019. Maybe the trance version of a power nap?

Group Tightener Some indie rock and some short electronic LPs rated 3-stars.

Grundsound German men with guitars. 30 titles from the 1990s to 2016.

Gruuv 137 titles including a few from 2019 with colorful, artful album art, but the techno behind them fails to impress.

Gruv Maniacs Digital SA Housey EP singles in small supply and undistinguished quality, by my ears. 22 titles up to 2019. Add 66 all by 7 electronics on Digital Global

GSmedia One hip-hop EP among 11 singles from 2016-17. A few are not in English. Add the EP and singles on The Young Parisians for six more titles. Add the 18 hip-hop singles on Popular Life Style LLC

Guarida Sónica One LP among 13 singles of pop en español of little distinction, from 2017-2020.

Guareber Just a metric ton of poppy electronic singles. 460+ up to 2019

Guesthouse Berlin Techno EP singles up to 2019 in 13 titles.

Gutterfunk Pretty average electronic EPs could use an LP to add some heft to the label, with only 11 titles from 2014-2017.

Gwo Bout Mizik Group Africans aiming for the lowest common denominator in raunchy or sexy album covers. The music is somehow overproduced at low fidelity. 20 titles refreshingly eschewing singles, more likely not labeling them, for EPs and LPs, all from 2018 except a 2019 single.

Gynoid Audio Over 250 techno EPs

hafendisko House music EPs with nicer album covers.

Halcon Classic salsa and mariachi of the 1970s with contemporary examples.

Hall of Fame Genre grab bag of 170 titles up to 2019, artists with Hispanic names.

Hamburg Aufnahmen 450 techno singles up to 2019. if you think I'm going to sample them, you're mistaken. The Berlin version has 477 EP singles. Berlin Aufnamen [VIP] has 165 more.

Happy Days 240 tech house EP singles would not make my days happy, though they are all from the late 2010s up to 2019

Happy Life 160+ singles and bad-looking compilations of house music, ending in 2018

Hard Bark Entertainment 243 actual singles of electronic dub or reggae with chintzy production quality mostly from 2020

Hardtools Techno in 55 titles up to 2019. Dark album covers

Harmonix FactoryBreak out all the cliches and try to put as many as you can per song, and you'll approach the lyrics and music here among wannabe pop stars' 14 titles from 2015-18

Haustronaut House singles up to 2019 in large quantity

Heath Mill 50+ atmospheric house or trance EPs up to 2019

HD Records Edition Pop flamenco singles and one LP, almost all from 2019

HDJ Old jazz

Heidens Hart A highly appropriate 13 titles up to 2019 in Dutch black metal.

Heideton 16 house EPs from 2016-18.

Herbst und Muzik These 46 techno singles and EPs up to 2019 are from...Argentina.

Hessle Audio A few highly rated albums, including one crosslisted in "future bass" (!), then the usual singles.

HI-FI MUSIC Really scraping the bottom of the Balkan barrel here for pop vocalists and a grab bag of bands. 62 titles up to 2019. Add the only slightly better six singles on WOOW Balkan

Hibernacula 23 metal roars up to 2019.

High Energy Low interest. Housing ended in 2018.

High Fashion Digital From vocal jazz to trance and hip-hop, they can do it all in a dated, mediocre way.

High Price 100 house single Eps up to 2019.

High Sound A dozen releases likely mislabed as Ambient/Instrumental. More likely beats for and with some hip-hop.

Hinjew 60 singles including a lot of "Latindian" style, all from 2018.

Hipster Healing Count'em four jazz albums get inclusion here for the label name. Add the two piano jazz titles by Marcelo Sasso

HM A mere 13 EPs and singles in electronica for the dancefloor from 2010-12. Add the 14 EP singles in dubstep on Signs Records from 2014-16 and 23 trance singles on Alternate Bangkok

Новая Школа Russian hip-hop, 130+ titles up to 2019. HobaR

Holier Than Thou 36 titles in pretty low-grade rock that won't commit to being hard. Up to 2019

Home Made Electronica Are they trying to lower expectations of their techno and house music with the label name. Album art is above average, but I won't be sampling very soon.

Horgi Approximately half mediocre blues and half kids music and trash comps. A lot.

Horus Music Distribution Clipped the catalog at 1000 releases, and I see no rhyme or reason to the selection. See also Horus Music Limited for another thousand, while HorusMusic is a svelte ten titles. Strange not to recognize anything. Horus Music Limited now has 2020+ titles, with several rated highly, though I disagree.

House of Minimal Minimal techno mostly from 2019

House Studio-R Inc. Acid house with occasional 8-bit soundds 140+ titles, mostly EP singles, ending in 2016.

House365 House music once or twice a year would be fine, but every day would probably kill me. 53 titles, mostly EP singles, ending in 2018.

Hr. Larsen Some light Nordic rock and folk rock mainly from Rey Larsen. I suspect it dates back to the late 20th century, and the catalog of 26 ends in 2017.

Hrd Studio hip-hop and pop en español, mostly but not all singles up to 2020 in 34 titles

Hurtz 25 titles in electronica with vocalists from 2011-13.

Hypetrak 56 electronic EP singles up to 2020

iCizzle Poppy, urban electronic titles, mostly singles and mostly by the eponymous label head in 11 titles from 2019-20

IFO Producciones Mostly guys mugging and looking tough for their album covers. Some salsa, hip-hop, mixed among general Latin pop up to 2019.

ILISHO 371 titles up to 2019. Occasionally hardcore and occasionally average techno.

Ill Bomb Just the usual techno EP singles from 2010-2016

Illegal Alien Latin-sourced techno I hear how Trump supporters see immigrants.

Imagenes Latin-sourced funk and R&B, almost all singles and dominated by a few groups

Investigation Music Lovers Electronic, with some dubstep.

Independent Most likely to explain the glut of 1000 is all that claimed to be without a label and therefore independent of labels was lumped in here. Guessing the same goes for the 450+ at Unsigned.

Independent Entourage Trap in 14 mostly singles up to 2020

Independiente Almost 600 albums, mostly Latin. Kinda pricey.

Indica The Good Company can sound like a poor man's The National, but these 21 titles mostly en español are mostly nonsense cheese and rock from 2015-16

Indigo A strange mix of Latin rock, pop, and cheese.

ISLA Almost 20 techno titles, all from 2019.

Rhino (oops...wrong name) One jazz artist, one new age, and then the usual blob of singles.

Indiefy Pop singles from obscure artists

Indiefy United 164 singles, some of which are EPs, of pop in non-English language and some electronica. Ends in 2018.

Indie Dubious Latin pop, rock, etc. 54 titles, mostly singles, up to 2020

Indie House Because we've all had enough of that overproduced, commercial house music

Ineffable Uniformly labeled as reggae, and maybe half bear a passing resemblance to the style. Imagine, if you will, if Matchbox 20 or Dave Matthews Band were the producers on a reggae album, and maybe it'd sound something like these 26 titles, almost all from 2019. If that sounds appealing to you, we probably shouldn't talk about music.

Inextremis Some singles, some EPs, with vague, cliched titles for listeners to project their thoughts and feelings onto. Electronica in 32 titles from 2018 including a fair bit of dubstep and pop elements.

Insolito Almost 200 EP singles of tech house, with a lot from 2019

Immortal Frost Metal. Dark, serious, and hard. 37 titles up to 2018.

Itchy Tasty 35 techno titles from 2013-17 with an occasional LP among the ep singles

Itchycoo Mostly techno and house singles, but at least one LP among 238 titles ending in 2017

Its Not a Label But it sure looks like another label of tech house EP singles up to 2019 in 360+ titles. Leaving out the apostrophe alone should banish them here.0

ITSrecordsSelf-declared "vintage" label is split between old blues and old Latin music in 270+ titles. Some folks might be pretty excited about this.

IVXX/A+AOKA covers the pop, and her peers cover the hip-hop, as Russians tend to do. These 11 titles up to 2019 are no exception at all.

jaaam I don't hear anything very interesting here on what seems to be an outlet for LSDOOM and little else. Instrumental, noisy guitars on 50+ titles, all from 2017 and with nice album art.

JambutekTechno singles with colorful covers, up to 2019.

JANGO DEEP 132 generic electronic EP singles up to 2019

Japonesque Musique Actually having Japanese sounding names is a plus, but I'm done sampling house music. 42 EP singles from 2016-18

JAZ Music 58 titles, mostly but not all singles, in Latin urban pop up to 2019

JBC Metal en español, up to 2019.

JC3 Trash compilations and other stuff that looks utterly horrible, up to 2019, in 129 titles. Possibly Christian?

