Regurgitations, opinions, and error-ridden Spanish language and literature essays are below. Ah, college! HOME

Adult Themes, Juvenile Media (The syllabus and advertisement for the course I designed and facilitated in Oberlin's "Experimental College/EXCO" program in the spring of 2003...sparsely attended, unfortunately, but still enjoyed it!)

Sinocentrism and the Written Word (for Chinese Civilization intro class...I send this in as a writing sample for applications to Ph.D. programs in linguistics in early 2007...maybe it's why I only went 1 for 6 getting into them!)

Harabugi's Biography in a Historical Context (From my winter 2003 interview with my Korean grandfather, the "capstone project" for my East Asian Studies major...supposed to be in the area of my concentration, i.e. China, but I apparently weaseled out of translating some poetry. A 30+ interview transcript is around the old computer somewhere, along with some 15 hours of inaudible audio cassette tapes. Not a total fiasco, but unfortunately close.)

Desde el destierro a una utopia: Un camino por la ficción histórica de Max Aub (from before going to Spain, on a transplanted German author's work in Spanish)

A veces se gana, a veces se pierde, pero se imagina siempre (a take on excerpts from Don Quijote de La Mancha, after a semester in Spain...can you tell the difference? Unfortunately all our papers in Spain had to be handwritten due to a lack of computers at the Universidad de Córdoba in 2002, or they'd be up here too)

Temas contemporarias en la Numancia: Cervantes y la guerra justa (perhaps one of the few predictors of my recent endeavors into international affairs...about the resistance of populations in the face of overwhelming military force)