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Summer 2003 WOBC Program Guide

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CD MIX AND OTHER LINER NOTES (Contact DJ Poseur if you'd like a copy of the CD with these snazzy notes.):

A Christian Perspective on Halloween / Workin' Out Barbie

Julian, Aaron, and Nathan Compilation The Familee: Fanfare of the Presets Accordion Nights My English Is Very Poor: Songs in EFL Don't Bother...It's Going to Suck! Huh? Singing Words Is for the Birds International Politics International Political Economy of the Developing World Krazy Asian Cheese Balls Desert Island Series: Novelties 3 Captain Insano's Novelties 4 Popular Fugues (Organ Compilation 2) Dark Chills: A Truly Spooky Compilation


"WESTERN MUSIC SERIES" AUDIOCASSETTE BOOKLETS AND TAPE CASE LINERS (These were given out as prizes for my students in Zhangye Medical College, Gansu, China, with the intent of broadening their horizons beyond the 10 or so officially approved "English songs" in the PRC. More students still listen to tapes than CD's there, thus the format)

Instrumentals Instrumental Liner Novelties Novelties Liner Quiet Music Quiet Music Liner Electronic Electronic Liner Sing-Alongs 1 Sing-Alongs 1 Liner Sing-Alongs 2 Sing-Alongs 2 Liner Love Songs Love Songs Liner