Jesus Manuel Small group of Latin pop from a generation ago probably, despite 2018 dates across the board

Jet Alone 124 house EP singles up to 2019

Joe & Joe Italian pop vocalists in 21 titles from 2004-2018. Add five more on Heart RMP

JO!NT Interesting pop singles in Portuguese from 2019

Jose Luis Alvarez-Svetlana Novojilova Shulguina Definitely what I would name a record label, given the choice, as the name just rolls of the tongue. Provider of golden Latin oldies and Doris Day. Remove the JLA name and type in only the SNS name for 152 more titles

JourneyDeep 18 techno EP singles up to 2019, at least some with novel use of a deep bassline over the stereotypical beat. Add the nine others on JourneyDeep Black

Journeyman Productions Just 8 titles of a capella and cheesy instrumentals, some pop. 2017-19, and someone out there would probably like these, but I don't. Add 23 of Wim Mertens "classical" that just sounds like cheese to me

JST Techno with several LPs among the singles.

Junky Robot 101 techno titles from the 2010s, mostly EP singles.

Kaffee & Kuchen

Four bad pop titles ending in 2018 are hereby paired with the possibly Turkish pop singles of Sefer Production to make a significantly bad label.

Kaleydo 350+ tech house singles up to 2019.

Kaputt 83 techno EP singles up to 2019

KARAT Dawid Antoniewicz If you're going to make Polish rap reggae, don't do it with cheesy keyboards. Add his four titles to the singles on LCHP for a significantly bad pop catalog up to 2019.

KDBTechno with novel introduction of melody and guest vocalist at times, colorful album art. All singles up to 2019.

Karma Bog standard electronic EP singles with occasional vocals to try to reach fruitlessly for popularity. 330+ titles up to 2019.

Kharma & Factory Techno EP singles that do have a rather factory-made feel about them. 201 of them up to 2019

Kinky Trax No more kinkiness after 2018.

Kant Recordings Techno EP singles from 2010-13


Khao techno & tech house 26 titles up to 2019 in unlabeled singles

Kids on Coffee Short albums of folk and rock en español from 2017-2019

Kira Nice album covers in 300+ techno, house, and tech house EP singles up to 2019

Koffe tech house ep singles up to 2020, 59 of them

KM Entertainment LLC 14 urban pop singles that are the opposite of a good time for me. I thought it might be highlighting female MCs, but it's just Kashyne in different looks from 2016-18. Add Kari Faux for another actual female MC.

KM Music LabelA baker's dozen Russian pop singles with one EP by Tori Kvit that's not offensive but not enough to raise the profile of the label, whose titles are all from 2018-19.

Koojina Nice label name, but this seems to be generic EDM in 41 titles up to 2019

Krapes Latin jazz, classical, world, and cheese. Trash comps too. 100+ with some from 2019.

Krescendo Like sifting through the bargain bin at a vinyl record metal and rock that may have approached but never attained popularity? And some hair metal.

Krome Boulevard Just let the titles' word art jump out at you, up to 2019 in house EP singles

Krone A couple people really like Funky Destination, which is fine by house standards, but these 203 titles up to 2019 are significantly less than five stars to me.

Krysali Sound marginal electronica, limited catalog

Kuudos Kudos, indeed, for showing the limits of your creativity in your name. 31 dancey electronic singles with at least one LP from 2017-18.

La Cave Musik African music leaning closer to the style of pop R&B and losing my interest in the process. Also a spoken word album among mostly singles in 11 titles from 2013-2015. Add 12 spoken word singles by Lljon

La Cupula 1000 Latin-sourced titles.

La Disquera A couple of LPs among singles in nine titles of folk en español from 2016-19. Too well produced for my tastes. Others on this small catalog are poppier. Combine with 11 highly questionable folk titles on Dial Discos

La Dosis 60 house EPs up to 2019 yearning to be pop

La Musique du Beau Monde Possibly French house music, though most of it seems to be sung in English. 92 titles up to 2019.

Label Mango Record A catalog of 300+ titles, mostly singles, as confusing and awkward as the label name. Mostly electronic, some pop, rap and metal thrown in, often not in English.

LAD Publishing They couldn't quite make it to 1000, but this is still a huge slab of barely-above compilation trash.

Lamez Sadly accurate name for this tech house, despite building occasionally to mild climaxes. 2014-17 and 19 EP singles.

Lanyx Sound Factory These 68 techno singles may as well have been mass produced in a factory. Ends with one LP from 2018.

Lanzadera 800 Latin-sourced titles, many appear more creative with their crosslistings than the music itself, with Baroque and especially jazz featuring frequently and questionably.

Lapaka Sounds Techno. 270 titles ending in 2018.

Latin Cool Extensive and high ratings are all that keep me from dismissing this label's 13 titles entirely as trash comps.

Laumm Ten tech house EPs from 2010-12.

Layer 909 39 techno ep singles up to 2019

Le Galassie Di Seyfert 62 electronic titles, mostly EP singles, with one from 2019

Leap4rog House singles and EPs, a lot of them, up to 2019.

LessizmoreSmall house label may be onto something with its name, ending in 2018. Add Left Wing Recordings to give more of less. And still more with Freq Freak

Let's Go Dancing Anyone want to buy compilations of individual tracks from a multitrack recording to remix as you please? I don't. Lots of sub-10-second slices and electronic singles

Life Records The pedestrian name means Nordic folk rock gets lumped with Portuguese pop in 16 random titles up to 2019.

Likewyse Productions 13 hip-hop titles. Average. 2018-19. Add the 15 singles on Major Product LLC for below average

Lille Høg Danish pop with some on the side of hip-hop and some MCs turning their voice processors to sound whiney. Just 7 titles from 2015-19. For proper significance add the seven from the Bawal Clan of the Philippines.

Liquid Trance, on the lighter side rather than driving. Just 11 titles with a few LPs ending in 2017.

LCR70+ nondescript techno EPs with at least one LP ending in 2018.

Leima Maybe another case of duplicated name, there are several trance singles mixed w/ pop en español. An unappealing jumble of 50 titles from the turn of the century to 2020

LNDKHN 14 electronic dance EP singles from 2017-19 with a little but not enough done to spice them up.

Loob LabelAverage techno masquerading as high art behind sketched and posed covers.Up to 2019.

Lorenz Trance EP singles in no particular hurry, almost atmospheric rather than driving, ending in 2016

Lost Culture 19 titles of somewhat urban electronica all from 2015 and mostly by KDN or Thief in the Night.

LoudDJs Almost 1000 titles, and the label name is accurate. Ending in 2018, so maybe won't make it to four digits. Beware trash comps

LoveZone Extremely soft trance and airy electronica that nonetheless isn't ambient. Thirty titles starting in 2012 and ending in 2014

Low Bottom Entainment LLC Their abbreviated spelling might be intentional to represent the low-production value of these 20 hip-hop titles from 2017-18

Low Noise Tech house. You know the drill. 32 titles up to 2019.

Lowriders Recordings Another slight step above nondescript electronica dealing mostly in singles.

Luna Another one with too much variety and not any assurance of quality. Lotsa Polish stuff.

LunaMoon 300+ titles up to 2019 in standard tech house compilations and two-track EP singles

Luzonic Publishing, LLC I thought Luzon was in the Philippines so what I'm hearing as 33 Latin pop singles up to 2019 might not be accurate. One gospel LP.

LW94 8-bit singles and pretty rote dubstep in 15 titles all from 2014.

LZR TRP 49 tech house EP singles ending in 2018

M Division Recordings eMusic tries to pass off some of this as African or world music, but it's pretty much just repetitive techno with some more worldly elements to it. 11 titles, about 2/3 singles, by a few artists from 2008-13.

Machine Control 44 titles in generic techno in a growing catalog from 2019-2020 need to find a graphic designer to improve their album art and at least look futuristic rather than mid-1990s, which actually fits the music well.

Mad PrinceHip-hop and beats for the same, mostly singles and mostly by someone with variations on the label name, 34 titles up to 2019. Add the seven titles on ALPHAWOLF RECORDS LLC and the five on Planet 13 Entertainment LLC

Made with Machines It would not surprise me if these 14 titles labeled as classical were experiments in AI melodic composition. 99 cents and proof I don't just fawn over everything long and cheap.

Madison Square A couple of LPs and nicer album art, but overall just more techno by the numbers with frequent vocalists. 73 titles ending in 2017.

Mahayana House on the slightly more spiritual side with traditional instruments. One rock album randomly thrown in among 70+ titles with one in 2019.

