...it was only a matter of time before this page existed. I have yet to see any Rifftrax, kinda wish I'd shelled out to see it live in NYC, but $15 was a lot at the time. I look forward to watching the reboot on Netflix when my internet connection is faster and more reliable.

Favorite MST3K Quotations:

"Aaah! I'm falling diagonally and breaking all the laws of physics!" -Riff from The Pumaman

Film (can't remember name), main character leads love interest to pond for a make-out session: "This is where the fish lives." Riff: "This is where my TONGUE lives."

Riff, in reference to a bad guy in Soultaker: "His face looks like a catcher's mitt." Riffs, to be spoken by same bad guy in reference to other characters in Soultaker: "But where does he store his nuts?!" "Man, that guy's got a small face!"

"My plan is very flexible!" - the hero in "The Sword and the Dragon" as he's getting pummeled.


Favorite MST3K Sketches

The one where Crow is singing in the rain.

Pearl & Brainguy's duet on love in the Public Pearl fundraiser.

Driving w/ Manos scenery in the background.

Brainstorming freakish alternatives to Torgo's big knees.

Every MST3K movie before the Netflix relaunch on one poster.

Favorite MST3K Episodes Pool (To be ranked someday)

Manos: The Hands of Fate, Hobgoblins, Mitchell, Prince of Space, Puma Man, Riding with Death, Soultaker, The Sword and the Dragon, Warrior of the Lost World, Time Chasers, Mole People, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, This Island Earth (MST3K movie). SHORTS: Money Talks!, Venezuela,

Forgettable Watched Episodes So I Don't Rewatch

Parts:  The Clonus Horror, Mighty Jack, San Francisco International, The She-Creature, Bloodlust, The Skydivers

And in case you missed it on my Other Portal, here's my html Ode to Torgo.

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