Research and assigned papers from UCI's political science Ph.D. program: Rollover title for abstract (summary); click to view a full PDF. See here for an annotated guide to newer papers. The quarter system prevented my classwork's research depth from surpassing my work at Marquette, on the longer semester system. Even more fragile, formative pieces from the undergraduate days at Oberlin can be found here. Stuck in looping abstracts? I can't seem to fix this, so just leave the site and come back.

Rising China & the International System (Failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #3)

Rising China & the International System (Short version for PoliSci 241B - Seminar in International Relations Theory)

The “China Threat” Meets the “Drone Revolution”: Chinese UAVs as a Crucial Case (Failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #2)

China’s Droning Discourse on UAV Legality and Hegemonic Responsibility: Sovereignty, Surveillance, and Proliferation (Earlier failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #2)

Chinese Innovations in Sovereignty: Neidi, Frontiers, and Borders (Presented at USC's Korean Studies Institute Graduate Student Conference, Jan. 2015. Intended to revise as Qualifying Paper #3 but unable to find professors to read it at UCI.)

Justifying Invasion in the Third Indochinese War: Humanitarian Intervention and Chinese Just War (Successfully submitted as Qualifying Paper #1, originally written for PoliSci 219 - Just War Revisited)

Becoming More Democratic without Democratization: Consultation, Responsiveness, and Accountability as Political Participation in the PRC (Final draft of failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #1, summer 2013)

A Different Chinese Democracy: Alternatives to Regime “Misperception” (Presented at Center for the Study of Democracy Graduate Student Conference, Spring 2013, penultimate draft of failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #1)

Comparative Chinese Democracies (Draft of failed attempt at Qualifying Paper #1 preceding CSD conference, final draft comparing the PRC, Taiwan, and Singapore for Independent Study, Fall 2012.)

Active Subjects and an Illiberal Republic? The Long Introduction of Democracy in China, from the Mid-Qing to 1920 (Final paper for Hist 274A: China ca 1100-1850)

Non-Aggression Could Not Stand: Ming and Qing States Sinicize the Frontier (Short Paper for Hist274A: China ca 1100-1850)

Short Assignment Papers for Hist274: Modern China (Chinese History & Law)

Toward a More Coherent China and a Correspondingly Realized World (Research Proposal for PoliSci 219 - Interpretive Research Methods)

Assimilability of Internal Others across Time, Space, and Culture (Long Paper for PoliSci 219 - Rethinking Otherness)

Lost Distinctions: Chinese Migration Patterns as Imperial Alternatives (Research Proposal for PoliSci 219 - Migration & Citizenship)

Classifying the PRC Regime under Hu Jintao & Wen Jiabao (Term Paper for PoliSci 253B - Regime Change in East Asia)

Primordial Nations and Divisive Regimes: Measuring “Single-Nation Conflation” in China and Korea (Research Proposal for PoliSci 219 - Qualitative Research Methods)

Presidential Candidate Viability & Partisan Online Media: Spectacle and Support in the 2012 Primaries’ “Pre-Distant” Phase (Final Paper for PoliSci 219 - Media & U.S. Elections)

Individual People as Political Institutions (Final Paper for PoliSci 211C - Macropolitics)

Ethnic or Civic Nation? Assimilative or Integrative Empire? (Historiographic Final Paper for Hist 274 - Modern China)

Convergent Nationalist Ends and Divergent Practical Means (Short Paper for Hist 274 - Modern China)

Interest in Politics and Participation: A Study of Individual Chinese Citizens in Different Regimes (Research Note for PoliSci 211B - Micropolitics)

Power and Objectivity in National “Victim” and “Oppressor” Narratives (Final Paper for PoliSci 211A - Foundations of Modern Political Science)

The Secular as Remainder: A Discursive, Non-Oppositional Tool to Accommodate Religious Diversity (Midterm Paper for PoliSci 219C - Religion and Secularism)

Secularism’s Other “Other”: State Atheism in Post-Totalitarian Communist States (Final Paper for PoliSci 219C - Religion and Secularism)