Main Course Techno that really liked to make compilations of itself.

Magic CatJust under a dozen titles from 2015-17 in rock screaming metal.

Magician on Duty A cut above most techno condemned to this low tier, but these 58 EP singles up to 2019 don't do enough tricks to escape it either.

Magroove A grab bag of not quite 1000 titles and almost no ratings.

Main Offender DPRS manages to make rock about surfing just as sub-mediocre as the other rock on this tiny label of nine titles which may grow w/ at least one 2020 single. Brazilify it w/ four by João Granola

Mainstage The concept of a trance EP seems a bit underwhelming, but maybe if you put 100+ of them together up to 2019 it works.

Making You Dance Not if I don't like the techno tunes, you won't.

Marba 166 EDM titles you asked for right here. Up to 2019

Margit Studios A couple EPs but mostly singles of blues rock and pop from Sweden, 11 titles from 2015-16.

MASMASIA Proof en español that straining for popularity can ruin any style of music. 12 titles, all from 2019. Add the 19 electronic singles on Beat Dis

Master Music The kind of old folk you expect to find on vinyl in Goodwill & St. Vinnie's for a quarter an album. But to avoid being too negative, it's certainly way more famous and popular than most of what I actually do listen to. Remastered "Green Onions" by Booker T. & the MGs is of interest, at least

MaxxYes Latin hip-hop on the pop gansgsta side, 39 titles from 2016-17

MBC Srl 14 titles in sensual soul and Italian folk and blues cover the LPs, but I didn't sample the singles. 2017-19.

McDove 31 reggae dancehall titles up to 2019, but only a couple aren't singles, and none are compelling on sampling.

MCT LuxuryIts 110+ titles look like house EP singles. Nary an LP to be found other than some label compilations. Up to 2019.

Megapolis A few borderline rock titles aren't enough to lift the deadweight of the holiday music and compilations of soccer hooligan chants on this Russian label. 16 titles from 2006-2016.

Mela & Tequila A poor pop cousin to Terre Sommerse, the superior Italian label. 37 insufferable titles up to 2019.

Mellophonia Small collection of cheesy electronica from 2009-2016

Mellophonik Changing the spelling of mellow and phonic really sets these 152 house singles apart, up to 2019.

Melomana One LP among the usual electronic singles, ending in 2018.

Melotherapy Sounds like it's going to be one of those relaxation and meditation music labels but is actually techno EP singles. About the same level of interest in May'20. 45 titles up to 2019

Melusine Trance that shoots for spiritual and achivieves ethereal or more likely ephemeral. Up to 2019.

Mena Music UK Just short of 100 upbeat electronic singles, probably shooting for uplifting, up to 2019.

Mfm Dark album art can't hide generic techno. 66 titles up to 2019

Miami Moon Latin pop singles mostly, up to 2019.

Mighty House and techno singles up to 2019

Mindtrick The hip-hop of Rah Deluxe seems to be the only non-single albums available among 28 titles up to 2019. Some dub and electronic EPs also not so distinctive on sampling.

Minicoffee 100+ electronic EP singles ending in 2016

Mintec Musik While some of these tracks at least seem to build toward something, the label might as well do away with its 3-color scheme and reduce it to one to better describe their bland techno. 65 titles ending in 2015.

Minimum Addiction 186 titles in techno, and even those w/ EP in the title are just two tracks. 2013-19

Miocene 27 house EPs

Mira Mi Música I will look at it, but I don't want to hear this Latin teenybopper pop. 91 titles up to 2019, with LPs tending to be live performances.

Mismisimo The very same label with 49 titles up to 2019 could be replaced by any other offering poppy house trance on this list

MizerMillion Entertainment They just needed a little push to get over the significance standard, so add Harvey's hip-hop on Kdot and Tie to get there but go nowhere, ending in 2017. Also add hghustla, with one 2019 compilation.

MMP GLOBAL LLC 50+ titles in Latin pop from 2012-19.

MnF Seems to be the light jazz version of electronic labels who mandated that all album covers conform, in this case with the album title in white text at the top over a pretty random photograph. 32 titles all from 2020, full-length albums that are not offensive or very interesting. Just above MIDI.

MOD Techno EPs from 2015-17 in twelve titles.

Modular Grid 44 techno titles from 2013-15

Modularz 38 techno EP singles from 2010-19

MOEHOUSE I didn't ask for moe. 25 titles up to 2019, mostly EP singles.

Mojo I guess the j is pronounced like an h and is decidedly not rising. Almost 900 salsa and hip-hop titles up to 2019, none very enticing

Mondo Records House and trance are probably my least favorite electronic subgenres, and this label does them both! 290+ titles up to 2019

MONET My impression is that these EPs' main selling point is their length for 99 cents, as I find nothing to distinguish their techno in 20+ titles from 2013-18

Monteverde I'll assume it's Italian. I kinda get the 8-bit music obsession as video game nostalgia, but what's behind this Italian MIDI cheese craze? 75 titles up to 2019. Maybe a newer companion to Edizioni Leonardi Srl?

Moodmusic 200 house EPs, up to 2019.

Moon Records Lisboa At least we know where these people are from. Almost 300 titles strive to be pop(ular) and probably fall just short. Plenty from 2019.

Moonbeam Digital Very little reason to believe this electronic label might distinguish itself from countless techno storehouses other than a few LPs with guest vocalists.

Moonbootique A dancey techno label with its own duo by the same name. 90+ titles up to 2019

Moonlight OK electronica up to 2019, only a couple LPs. Add five more on Noise Praise

Mount Seldom Deep Simpsons from Milhouse's dad joke aside, one expects a little more than this from a label based in Portland, OR. Maybe I just don't appreciate their brands of post-punk. 16 titles from 2015-2019.

Mostra Trance and other fairly cheesy electronica up to 2019, mostly EP singles in 37 titles.

Move Quiet Entertainment Broadway Dolla & Loki B make hip-hop up to 2019

The Move Entertainment Hip-hop backed by electronic beats and harder themes than I care to listen to. 36 titles might be trap or R&B also, up to 2020.

Moveton Russian techno singles up to 2019 with a few surprises.

MrDeepSense Adding vocalists to your house music doesn't really spice it up if they're just singing slight variations of the same ten short sentences. 16 EPs and singles up to 2019

MTJ Maxed out at a thousand and looks like a lot of Polish music with older stuff and classical/jazz mixed in. Some five-star ratings and ample 2019 releases might be good places to start.

Muller Pretty typical techno dating back to the 1990s and ending in 2016 after nearly 80 titles. A few more LPs than usual, but even if they're great, I'm not going to sift through it all.

Multitrack Likely no better or worse than the Estudios Multitrack label. 400 Adult contemporary en español up to 2019. Take any genre you can imagine, and soften it

Mundano Middling rock and punk en espanol. 10 titles from 1995-2019.

Music Divers When you try to give tech house a theme, the label sinks. Almost 100 singles with a few EPs scattered in, up to 2019

Music Is the Drug Techno with some vocalists who could use some help with the production or redo their sessions. 130+ titles up to 2019. Drugs here truly are bad.

Musicmaker Old jazz and blues, mostly compilations

Musideco Ruby's Polka and Paradiso are very similar to this, with Koreans, Japanese, and Eastern Europeans performing classical composers' works. Almost offensively inoffensive.

Mutate to Survive These 20 generic techno titles up to 2019 should have taken the label name more seriously.

MXYCTrance mislabeled variously, and the only EP I could find by Guskauil was the most horrible thing I've heard in a while. 122 EP singles up to 2019

My Stuff 15 conventional house/techno EP singles from 2010-11.

MyMusic Group There's almost certainly some interesting stuff in here, but I'm not going to click through 780+ titles to find it. Mostly Polish.

Mysterious Entertainment LLC A dozen hip-hop titles on the harder side, from 2014-19. Add the four on TrunkTight Records LLC.

Nacho Twelve Latin titles including some mediocre rock and a single claiming falsely to be jazz, up to 2019

NALM 25 titles, mostly singles, in tech house, but with more hip-hop and pop than usual, up to 2019.

Nam Viet Media Someone had a good laugh about categorizing all 70 of these Vietnamese pop albums as blues. Up to 2019.

Nasimus 166 tech house EP singles up to 2019 with a consistent album art theme.

Nasty Funk Unsurprisingly, I hear none of the titular funk in these 100+ tech house EP singles up to 2019.

Native Trend Galaxy Persian Pakistani battle of the bands TV pageantry sponsored by Coke and Pepsi sit uncomfortably among folksier singles. 90 titles up to 2019.

Naturmacht Productions Doom metal from Germany in 32 titles with one 2019 single.

