Are 1-10 below grammatically correct, complete sentences? Why or why not? (Be careful to note sentence fragments & run-on sentences!)

1. In written Chinese, it seems there isn't a rule which limits the number of clauses in a sentence, so as long as you put a comma to separate them, you can keep adding clauses indefinitely as long as there is a clear relationship between the clauses, but if you change the topic you should still start a new sentence.

2. Although we're tired, we still have to do our homework and wash our laundry, and if we get a good night's sleep, we'll feel better in the morning.

3. Because we know that everyone has done their homework and gotten a good night's sleep.

4. After the 2016 election, the U.S. will have a new "president-elect," Obama will step down in January, and the new president will be inaugurated.

5. Obama and his two daughters, who have been in the public eye for the entire eight years their father has been in office.

6. Islands, shoals, and reefs in the South China Sea are claimed by no fewer than four different nations: The PRC claims everything within its declared "Nine-Dash Line", Taiwan (RoC) makes similar claims, Vietnam claims the Spratly Islands, and The Philippines claims the Mischief Reef.

7. But there is little agreement on what body has the jurisdiction to decide the legality, and thereby validity, of each nation's territorial claims under international law.

8. We may like to talk about sensitive issues in class, but it might get us in trouble, so it's best that we do so in person, after class is over.

9. Let's all pay close attention to the presentation and take careful notes!

10. Somewhere above the ground but below the clouds, at the same time and place every morning, without hesitation of any kind and not unlike others of her kind, she flies through the sky, towards nothing in particular for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment.