Research and assigned papers from Marquette University international affairs graduate (Master of Arts) program: Rollover title for abstract (summary); click to view a full PDF. Even more fragile, formative pieces from the undergraduate days at Oberlin can be found here. Stuck in looping abstracts? I can't seem to fix this, so just go home.

Perceptions of Japan among Chinese Youth (Proposal for POSC 209 - Political Science Research Methods)

Max Weber and the Clash of Objectivities (Final Paper for POSC 204 - Comparative Politics)

Subjective Diagnoses of IR’s Growing Pains (Midterm Paper for POSC 206 - International Politics)

What Ought in “the Naughts” Is Not: Just Hegemonic Desserts (Final Paper for POSC 206 - International Politics)

Unmitigated, State-Coordinated Audacity: Democracy and Media Control in the People’s Republic of China (Research Paper for POSC 260 - Comparative Democratization)

When Pirates Are the Only Providers: The Role of Mass Media in Building Political Will to Enforce IPR Laws in LDC’s (Research Paper for POSC 269 - Globalization and the State)

Thanking “Dear PRC Leaders”: How Media Control Shapes Chinese Perception of the U.S.-Japan Alliance (Research Paper for POSC 273 - International Politics of Asia)

Beyond the Global Public Interest: Instrumental Use of Migration Definitions on the Burmese-Thai Border (Research Paper for POSC 278 - International Political Economy of the Developing World)

Serve the People, the Party, or the Bottom Line? Responses to Market and Political Pressures in PRC News Media (Research Paper for POSC 256 - Chinese Politics)

Early Modern Migration and Market-Dominant Minorities in Southeast Asia: A Foundation for Chinese Economic Colonization? (Research Paper for HIST 235 - Global History)

Regime Legitimacy and Comparative Chinese Secession Movements (Research Paper for POSC 289 - Nationalism, Secession, and the State)