Negative Audio Either very urban electronica or actual rap and hip-hop. I'm not enticed enough to sample. Add the seven on How We Do Entertainment for some dubstep and more.

Nein Techno with several LPs among the singles, 155 titles up to 2019.

Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)I tell ya, don't we just mix these two up all the time? A huge catalog of mostly singles and at least one fair dubstep LP.

NestaRap en español with a solitary LP among 18 singles up to 2019 with guys looking hard or otherwise ridiculous. Add the 24 similar singles on Le Testament

Neverlose Music Tech. house singles with one in 2019, not quite 100 in total

New Media Polish hip-hop that seems to put more emphasis on looking flashy than sounding interesting. Mostly singles among 75 titles ending in 2016.

New Talent Tech house with a side of trance. The talent ends in 2018 and could one day well be considered old and untalented.

NFBmusic 200+ electronic EPs with an occasional LP. Fair quality on a drum & bass album by Bea2m.

NIGHT LIFE CHILDREN DJ Richardfloor's 70-plus collection of EP singles do not appeal to me.

Night Owl Collective Poppier electronica, all actual singles from 2016-7.

Night Slugs House and urban electronica with several rated albums not enticing enough. 30+ titles ending in 2016

Nile Valley Entertainment Cheesy reggae from Africa.

Nite Owl Diner Cute theme, but generic synth-pop and house with vocalists. 18 titles up to 2019.

Nitido Latin punk rock, or at least en espanol.

nld solutionsI didn't even realize nld was a problem. These 37 electronic titles, all singles up to 2019, will solve it.

N1 SoundSome comically bad English rap from Falcon, some metal, some electronica that sounds like someone mic-ed up their Walmart Casio, and some fair rock. Nine Russian titles up to 2019, and now only five in Oct.'19 with the metal gone just as I was about to list it.

9th Ward Production and Promotions Company LLC 31 hip-hop titles from 2016-19, too hard and trappy for my tastes. Add Ngh records, dorleus enterprise llc leaf made (the wordiest hip-hop label title on the site, I think, for eight more titles from Marcello /)

No Limit Forever East I'd be curious about the geographic location these guys are rapping and telling stories about more than actually listening to the 140+ titles up to 2019 and not all available. If you like your hip-hop and urban spoken word albums raw, maybe this is top grade material and a great selection

No Sand Does your tech house need an ocean theme? Try these 50 releases from 2014-17

Noble Demon A dozen metal-looking albums up to 2020, but Dawn of Solace just seemed to be hard instrumental rock.

NoEvDiA Impressively fast metal. A few from 2019.

Noise from the Underground 13 titles from 2017-18 deliver what the name promises, but is this good noise or bad noise? I'll let you be the judge

Noise Music 103 techno EP singles up to 2019

Clearly related but rather opposing concepts make this label as marketable as its EPs sound unique and diverse, about 100, up to 2019.

Nomer I'm going to give the techno and dronescapes on Nomer a miss. Mostly singles, 63 titles up to 2019

Northallsen Somewhat more abstract techno, up to 2019

North of Nowhere 11 techno eps from 2014-17

Nova 017 Reminds me of sorting through a vinyl bargain bin with exactly 482 records in it.

Novelty Noose Nice name, but Tim George and Tigerpillar make for an odd pair of not-enticing-enough rockers to carry a label. Nine titles from 2012 to 2019.

Nuphonic Rhythm 70 electronic EPs and singles ending in 2018. Perhaps a place to figure out what exactly "electro" is/means.

Oblack Label 50 house and tech house EPs up to 2019. The LP by Los Pastores is somewhat more interesting and varied.

OBLY The two here are also on METROVIBE, VUBA, and L0CK Records, so why not put them all together for a small electronic conglomeration of 2019 releases?

Occult Label The occult practice and preach techno exclusively in 17 EPs that are basically unlabeled singles, from 2016-18.

Octane Tech house EP singles leave you smelling like gasoline. 58 titles up to 2019.

OFF RecordingsTechno EPs up to 2019. 160 titles mostly with two-digit numbers on the covers in a big font

Office Ekiti House singles ending in 2018 in large quantity but short length (few are EPs). What's unusualy is that several are listed as alt. rock with that label actually being accurate sometimes

Ofiura Might be in a higher tier if these 28 Latin titles had been mixed better or had competent production. 2017-19

Oh! Records Stockholm Being from Northern Europe does not excuse generic house and techno. 59 titles up to 2019

Ohman Just when I thought tech house couldn't go any lower grade, this label shows up and does so. I am indeed in awe of these 51 titles up to 2019, mostly deep house singles I'll give no more of my time.

Omni 246 techno EPs up to 2019

On Our Own Entertainment LLC distributed by Red 3 Specific enough for you? 13 hip-hop titles, almost all singles, all from 2019 but one.

On the Fiddle Not sure how literally to take the name, but it looks pretty accurate for old-timey folk music.>

One Note Almost just one band, The New Mastersounds, and I'm going to call it a jazz label, though it may not be.

ООО "ВВВ.РЕКОРД" A stable of Russian pop vocalists ostensibly up to 2019 in almost 50 titles whose moment in the spotlight is either long past or never came

ООО «Национальный Цифровой Агрегатор»Unusual in that there are only three rock groups by my count, each with several LPs or at least unlabeled singles. 28 titles on the harder side from the early 1990s to 2016 and non-commital to rock subgenres. Quite Russian.

OOO "Мэйнстрим Продакшн" Higher production values, but still electronic pop from Russia from 2007-2019 in a dozen titles. Add Cool Zero for 57 more singles from one guy, Temporary Hero, one guy named Jack Pound has nine more albums to put here.

ООО "Продюсерский центр И.Матвиенко"A dozen titles from four or five artists in a strange grouping of folk rock, pop, and church music from the late 1990s to 2019

ООО "Издательство Монолит" Well below the usual Russian standard, there's a few five-star rated pop singles, a spoken word LP, and the rest seem to be a beefy male vocalist who has an "album" nearly five hours long. 21 titles either from 2010 or 2017.

Optical Latin-sourced with one metal LP and the rest are singles, probably hip-hop or pop guys trying to look just as hard. Almost all from 2018.

Optimist. House singles up to 2019. Does not wanting them mean one's a pessimist?

Orange and Green 36 singles in trance and other electronica for dance trips from 2016-18

Orbita poppy hip-hop en español sits uncomfortably next to not quite punk rock and bad English on Chomba Boom. 2009-2019 in 20 titles that want desperately to be popular

Otographic Most of the artist names here are Japanese. Does that excuse or elevate what is otherwise unspectacular electronica on the trancey side? I think not. 44 titles up to 2019.

out of obscure 200+ tech house singles ending in 2018. Will never get out.

Oyoda 2019 releases aplenty in techno.

P.M. Productions Paco Muñoz and a bunch of other Portuguese-singing folksters trying to pass their albums off as pop and failing.

Pancal Indonesian pop singles from 2017-19

Panda Artist Punk & ska en español. Some use acoustic guitars or are more pop/rock but no more appealing. 60+ titles from the 1990s to 2019. The Bertha seems to do this style better. Add La Gangosa.

Paper Rather unimpressive techno, but there's a lot of it, up to 2019.

Paradiso Traditional Korean easy listening, a concertina, and some Western classical performed by Koreans. See also Musideco and Ruby's Polka for Koreans toeing the line of a trash comp.

Paralyzed Certainly not as boring or bad as most of the labels in the low priority section, but it doesn't do enough to get out of it either with 88 titles, mostly EPs or singles, up to 2019.

Parloscope International The Warp The Weft sounds OK but too expensive, Clay Shaped Boy is pop rock, and I vaguely remember Tom Wardle. 14 titles from 2014-17.

Patrimonio Ediciones Not a significant label, but it has the most hilarious looking guy on all his albums, Romano Aspas.

Peacock Might be able to appreciate the electronic hardcore innovation going on here if it weren't so throbbing aggressive. Singles/EPs up to 2019.

Pennybags Danish children's music about dinosaurs paired pretty randomly with sappy quasi rock in nine titles ending in 2018

PepperCake Blues, some jazz. No album covers?

Perfect Pop Co-Op Reverse Family dominates a couple of rock albums by The Tuesday Club in 68 titles from 2017 and mostly 2018. Atypical label for sure, but not very appealing either.

Pergonomics LLC Merely eight titles, mostly the generic rock of Deal Casino, with a couple of urban pop singles, all from 2018. Add the nine by Johnny Williamz on JW Records LLC, and the seven in punk rock by Blood Kitten and The Disabled on Mob Front. Pop rock en español on Hegar can have its seven titles lumped in also. Eight more by some ladies on Galang

Petra Digital Recordings Nice album art, but I don't hear anything from samples but the usual tech house, in 20 titles up to 2019.

PHLUXX/ELLASTIC Finding Japanese rock, folk, and blues accidentally, I really wanted to like these bands, but I do not. Japone might have some OK songs on its several albums, but I didn't hear any on sampling. 13 titles between the two labels, up to 2019.

Phorminx A couple of odd world albums and then a very deep store of oooooold Latin music dating from the 1930s-1960s.

Picap 1847 Latin-sourced albums to dive into, if you have all the time in the world. Lots of jazz mixed in it.

Pirames International Srl Italian pop and other stuff. Does not look good, but there's a lot of it.

Pirca Latin-sourced rock and fusion. Sadly amusing when sung in English. Up to 2019 with a large catalog

Pixelate It's almost impressive how these 25 titles up to 2020 are coordinated not only to have thematic album art to fit the label name but also make all their tech house sound so similar.

Plaizir Muzic I think I missed the disco revival train, and these 32 singles from 2017-19 aren't about to get me on it. Some funk & soul mixed in as well.

Planet Dance 900+ tech house and pop electronic EP singles up to 2019 are far more overwhelming than any interest I have in exploring them.

Plastic Pepella 15 electronic EP singles that at least vary from atmospheric to beat-focused, from 2011-16.

Plastikdrums Almost 150 poppy, upbeat electronic singles up to 2019

Platform UK label with a very restricted and roster among 25 titles ending in 2018. Some rock and some strange ladies from the 80s.

Play 4After you've played four of these, you pretty much know what all of them will sound like. Techno. Some LPs among the EPs.

Play It Down 110+ tech house EPs ending in 2017

Play Pal Remix EPs and V/A comps in standard tech house 12 titles from 2014-17.

Polar Noise 102 tech house EP singles ending in 2018

Polyptych Techno EP singles. 63 of them up to 2019.

Polytechnic As polytechnic institutes are to academia, this label's 231 singles and EPs are to electronica. Not bad, but I'm not going to spend my time on them. 2008-15

Poolside 263 techno EP singles up to 2020

Pounds Music LLC 18 titles in hip-hop from 2016-19, not my preferred style. Add the singles and comps on Only the Gang LLC

Producciones Colibrí Latin jazz and world music seems perfectly average.

Project Chaos Some EPs among the singles offer electronic beats. 16 titles up to 2019

Propellant Standard techno EPs from 2011-2018.

PSNRCRDS Slightly off or warped Japanese anime-sounding electronic singles in 16 titles from 2017-19.

Public Information With only two full length albums, this is a stretch. Electronic.

Puntazo Label Techno. 340 singles ending in 2018.

Pushmaster Discs Electronic, all from 2018-19.

Puzzle Heads Latin house

Pynandi Seven LPs (more can be found by the artists to make the label cross the significance threshold) demonstrate what mediocrity in rock en español can do, from 2010-2015. Add two on Murmillo Discos for a female vocalist and three on Discográfica Tempuja, though I do like the Ah? instrumental rock album. Two more fairly interesting on Soy Fans Disquera

Quiet Strength 24 techno titles mostly actual singles fail to hold my interest from 2014-16

Ragz 2 Richez Recordz Rezorting 2 alternative spellingz for a cliche is a pretty sure sign that you have little original to say, but this is hard hip-hop from the streetz all right. 34 titles from 2017-18. If any of them have actually gotten rich from these recordings, I extend my personal congratulations, but I kinda doubt it. I do wonder if eMusic has made anyone rich.

Raizo Muzik 87 tech house EP singles ending in 2018

Raminx 37 titles from 2016-18 in easy listening solo piano from quite a number of different people or groups show just how interchangeable this kind of music is, if not terrible. I'd feel bad classifying it as new classical just because they're all doing piano compositions but might have no other choice. See also 44 Sprinkles

Random Records Used this as an example of what happens when you search the site randomly, and lo--you get house music and techno with a lot of singles and compilations. This one at least has some LPs and colorful album art, but I don't think I'll be sampling any time soon. 45 titles up to 2019

Raquemardon Mixing reggae and hip-hop aesthetics needs more than these twelve singles from 2017-2019, so add the three on OG Entertainment for more of the same.

Rationalism Techno with one LP among 34 titles from 2009-12.

Raw Forms 30 techno EP singles up to 2019

Razxca Over the course of these searches, I've been surprised at how little actual noise is on the site. This one makes up for it, mainly with the titular artist over hundreds of titles, with a few others, up to 2019.

RaveUp So-called "rave" electronic music may have been supplanted by trance, house, hardcore, and other dance-intended and more specific styles, not to mention the undying and terribly inaccurate term "disco" for contemporary EDM. These 40 titles, mostly singles up to 2019, won't do much to revive its usage.

RDL47 Techno EPs. Ian Jury has a few tricks up his sleeve, but I can't say the same for the other 17 titles here, mostly from 2014 but w/ one 2019

Real Vision 18 titles in rock up to 2019 straining to reach mediocrity.

Rearl Ltd. Deep house EP singles up to 2019

Rebeldigital A nominally African label with love on its mind and determined to sing endlessly about it, explicitly and not. Mostly singles among 42 titles up to 2019. Add the eight on Dreamlyfe Records, LLC

Rebellious If you want to know the kind of rebel that makes tech house music, there's no better place to start. 300 EP singles up to 2019.

Record Kicks Funk/Soul R&B and more than a fair share of compilations.

Redefining Darkness 66 titles with some from 2020 and much from 2019 in metal whose subgenre I cannot define.

RedMoon 27 techno titles, mostly but not all singles/EPs ending in 2018

Regio Norte Mexican pop salsa oldies on the melodeon

Reh Dogg Entertainment Just some random urban guy's stream of consciousness would-be low-fi podcast from 2011, often recorded while driving or eating at great personal danger to himself and others. 185 titles you can buy with real money

Reload Black A couple remixes of Moby try to get your attention for the wrong reason. Nothing much to distinguish these 130+ techno EP singles up to 2019.

Rhythmetric 49 electronic dance EPs might not be bad, w/ one from 2020, but there's just too much similar out there.

Right Here Right Now Maybe the most disheartening label I've come across. Latin-sourced, in various genres, with nice album art, but it does pop, jazz, ska, folk, rock, electronica not even reaching a mediocre level, but poorly.

R.E.A.L. At least one trap EP among 19 titles that appear to be hip-hop singles all. Up to 2019. Add Brandon Stone Music for full-length similar stuff.

Red Parlor Blues, folk, and rock in 11 LPs. Add the five by Kevin McDermott

Relentik Dubstep, house, and general electronica singles, with one from 2019.

Renzhow Productions Lowest common denominator Latin pop

Retro City One full-length album in 11 titles requires signifcance of these electronic things.

Revolution Corps Trance singles up to 2019 in 50+ titles. Add DeviDeva for 67 more.

Riben Another disappointing catalog of tech house EP singles whose album art suggested something more. 53 titles with plenty from 2019. 61 in Jan.'20

Ricochet Techno EPs that are neither boring nor earth-shakingly innovative.

Ring ModeI imagine having any of these singles as my ringtone, not all electronic for once but still mostly, and getting looks of confusion rather than interest from passerby. 70 titles up to 2019.

RIP Ben Lee I kinda wonder who Ben Lee is and why these two bands, in rock The Blood Arm and in new wave Mexican Radio, decided to come together in his name. The thought is more interesting to me than their music. Nine titles from 2013-19. Go ahead and add Neil McLaren's three or so titles to get over the official hurdle for significance without changing the quality or style.

Rivaside the singles that aren't "not available" (unusual for a house label and doubly annoying) are more pop electronica than house, but 150+ titles up to 2019 aren't enticing anyway one shakes them.

Riverette There's a little more going on in these 14 tech house EPs than most, but that's not enough to elevate them far. 2014-17

RMG Russian Eurotrash electronic pop, mostly from 2019

Roadkill I'm neither impressed nor enticed by this sub-mediocre alternative rock, although it's become hard to find. 25 titles by only a few artists up to 2019.

Roam Somewhat varied techno EPs up to 2019.

Robox Neotech Claims to be dubstep, just goes to show I just don't get what some artists are going for.

Rock Revolution Cheesy Polish rock that doesn't look interesting enough to sample. It dates back to the 1990s and has 25 titles up to 2019, but they might as well all be of another era.

