Do you like music? How do you get it? Don't stream it, or you'll kill it! "Independent" and "Alternative" Music must unite to survive. As of 2020-1, musicians are especially hurting from the lack of concert revenue, and nobody knows when they'll return. Won't you join me in reminiscing about favorite concerts? Please consider using some of your stimulus check on a $75 Music Challenge, if you can afford it.

The original page has files from the days at WOBC, liner notes to mixtapes and cd's, and some other random stuff about music. Unfortunately, it only seemed to work in Internet Explorer, so it has been banished in favor of this portal page. One of the files wasn't opening on the original (unmodifiable) page, the WOBC Summer 2003 program guide. Keeping things low-tech is my only hope for functionality. Just found an archive of all my "Meditation on a Musical Theme" WOBC playlists from summer 2002 to the first month of my term as summer station manager--the internet sure is some kinda resource, ain't it?!

From here, I hope it will be possible to download some songs made by my brothers and me. That's a ways off for now.

In lieu of that, visit the aggregator of my shows on KUCI for the latest exploits of DJ Poseur, whose music mixes are now on YouTube. Or, if updates frighten you, look at my KUCI site! KUCI's policy of not playing anything which has charted on BILLBOARD inspired me to write a brief manifesto for the Spring 2012 program guide, which may be a springboard for other rants about music. If the top of the pop charts is all you know, I encourage you to explore a list of my favorite record labels to broaden your horizons systematically. Since 2007, eMusic has been my source of choice, and I post about it a lot on Reddit.

Or, you can "dance about architecture" (read reviews and other writing about quoted by FZ). How do I rate music, you ask? This is how! In fall of 2020, the Out of Obscurity music podcast brings lengthier opinions, including the full guide to the OoO Podcast.

Interested in Chinese alternative music? An entire subsite on it is in the works. It now includes a catalog of my Asian CD collection (mainly Chinese and Japanese), which was a reference for my show on KUCI. Relatedly, here are my favorites from Japan/Korea/SE Asia.

LONG, INTERESTING ARTICLES ON HOW WE LISTEN TO MUSIC AND WHY WE LIKE WHAT MUSIC WE LIKE: on the iPod's effects on College Radio BBC on Music & Emotions BBC on Why We Like Music UC Berkeley on Why We Like Music AV Club on Why People Stop Caring about New Music Skynet & Ebert on Age Effects on New Music Receptiveness Musicmachinery on Age Effects and Music

If none of that pleases you, take a look (and listen) at some of my favorite musicians' websites! I'm still smarting from when Facebook changed its profile format so that only the bands and artists with their own Facebook pages could be listed in profiles...must've lost dozens of entries (especially as my list spilled over into other, useless categories like "TV Shows", all that typing for nought!). If you tire of my opinion, Rateyourmusic has some other opinions and lists. If you'd like something printable or are an ESL/EFL student looking to improve your English, try my Preferential Introduction to Western Music.