Essay 1 Chinglish Elimination Exercise: Retype the whole sentence with correct grammar without changing the original meaning. For possible answers, see the key.

  1. Until now, US is still playing the role of hegemony, but it's not a hegemony since ther late 1970s.

  1. We can imagine if the hegemon , America, leaves the affair of the East Asia alone, there may be a war breaking out between China and Japan under the strong nationalist sentiment.

  1. But whether there is only one way –a global “benevolent hegemon” to lead the worl, to realize a peaceful and prosperous world?

  1. Today, the EU, Russia, and China and other emerging powers of the challenges and the mistakes of US international strategy, the United States decreased relative strength.

  1. I believe America was the only hegemon after USSR breaking up until 2003, when America intervened Iraq.

  1. Whether the international community needs a benevolent hegemonic power to maintain order?

  1. Although the United States has done many wrong things and bad things, but it also made important contributions.

  1. American dollar which gold hook become the world dollar.

  1. Until 2010, there was no WMD found, but the people of Iraq got through seven years' life in the war.

  1. The USA's rise progress shows it's a complete,stable constitution which is hard to be collapsed.

  1. After the WWII, the U.S became a hegemon for a long time.

  1. I think each country are important equally, and nobody has noble status.

  1. As we all know , America has been losing its' superpower status, especially in economic sphere.

  1. Why the USA is still the global hegemon?

  1. In another word , America's privileges not only take self-interests, on the contrary , The USA gets hurt.

  1. Global Hegemon Is Necessary for the world peace (Title)

  1. Because of the American's advantages in the world and the need about keeping the present system and even more the world stable, we should admit the American's hegemonic status, which perhaps is a little difficult for China, a raising country.

  1. The history and reality have told us that America is not global hegemon anymore and it is unnecessary to have a global hegemon.

  1. Trump promises to let the country return to its former glory days, where America was the global hegemon without any competitors.

  1. Except to economic power, military power is thte solid guarantee to keep and maintain global orders.

  1. But we all want to promote the development course of international progress by interstates' coordinating, discussing, and even arguing instead of straightly interfering others.

  1. Without stability and equity, everyone can never protect his rights or even his life.

  1. In fact I think the US' advantages in political and economic had been declining after World War II.

  1. Moreover, in the presence of hegemony, the world is not completely stable and the war is ongoing all the time.

  1. Hegemon will hurt vulnerable countries' interest, but it can keep overall peace.

  1. As a student majored in IR, we all know that there are some people who is anarchist they believe that international world is anarchy state and international cooperation is difficult and unsure.

  1. Only by the U.S. and HST, we can not live in a world full of peace, stability and harmony.

  1. Do you want to live in a democracy and freedom world?

  1. Such as the UN, the Bretton Woods system and something else.

30. When we mention about “the global hegemon,” the first word which most people cross their minds must be America.