Rockea Metal and hip-hop en español, mostly singles in 24 titles from 2016-19. Add 44 singles by Subze on Insert Coin Records, up to 2020

Rockers 175 Fairly conventional drum & bass, even with guest MCs, with a small catalog up to 2019. Add the nine titles on Riddim & Rhyme for more urbanness

Rogue Succes Entertainment Cut off an s and get 81 pretty random trance and hip-hop titles, mostly singles, up to 2019

Rorschach MG If it were possible to fail such a test, these pop and techno singles would. Up to 2019

Rough House Rosie Slow techno EPs with the beat turned down low, from 2013-18 and just eleven titles.

Roxx The usual techno with scattered LPs.

Royal A whole lot of deep house singles, up to 2019.

RRecords Almost insignificant for so many reasons. Pop almost all from Rafa Rios in ten titles up to 2020, almost all singles en español

Ruby's Polka Singles version of Paradiso and Musideco for Koreans interpreting Western classical music and traditional, Korean easy listening.

Run to Castle House singles whose second track tends to be just an extended mix. More vocalists than usual

S&S Produçōes Singles and compilations by Carnaval DJs, all from 2019

Saar Srl Drown yourself in old jazz/blues and cheesy Italian pop

Safir Muzik I'm not sure any label that has had to distinguish itself by spelling Muzik has been very successful. Putting out something other than 137 tech house EPs, up to 2019, would be more effective, in my view.

Sain The music of Wales has its champion. Nothing from 2019, but 549 titles to take you back.

Sansara Russian pop and hip-hop singles mostly with a few LPs mixed in among 110+ titles all from 2020

Sauce Kitchen Dubstep at least in part, with voices telling the listener to do naughty things and so paired with Klesha with only a few EPs. About 30 titles in total, up to 2019.

Save the Panda While I have doubts that any of these 31 dancey electronic singles up to 2019 will do anything for the panda, the message is valid.

Savia Park 23 techno EPs w/ somewhat interesting album art from 2014-18

Say What? I said, "More techno EPs up to 2019."

S.D.Y.P. the Movement, LLC Hip-hop and pop R&B from 2016-19 in almost 30 titles, including many LPs and EPs, none appealing. Move the comma one space over for more. In fact, this one gets the award for having the strongest aversion to having more than one album on its very many variations with other teensy tiny hip-hop labels.

Secret Jams These 139 house EPs up to 2019 can stay secret for all I care.

See the Sea Hear the house. 310+ singles up to 2019.

Selected Just shy of 100 techno EPs up to 2019.

Sello Discográfico RTVE Spanish or Latin American TV soundtracks up to 2019.

sellodiscográ Pop vocalists and one punk band, all en español, 23 titles ending in 2017.

Sello Nacional Gotta wear shades to listen to these pop vocalists en español, 21 titles ending in 2018

Sender 50+ titles with a 2019 compilation. Tech house EP singles.

Senso Sounds Another suspicious techno label.

Sepulchral Silence Metal, with some more experimental soundscapes on the one rated title, from 2015-18 in 34 titles.

Sequel One Fair drum & bass LPs among singles I probably won't explore

Seres Producoes Wish I could say house music from Brazil here had a distinctive sound, as there's plenty of it.

SerialismAlbum art shoots for surrealism and may accurately represent how much effort went into these tech house EPs. Good value, but not a lot of variety. Up to 2019.

Seta Label 200+ house EPs up to 2019 for the pleasure of someone out there

Sewer Ratz Digital There must be a strategy behind naming your label this and then making pop music you want lots of people to hear, but I don't get it. Ten titles incl. one LP, almost all from 2018. Add the six on Freedom over Fear Records LLC to reach 2019.

SFR Blues, jazz, classical, pop vocalists. None done particularly well in ten titles up to 2019.

Shake Limited Limited to 30 titles and one basic sound of tech house ending in 2018

Shall Not Fade Do house music bros exist? See the b&w covers of these 16 EP singles for evidence that they do. 2016-18

Shanti Radio Moscow 23 electronic EPs somewhat like a very poor man's Amselcom. All appear to be 99 cents, from 2017-2020, on the bright side.

Sharpe Cowboy hats and acoustic guitars suggest an actually dedicated country music label

Sick BedroomPoppy electronica in 180+ singles up to 2019.

Signaflo One expensive LP among EPs in dubstep and drum & bass, a mere 14 titles from 2012-16. Add six by Hakee on Lightning Music, fifteen singles on Soulgrab.

Sigourney Seven Swedish punk titles from 1997-2015.

Silver Skies Electronic singles.

Simplecoding The emphasis on simple. Techno EPs up to 2019.

Sin Anestesia Unlabeled singles, cheesy pop vocalists, and hip-hop en espanol. Up to 2019. Add the six singles on Strange Fruits Music Group, LLC

Sinusoidal Kollective70+ Latin-sourced tech-house singles up to 2019 with names far more clever than the music

659 I can think of no better name for these 87 house titles up to 2019

1642 Tech house EP singles with at least one LP up to 2019. Maybe a little more interesting than average musically.

6one6-defrec Techno that sounds like it can't make up its mind whether to be experimental or danceable in 15 EPs from 2008-11.

Size 175 titles in dancefloor-ready tech house ending in 2017. They build it up and tear it down all right.

SK Yaris 244 titles of unimpressive techno EPs mostly from the early 2010s

SK Records 83 There's something strange going on w/ these 21 titles and maybe all the labels w/ SK in their names, but I'll leave it to someone else to solve teh mystery. The titles from 2012-19 all seem to be by different artists but have uncannily coordinated album art to fit both the album title and artist name. All the songs are about 2-3 minutes long and in a similarly bland style. If I didn't know better, I'd guess their composer was a single computer.

Sk.Pro-Records Pretty awkward name for poppy electronica, mostly singles, 280+ titles up to 2019. Might as well add K.Productions for 83 more of the same.

Skyline Funk. Singles and only a few artists. Add the five on CAPYAC River Adventures up to 2019 and the three on Ropeadope LLC for a big name.

SLiCK Gabriel Slick and others team up for nondescript techno up to 2019 in 240 titles.

SMH Country, folk, and highly dubious compilations of jazz

Snatch! A couple of EPs from Groove Armada won't rescue these 170 house titles from the doldrums, ending in 2018

Snork Enterprises A single from Christian Vogel is all I recognize in what appears to be standard tech house, with an occasional LP among the EP singles. 110+ titles up to 2019.

Solar One Almost painfully average techno. 58 titles up to 2019

Sonografic Latin easy listening by and for old people who like and are pop vocalists. 75 titles with lots from 2019.

SonStyLa Official The one single I sampled of 25 from 2019 has MC Ertan angrily rapping what sounds like lines from an instruction manual without rhythm or pause. It can't all be like that, can it?

Sorry Shoes 200+ tech house singles with some EPs ending in 2017

Souletiquette Unusually short electronic singles which are all one track except for some v/a compilations. 61 titles up to 2020

Soulsupplement Tech house EP singles with occasional vocals in 100+ titles with one in 2019.

Sound Alliance 26 tech house singles, some unlabeled, ending in 2018

Sound Explosion 96 titles in house EP singles up to 2019 with some named en español and possibly with Latin music elements

Sound on Sound 400 tech house singles up to 2019

Sound Patrol Take your least favorite example of most any genre from alt. rock to celtic dance fusion to country to piano folk music and find a way to make it cheesier and less enjoyable to listen to. My nominee for the most diverse but uniformly terrible music on eMusic, approaching song poem territory in 500+ titles ending mercifully in 2013 with one exception.

Sound Vision Studio Dutch men with acoustic guitars and Dutch women with alluring smiles make risk-averse acoustic folk pop that grates like nothing else. One hip-hop EP, mostly singles but plenty of LPs in 45 titles up to 2019.

Soundfield 1700+ titles, and newer releases are more like a minefield.

South Mountain 173 cheesy keyboard 2-minute song compilations updating in 2020

Soviett Dancey, sometimes funky techno in 19 EP singles all from 2019

Spazio Disponibile One LP by a guy who leans more industrial elsewhere makes this techno label significant with 13 titles from 2016-18

Speaker Footage Nine titles clearly trying to put some spice into their techno, but not succeeding for my ears.

Spin Underground60+ tech house singles and some scratching material up to 2019

Spyro Rock en español that fails to tempt me despite some 99-cent full length albums, 2011-2020 in 15 titles

Squinty Bass One solitary LP sounds pretty nice; I'm not going to try all the singles, which include some from 2019.

Stagz Jazz Names of songs are the most interesting thing about them, almost all by the titular band with only one LP and an EP to be considered significant, seems to be closer to house music overall in 12 titles up to 2019

Stahlplatten Does being Swiss mean higher quality techno? Sampling these 58 titles, mostly EP singles up to 2019, suggests that it does not.

Star Music 75 titles up to 2020 in salsa and other Latin folk with the top seller a Children's album

Start Studios Srl The small catalog of 14 up to 2019 doomed this one as much as the general cheesiness of the Italian pop. One hip-hop LP and a piano pop EP can't make me hope that the singles will help rescue this one.

Stell Over 1000 titles up to 2019 sit uncomfortably next to each other in trance, hip-hop and ambient, mainly from Arctica in the latter case.

Stereofly 91 two-track electronic singles dancey or poppy up to 2019

Steyoyoke & Steyoyoke Black If you can explain to me the difference in sound between the two labels, consider yourself a techno god or goddess

Still Music Some good value in these 42 house titles up to 2019 that do at least try to spice things up a bit.

Stockholm LTD I wanted this to be other than generic techno.

Strong Island Island and beach-themed rock.

Studio 31There's pride at having a home studio, and then there's this Middle-East pop "label" whose album art tends to be mugshots of the guests of said home studio. 43 singles all from 2018. Remove the space between Studio and 31 for fifteen more

SuandaTrance with a self-important historical record, up to 2019.

SubDivizion 26 rather nondescript techno titles from 2014-19

SugarBomb Stray alt. rock and pop, including what an eMusic search comes up with for "James Taylor"

Subsist The thought of subsisting on this techno for any length of time is frightening.

Sundance 18 electronic titles up to 2019 trying to milk the same dry melodies one more time. Some trance, some 8-bit.

Sunset Pop electronica that wants very badly to be pop music but is just very bad. 12 EP singles from 2012-2018.

Sun Station In the 1990s, I would've found the variety of trance here exciting. Now it's just a cut above monotony. 30 titles ending in 2017.

Surbeats House with various gimmicks in vain attempts to spice it up. 110+ titles up to 2019.

Svetlana Novojilova ShulguinaLatin, gospel, soul, folk oldies, often by famous people the average person will have heard of. 152 titles.

Sweet Sounds Apt, if they mean the sickeningly sweet stink of rancid garbage. Some of the worst I've heard on eMusic in most genres. 55 titles with one 2018 single and only up to 2011 before that.

Swish MGMT/France Some pretty explicit R&B and hip-hop, sometimes in French. Ten titles with a compilation, a couple LPs among singles otherwise from 2013-16. Add the six on Miseducated Records, LLC to get up to 2019

Synchronic Recordings Techno up to 2019 with a few LPs among 100+ titles

Syncopate Afterhours 91 titles of EDM with one of its EP singles highly rated. Updating in 2020.

Take My Space 130+ pretty generic EDM actual singles from 2019-2020

Tasty The Chinese number of death, 444 titles up to 2019 are of no interest to me, for their singular dance formula

Tatun Water down sabor Latino until it's bland enough to be house music, and in 77 titles up to 2019, this is what you'll have

Tech Up Feel the beat that doesn't stop until 2015.

Techgnosis Gnostic techno, up to 2019.

33 The fact that these 280+ tech house EPs up to 2019 exist for sale must mean that there was demand for them, or they wouldn't have been supplied, right. The 2020 house music shortage is right around the corner. Capping output at 33 wasn't possible, but maybe 333?

TrendRussian pop and hip-hop with some LPs in 16 titles up to 2019 and strongly reinforcing gender roles where men are to be hard-sounding, quasi-hip-hop MCs and women are to be alluring sex objects over electronica. The trend starts young indeed

Trumpton What a great time to have your record company named that, amIrite? Pop, rock, and some punk

3Sugarz House music by black people

3024 Electronic, with mostly singles and a few full lengths. Much is rated in 27 titles ending in 2016

TempleFolk and Celtic.

Ten Toes Turbo Electronic label has the decency not to label its EPs singles, but they all seem to be EPs, so I don't know if I prefer that or not now.

THaF General electronica. EPs up to 2019 without much distinction.

The Third Movement Hardcore techno is obnoxious, but there's too much to ignore! 225 titles up to 2019

This and That 30 or so tech house EP singles up to 2019

This Is Music Looks like middling electronica, mostly singles.

300 Producciones On first glance looks more interesting than it turns out to be, with lots of unmarked singles. Rock en español with the 2019 album by Julieta Rada being the sole highlight. Add the middling funk and rock of Riviere

THT-Телесеть / Первое музыкальное Издательство Russian singing pageantry TV contestants can be yours to own at last! 2019 titles galore among 194 of them

Thug World Entertainment It is a small world of rap, and one with only a few artists in it.

Thunder Minimal techno with that beat we just can't get enough of, up to 2019, in 200+ almost all EP singles. Add the six on Retrospective Zoology

Time to Express To oonce or not to oonce, that is the question that only time and clicking can answer here.

Tip Records Trance with colorful album art, 100+ titles up to 2019

Tip Tap Harmless techno not trying to change the world or win anyone over, 134 EPs ending in 2018.

TOV Productions Latin oldies in 201 titles mainly from the 60s to the 80s

Trafalgar13 Short, mostly single soundtracks to Latin short films.

Traktoria 350+ house and techno singles, mostly Italian and from a very small number of artists, up to 2019.

Transcendent If ever there were a need for a label's music to live up to its name, this would be it. And it doesn't, despite high ratings

Tulipa 180+ tech house EP singles ending in 2018.

TurnItUp Muzik Electronic on the poppier side, precisely the kind I'd want to turn down. 80+ titles, apparently all singles, up to 2019.

Uplink Audio Did you order some electronica EPs and singles? They've arrived via uplink.

Ursl Techno & house with very colorful album covers that don't enliven the music, up to 2019.

THT Some of the worst reggae I've ever heard, with one album glitching and making all tracks three seconds long. The one labeled house music by AshbaCrew is so terrible I almost like it.

21st Century Blues Let's make sure the new century is a blue one, shall we? 17 titles from 2001 to 2017, mostly by Chris Thomas King

Tech Recordings 60 house/techno EPs ending in 2018, and the label's done all it can to avoid surprises

TeleYoli SoundStudio Put the hip-hop here from Bejo together with that from Prieto Gang on Flow M. Mucho Rap C.A for a lot of español rapping...40+ titles in total up to 2019.

tequila folk pop en español is middling and mostly singles in a mere 15 titles from 2018-19. 7 more by Arranquemos del invierno. Add eight Brazilian hip-hop titles on 999 and seven in Latin techno on Ohxalá. 7 more singles on Planeta Kizomba.

3.Stock Entertainment Low-grade hard rock instrumentals with keyboards make Oryan almost interesting enough to want to explore these 13 titles up to 2019, but not quite. The Leitwolf guy at least looks different.

Thug Boyz Entertainment Not sure if this gangsta rap is too hard for me or just not good. Leaning towards the latter. 22 titles up to 2019.

Titanium DigitalsPretty poor excuse for a record label. One French pop EP, random techno singles, and some equally random pop vocalists add up to 22 titles from 2005-2012 without rhyme or reason.

Tombstone 460+ titles, mostly by a DJ Tomsten from 2019 in singles and two-track EPs I'm just not going to try.

Tonkind 66 tech house and techno EP singles good value if you like the sound, up to 2019

Top Pick I'm all for ghetto pride and/or using music to get out of poverty or stay busy doing things other than making mischief, but I do wish the rap vocabulary on this label would expand beyond typical cussing and misogyny. 14 singles and a mixtape from 2015-2018.

Trackoholic Music Group, LLC 17 hip-hop singles and a couple LPs by Cam James. 2014-19. Add the 28 singles on V Sconney REG Entertainment LLC, four on No Days Off Music Group LLC, and five more LPs on The Black Label Group LLC

Translucent Well, we can definitely see through this label's 170+ techno EP singles. Up to 2019 and perhaps slightly more interesting than average.

Transmit Recordings 100+ techno singles and EPs up to 2019.

Trap Gold 124 titles may contain actual MCs, but most of the singles I sampled were just beats. Some LPs also up to 2019

Trashz Recordz Acid techno with a few LPs and longer EPs labeled as singles among its 88 titles up to 2019, but what it coulr really use is more Zzs.

trau-ma Another techno label with 70+ EP singles up to 2019 that might have appealed to me in the early 1990s

Traxx Another thousand slap dashed together haphazardly. 1684 titles up to 2019

Treadways Calling the trance on the EP here ambient is unforgivable. 11 titles with one other artist from 2017-18.

Tree House Creations LLC That's one naughty treehouse they're in, creating these 12 hip-hop titles from 2015-19

Trepertre Srl Paola & Chiara, sometimes separately and sometimes together, flaunt what they've got on the covers of neo-disco and dancey electronica from Italy in 18 mostly singles and long maxi-singles from 2007-15.

Trinitee Urban 71 titles updating in 2020 that I wish someone would buy if it'd help eMusic get labels back that I care about. Goodness gracious, though, these semi-famous people are not my cup of tea.

Trippy Cat On the plus side, most of these 50+ house EPs up to 2020 are long for 99 cents. On the negative side, everthing else about them.

TunePal 117 titles and growing in 2020 of horrible PRC rave techno with an MC going by The New Monkey, with one spineless EP of post-rock, inexplicably.

294 81 tech house single EPs ending in 2018

Two Stones Mostly reggae, sometimes en español, sometimes in English, mostly singles. Ranging from 2018-20 and of no interest on sampling much of it.

U.N.T. Entertainment Christian hip-hop? Add the 20+ by "Biblical Jones" on All Star Tracks LLC

Under Noize 501 techno singles up to 2019, many actual singles

Under Pressure (Belgium) Ten techno EP singles from 2010-15. Combine with six more of the same on Ghoststyle Records (Belgium) from 2014-19 and seven on Connected Records Holland, three pop singles on A-Town Records Netherlands

Under Voice 16 trance titles, sometimes miscategorized, from 2012-2018. Add ten somewhat spiced up electronic dance singles on Ent Our House

Unknown Territory Generic techno is all to well known, up to 2019.

Unpause Mostly but hardly all singles in occasionally groovy techno might have been interesting in the early 1990s, but from 2016-2019 I struggle to think of anyone who hasn't heard all this before. 49 titles.

Unwanted Brandon Wolf Hill and collaborators have higher production values than most, but the hip-hop here is stunted by tired rhymes and an elementary school vocabulary. Maybe I just sampled the wrong tracks, but the label name might be all too accurate. 15 titles from 2017-18.

UPAWA Punk, and at least one reggae album

Upon You House & techno, mostly EPs, 178 titles up to 2019.

UR-MUSIC Not gonna lie. There's a lot of crap on this one, but maybe sorting through hundreds of horrible albums for one interesting one is fun for you?

Urban Media Digital 80 titles of pop and hip-hop en español, mostly singles up to 2019. Add Chesy B. for seven more

Urban Sound of Amsterdam House. Its sound is house. 29 EP singles up to 2019.

Utopic Royal Trap en español and pop otherwise in 25 singles, some unlabeled, up to 2019. Add 13 more on Tr4p Music

Uveefeuve Singles and two-track EPs of some of the worst pop en español I've heard on the site. But, hey, it's new! 44 titles abundantly from 2019.

Vaderecord Some interesting album art, but just the usual minimal techno EP singles. 99 of them, ending in 2017

Valencia Put these seven Latin pop singles with the four from Tony Baleri for significant straining for pop from different directions. Five more on Hondu Music Records.LLC

Vaderecord Low-grade tech house. 100 titles ending in 2017

Vectiva Trance singles mostly, possibly Latin-sourced. Well over 200 titles up to 2019.

VectoRecords 2.0 I must be an original VectoRecords kind of guy. 200+ tech house EP singles from 2009-2017. I guess it will take version 3.0 to get us to the present day.

Vegetal Vigilance 19 techno EPs with good value for 99 cents but little of distinction in sound, up to 2019

Veryverywrongindeed 37 titles in tech house with b&w album art and some ratings ending in 2013.

Vision & Vitality Entertainment Decidedly not my favorite hip-hop label. The MCs have a one-or-two-track mind but stretch those themes over several LPs in 12 titles up to 2019. Combine these with the four titles on Multi Vision Entertainment Network LLC

Vitalistik Techno that shoots for novelty and may very rarely succeed if you have time to dig through 79 titles ending in 2016

Vizual The usual house and electronic selection.

Vodka Cat A lot of titles for only a few artists. Synthy-pop.

Voice Music Old school metal somehow got lumped with Bollywood soundtracks in 120+ titles ending in 2018. I'm not going to sort them out.

Volume Berlin 30 techno EP singles on the harder side with plenty from 2019

Vortex-Records Delivers exactly what it promises, a vortex of 170+ house singles up to 2019.

VOXPOPARTS 58 titles up to 2019 in techno a small step above generic.

VTT COMM CAST At least a couple of the LPs among the singles here are crosslisted under dubstep and trance, a pretty unusual combination. I can sort of hear it, but that doesn't mean it's well executed or I think it's a good idea. Small catalog ends in 2018.

Vynkel House In case you need to go over to Vynkel House to get some house music, know that there are 121 titles ending in 2017.

We Go Deep Luka features prominently among 60+ titles up to 2019 in light techno.

Webuildmachines Techno label has more LPs than usual, offering subtly different techno, but subtlety isn't going to wow me. 39 titles up to 2019

Well Rounded Just over a dozen electronic EPs from 2009-13 with an unusual portion rated

Western Star Rockabilly?

Wolfrage actually the first label in any genre I've seen to have more than 1000 titles, and quite a lot more at 1476 and apparently updating in 2019. Even looking for non-singles would take several minutes, so I'm going to call it trancey techno and move on.

Wizard People the average person may have heard of: Three Dog Night, Rick Springfield, and a few more in ten titles

What Ever Not Twelve house techno EPs ending in 2017.

White Delta Mostly but far from all singles, electronica.

WHITE MUSIC Electronic singles mostly; they like to put the artist's face on the cover.

Whitemusic Remove the space and gain almost 500 Latin hip-hop en español unlabeled singles up to 2020

Wonderwall Well produced electronic singles, 21 in total, up to 2019

Woods 'n Bass' Interesting album art and track titles make the average techno on offer in these 14 titles from 2009-2014 all the more disappointing, even if they're 99 cents and long.

Woun That some of these EP singles are drum & bass and not just generic house and techno is not enough to be of interest when there are so many options. 117 titles from the 2010s ending in 2018.

Wydawnictwo Muzyczne FOLK Quite simply the most horrible trash ever to be called pop music. Not compilations, and therefore these nearly 700 titles from Poland, abundantly from 2019, are significant. I'd rather listen to Wesley Willis' backing track.

X/OZ Techno evocative of cold desolation can have its five titles from 2017-19 paired with the three on Subwax Bcn to approach significance.

The Xiii Campaign Besides the all-too-common sin of overusuing voice processing, the two main artists on this label of 14 titles up to 2019 rap about an N-word guy being unable to shave a goat, have $-signs replacing an S in their names, and turned 36 minutes of music into a 2-disc set.

Xino-Xano Two Latin artists in nine titles from the mid-2010s up to 2019 in rock

XYX proof I don't just fawn over any synth-pop with female vocalists for 99 cents. 20 titles, mostly singles up to 2019

YavoroWonder Trance up to 2019, but might as well be 1989.

Yo Hood Entertainment, LLC A mere four hip-hop titles need pairing with four more up to 2019 on Web Gang Records LLC. Add the 23 by Madman the Greatest on Playaz Cliq up to 2019 and 15 by JTuKC on Mizzouri Luvs Co. Ent.

YT Rocket Salsa & Latin pop that looks questionable.

Zenfica Pop singles tinged with African and Christian elements. 37 titles from 2017-18. Add the 8 by Muyiwa & Riversongs on Riversongs Music/Fakosa to bring it up to 2019

Zenzontle 36 techno EPs and singles up to 2019

ZeonRussian electropop singles with slightly higher production value but definitely the same concept and aesthetic as Eurotrash anywhere. 30 titles up to 2019, almost all singles, and the ones not labeled as such tend to have two measly tracks.

Zero Loud Hispanic rock and other rock.

Zodiac Cartel Almost all from 2018-19, but house with similar album covers leads one to suspect the music will be samey too.

Zoo Connection House, trance, and other EDM two-track singles only from 2017-18 in 18 titles

Zoom Comically cheesy German synth pop, supposedly from early 2010s, but that's hard to believe. Album art doesn't seem to be loading.

Zotano Records LLC Hip-hop en español in 21 titles, all from 2018, straining to be poppy but lacking the production and generally getting too hard.

zyx/discomagic If a label of mostly disco thinks it can survive, it had better be Italian. Note that plain old "zyx" has 800+ titles but is disqualified from significance by the proportion of trash compilations.

Издательство «Хорошая музыка»Russian pop on the older, folksier side but still with some hip-hop thrown in among 15 titles up to 2019.

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